Korean Americans Can Succeed in the Korean Startup Ecosystem

Many Korean Americans come to Korea to reconnect with family roots.  While they are here they love to party and have a great time.  However, besides the aspect of having fun, there are many business opportunities for them, especially in the Korean startup ecosystem.

Silicon Valley to Seoul

Many feel that the Korean startup scene is a year behind say Silicon Valley.  A Korean American that has been an entrepreneur in the states, has much more knowledge and value.  Therefore this is one of the key strengths they can bring to the table in Korea.  In the states, they are just another typical entrepreneur. In Korea, they become a much more valuable global connector.  There are hundreds of business ideas that have found success in America but haven’t yet been implemented in Korea.

Korean Americans in High demand

More and more companies are looking to hire Korean Americans (Gypos) that have a deep understanding of how business works outside of Korea. Accelerators and Incubators in Korea prefer startups that have a Gypo CEO because they know there is a larger potential to go global.  Also, Korean-Americans have a better understanding of Korean culture than westerners.   Many can even speak the language which is helpful in bridging the gap between their Korean co-workers.  Foreigners lack the understanding of the Korean culture which in turns makes it hard to get along with their Korean colleagues.

Koreans are looking outside their country in order to find ways for their company to go Global.  Going global is one of the main barriers for Korean startups.  Many tend to stay in the comfort and bubble of their home country.

Changing the Korean work Culture

Many young Korean-American entrepreneurs have come to Korea and really changed how companies are run.  Startups, Accelerators, Incubators, etc were not terms that were around in Korea before these Korean-American entrepreneurs brought them here.  Many Korean companies which have not found success through foreigners are now turning their attention to Gyopos in order to move their company forward.  For those Korean Americans struggling in America, they would have a greater chance of success in Korea, especially in the Korean startup scene.