Top 5 Korean Technologies to Watch out for in 2019

South Korea has spent a lot of time on research and development. The Korean government encourages companies to push the limits. The reason was to make itself the leader in technological innovations. This is why the Korean government is behind blockchain technologies. That was the hot tech in 2018. However many don’t realize that Korea looks to invent new products and technologies thanks to its investment in R&D. So what new technologies will drive South Korean businesses in 2019? These are the top 5 new Korean technologies that have the potential to be commercialized and lead to newer technologies and successful businesses.

Korean Technologies – Water Absorption Technology 

Water Absorption Technology 

Created by KISTI, this water-absorbent technology saves energy in regards to heating and cooling systems. It is one of the top Korean technologies to out in the last decade. If you have lived in Korea, you know how hot the summers get. Also, the winters get very cold. Therefore saving energy for heating and cooling systems is something many Korean companies look for.

The technology that KISTI created absorbs up to 4 times greater than regular absorbents. This is possible because KISTI lowers the material regeneration temperature to under 70 degrees Celsius. Normal regeneration temperatures reach up to 200 degrees Celsius. 

Companies that make diapers, pads, tampons should look into this technology to offer the best quality product. Water absorbent technology can also be used for hot and cold therapy packs, surgical pads, face masks, just to name a few.  

Korean Technologies – Kevlar Textile Coating Technology

Created by UNIST (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology). This Kevlar textile coating method technology increases performance. This is easily in the top 5 Korean technologies because of its potential to save lives. They apply zinc oxide to the Kevlar fiber. This increases the shock-absorption factor by 60%. Kevlar is a synthetic fiber known for its high-strength. Most know that Kevlar is already pretty strong. The coat that is applied to the Kevlar is easy to apply.  

The possible uses for this product would not just be for police vests. It can be used to create stronger bicycle/car tires and racing sails. Smartphone companies inquired about this technology due to its high tensile strength to weight ratio. Kevlar is 5 times stronger than steel. Most Kevlar producing companies want to onboard this new technology and if it is proven successful, others should follow.  

Korean Technologies – Medical Robotics Technology

Medical Robotics Technology

KIMM (Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials) has created a “Caregiver Robot” that could be used for future patients. These robots will support a patient’s recovery and rehabilitation by helping a patient’s upper and lower bodies. The robots will not be required to have a controller and will work automatically. These “Caregiver Robots” will be in high demand in Korea in 2019.

Currently, in Korea, there is a shortage of nurses and caregivers. Therefore, as human labor decreases and fewer people get into the nursing sector. We will need to provide another solution. In the future, robot caregivers will become much more advanced. For now, this robot can be a start where we can build on the existing technology. The benefits of these robots will be great. Since robots do not need to sleep it will always be available to give patient support. This would have been something that would be too costly and ineffective with humans.  

Korean Technologies – TuPiX


TuPiX technology created by KISTI (Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information). It is a system that analyzes Big Data quickly through its algorithm. Big Data analytics is the process of analyzing large amounts of data to find patterns, market trends, and other useful business information. More and more Korean companies are incorporating Big Data into their companies.

Big data provides better customer service and improved efficiency. Big Data overall helps companies make better business decisions. Therefore having a great system for Big Data analysis is important. TuPix can cut data processing times to 1/7th of its current speed. It is only a matter of time before every company starts using Big Data to improve their business.

Korean Technologies – “Zing” Technology

"Zing" Technology

Created by ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute), the “Zing” technology sends large quantities of content through a smartphone in just a few seconds. The transmission speed is 3.5 Gbps. This is 8,000 times faster than the current NFC (Near-Field Communication). It uses a set of communication protocols that enable two electronic devices to establish communication.  

This means the new technology will only take about 3 seconds to send a 1 GB movie to and from your smartphone. Since Korea is such a smartphone heavy market, this technology has a lot of potential for commercialization. 5G will launch very soon. Therefore technologies that help with connecting devices are in high demand.  

These are just a few Korean technologies to watch out for in 2019. All five have an appeal for the global market. It is possible that most of these technologies will be first tested in Korea before going global.