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Beiersdorf Korea launches First Skincare Brand CHAUL Exclusively in Asia

Beiersdorf announced the launch of its new premium face care brand ‘CHAUL’ based on fermented tea. CHAUL is the first Beiersdorf brand exclusively developed and launched in Asia. 

Collaboration Tools in South Korea

Best Collaboration Tools in South Korea – Changing the Work Culture

Covid-19 is changing the world rapidly. People work from home because of social distancing, but still have to complete projects with their colleagues. Therefore, collaboration is essential. Korea has a collective work culture with principled rules and a rigid hierarchy. As an employee, one even has…

Korean Global Business

Korean Global Business in the Biden Era – The Impact on South Korea

In this my first U.S. post-election 2020 commentary, I look at what may be the impact of Joe Biden’s presidential election. This includes the direct and indirect impact on Korean global business and industrial sectors. 75 million American voters have chosen Democrat Joe Biden as its 46th president.…

Coupang CEO

How Coupang Continues to Succeed Despite Being Unprofitable

Many investors, mentors, and advisors in Korea will tell you that sales/profits are everything for a startup. Turning a profit shows that you have succeeded and it is what every business should strive for. Or is it? Most businesses exist to make money, so why is it that some of the biggest…

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Korean Startup Scene in Seoul

Korean Startup Ecosystem and Blockchain in Korea

The Korean Startup Ecosystem in 2020 is stronger than ever. It may surprise some to know that the economy of South Korea is now the 4th largest in all of Asia. They have one of the best wireless infrastructures, yet Korea is still globally not recognized as a startup tech hub. This is because their…

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Korean AI Technology

How Strong is AI in Korea – The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Korea

The future is AI Technology. Top entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have been talking about the potential value as well as the harm of true AI. AI represents a major leap forward in how computers can learn on their own. In Korea, a vast majority of jobs are jobs that require little…

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