Podium Star helps Korean Startups master their Pitching skills

If the thought of public speaking gives you sweaty hands and wobbly legs, you’re not alone. Stage fright is not an uncommon thing amongst many entrepreneurs, especially entrepreneurs in Korea. Whether it is in front of a crowd or only a handful of business partners – strong presentation and persuasion skills are the keys to a perfect pitch. However, many are not able to convey their message due to nervousness and panic. Podium Star by PowerPT is a monthly pitch competition that helps Korean startups master their pitches.

Why Startups should participate in the Podium Star Pitch Competition

1. Learn Storytelling

In order to convince your counterpart, your pitch needs strong storytelling. Having a great story makes it easier for your audience to follow your presentation. PowerPT who is also the host of the pitch competition provides a pitch workshop for participating startups. The presentation company offers consulting on how to create compelling messaging and storytelling. Startups also receive mentorship about how to attract investors and customers alike.

2. Create a one-liner

Every startup needs to be able to describe what their startup does in one sentence. This might should easy but it is one of the hardest exercises entrepreneurs have to do early on. A one-liner does not need to summarize your whole business. It should be used as a teaser which makes the audience want to learn more. One-liners need to contain 1-2 attention-grabbing keywords or phrases that make the audience want to learn more about your startup.

3. Narrating with confidence

Podium Star will help startups in Korea and especially Korean entrepreneurs gain the confidence they need to pitch on stage. The pitch needs to keep your audience hooked so it is very important that the speaker has confidence and has charisma. Therefore the flow of your story is key. There should be no long descriptions and backstories. If you can’t sell your pitch to an audience that came to hear pitches, how on earth will you be able to sell your business idea to the general public?

4. Practice

As with every other skill, practice is the key! Getting comfortable with the stage and audience will improve your pitch and help to overcome your nervousness. At the monthly Podium Star pitch competition, startups are able to practice their presentation in front of an audience and judge. Many entrepreneurs said that it took only 4-5 live pitches for them to truly become comfortable.

5. Get Feedback

Every Podium Star event comes with a new set of judges from different backgrounds. Startups receive feedback from different industry experts after their presentation. Not only is feedback useful for improving your pitch, but also helps you to prepare for questions that future investors might come up with. In addition, startups will be able to network and make connections with some of the leaders in the industry.

How to attend the next event

Podium StarThere are many upcoming Podium Star events in Seoul. They tend to have different verticals for each even. For example, their event at WeWork Yeouido was a Fintech Special and featured startups from the Fintech industry. It was hosted by PowerPT, WeWork Labs, and Seoul Global Startup Center. Seats are limited so make sure to register. Furthermore, Podium Star provides food at their events so you should be able to go straight after work.

PowerPT Services

PowerPT not only hosts Podium Star but also offers services for startups in Korea. They have over a decade of experience and know-how in the presentation consulting space and offer total solutions. They work with startups on their planning, design, and presentation to help their customers succeed. Some of their services include:

Creative Solution

  • Video Production
  • Copywriting
  • Presentation Design
  • Planning
  • Infographic Production
  • Editing Design

Consulting & Training for

  • Corporate Institutions
  • Universities
  • Startups


  • Video Content Creation
  • Visual Content Creation
  • Book Publishing


  • Event Branding
  • Space Design
  • Directing


  • IR Training & Consulting
  • IR Pitching Training & Consulting
  • Support for Global Expansion (Europe)


  • Open Education
  • 1: 1 Consulting
  • Lifelong Education Center

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