How to Make Your Startup Stand Out in Korea and Get Noticed

The startup scene in Korea is really starting to heat up and now it is hard for your startup to stand out in Korea.  With a multitude of events in Seoul to take your pick from every week, there’s been no better time to follow your passion and launch your own project. However, with so many talented startups in one small country, how can you make your startup stand out in Korea? We’re here to show you how with these 4 failproof methods.

How to Make your Startup Stand Out in Korea

Have a Story to Tell

There are many different reasons why customers decide to buy from startups instead of the brands they’ve grown up loyal to.

However, the most compelling reason of all is the connection that startups can make with customers through their story.

When you’re presenting your business to the world, whether that be to your customers or potential investors, you need to take the facts and craft them into a story. Your brand’s story should be captivating, clever and demand an emotional response from your audience.

Maybe there’s an intriguing tale behind your business idea? Or maybe you have a unique supply chain that gives back to vulnerable groups.

Whatever it is, make sure you paint it with color when you present it to your audience.

Know What Makes You Stand Out

Standing out is all about having a unique selling point. What’s yours? To survive in the business world, you must have something that makes you different and memorable. And, when you work out what that is, you need to reiterate it over and over and over again.

Startups in Korea should always remember that entrepreneurship isn’t about reinventing the wheel. It’s about taking the wheel and making it better. Even if you just make one small change to an already existing business model, you now have a unique selling point and should be ready to shout about it to the world!

Cater to your Audience

Stand Out in KoreaAs a startup in Korea, you’ll find yourself talking about your business to a lot of different groups of people: investors, potential partners, reporters, competitors and, of course, customers.

However, one of the biggest mistakes that startups make is using the same spiel to talk to every single person.

Remember that what makes your business memorable to an investor is completely different from what makes you stand out to a customer. Why’s that? Because, they have different interests, of course.

If you know your audience well and keep their own unique interests in mind every time you speak to them, you can really make your startup stand out in Korea.

Find an Amazing Partner

Korea is awash with talent in every industry; from tech to marketing and communications. As a startup, you might think that its best to bootstrap and do things on your own. But, having an amazing partner could be the key to your business success.

If you find someone who can enhance the parts of your business that you struggle with, your startup will go from strength to strength. It’s true what they say, sometimes: two heads really are better than one!