Korean Startups Need to Perfect Their Pitches to get Funded

Korean Startups might have new and innovative ideas but in order to become a successful startup, they will need to perfect their pitches.  These pitches, of course, will need to be done in English to get the attention of global investors and partners.  Korean startups might have a great product or service but they lack the support system and global connections to move forward.  For startups to grow they need funding, partners, press and most important mentors.  The best place to find all these are at pitch events and startup meetups.  Pitching contests are the best platform for startups to get maximum exposure from the startup community.  It is not a matter of winning the competition but rather network and grow their brand.

A successful pitch can lead to funding.

That is the key, having a successful pitch.  This is why Korean startups should practice in order to perfect their pitch.  By going to as many pitch contests as possible, it will give startups the chance to practice in front of a large audience.  Doing pitches is all about trying to raise capital as many pitch contests will have investors in the audience.

Korean Startup Pitch Competition

During pitch contests, startups have an opportunity to meet entrepreneurs with the same goals.  This is a great opportunity for partnerships.  As startups form partnerships, they gain strength as they will improve their network which in turn can open doors for new partners and new ideas.  Many Korean startups are closed off because of their lack of English speaking abilities which is why they are hesitant to join these global pitch competitions.  This is why it is crucial to practice and invest in a great pitch.

Potential Global Exposure

Another reason to have a strong pitch is that the press will be at these events covering these startups.   This could, in turn, lead to global exposure.  Getting your startup covered can bring many opportunities in regards to funding and partnerships.  One mention in a big tech media site like TechCrunch could give startups valuable exposure.  Startups will also get a chance to meet the press as well as experts in their field at these events.  Feedback will be crucial to not only improving your pitch but also improving your product or service.  Think of this as a comedy set where you learn every time you perform.  Getting feedback directly from the audience and experts will give you valuable feedback that would be otherwise hard to get.

A pitch can be short and to the point.  Getting the message across to the audience in a clear way is the key.  Seoul has many pitch competitions. Pitching at live events in front of an audience and a panel of judges comprised of industry experts is something every Korean startup needs to do.