How Hirediversity is Connecting Foreigners to Korean Companies

Embracing Diversity

Foreigners in Korean CompaniesWith a rapidly aging population and young professionals choosing to walk through life with fewer personal commitments, South Korea is presented with a challenging new problem. Therefore, to combat the inevitable effects of an aging population and decreasing birth-rate, the South Korean government has softened its strict immigration policies. In addition, the World Resources Institute stated that for the population of a country to exactly replace itself from one generation to the next, it requires each woman to have 2.1 children. (Achieving Replacement Level Fertility, Aug 2013) South Korea’s average rate is 1.1. One of the commonplace methods to tackle this problem is to “open your doors a little wider” and welcome immigrants to fill the growing gap. As a result of recent policy changes by the Korean government to combat this concern, the percentage of foreigners in Korea has been growing year after year.

It’s a hard road for foreigners. A new immigrant can expect dramatically different customs, language, and work culture. Furthermore, job sites such as Saramin, JobKorea, and Incruit, which were created to make the job search easier can be challenging to navigate. They become demoralizing for non-Koreans. In addition, the top job boards in Korea do not offer an engaging user experience for foreigners that are not fluent in Korean.

An Innovative Solution

“There are dozens of job sites in Korea. Don’t waste your time!”

This is boldly stated as the first line on the Hirediversity about page. Hirediversity was created by a group of Sungkyunkwan University Graduate School of Business (SKK GSB) students. They had the goal to “bridge gaps between high profile employers and qualified job seekers.”

A typical job search for foreign English speakers usually leads applicants towards the teaching realm. There are thousands of English teaching jobs available in Korea. They offer effective ways for graduates to pay off student debt or travel abroad. Foreigners going against that grain and not pursuing a teaching career typically send hundreds of applications, invest countless hours, and ultimately incur onebigheadache. Therefore, Hirediversity offers a simple solution that transforms the job search process for foreigners. In addition, positions on Hirediversity are sorted primarily based on Korean fluency. This is one of Hirediveristy’s key distinctions.

Streamlining the Process

Foreigners looking to work in Korea will likely find themselves tasked with learning Korean. This requires time, discipline, and perseverance. However, whatever stage a learner is at in this life-long process, Hirediversity has positions available.

Hirediversity categorizes positions based on the level of Korean fluency required. Why is this important? Employers will receive fewer unqualified resumes that squander time and money for HR departments. Therefore this will streamline the process for candidates as they can have more confidence in their application. An essential aspect of the job, such as the language in which the employee will need to speak, should be listed. Unfortunately, this is usually not the case.

Developing a Community

Hirediversity is unique among job boards. They found a reoccurring complaint among foreign applicants. They are able to offer an intuitive solution. With a growing foreign population in Korea, there is a hungry market for this service. Therefore, Hirediversity has the potential to grow, especially if they implement LinkedIn-esque qualities. This includes building communities within the Hirediversity network. Currently, Hirediversity resembles a typical job board being relatively “flat and barebones”. Increasing the depth of the site and implementing premium features (recruiter connections, Korean resume services, and networking events) for eager job searchers could create a revenue stream. Therefore, this will accelerate the growth of Hirediversity.


The Future Looks Bright

Although Hirediversity is still in its infancy, the Hirediversity team at SKK GSB has the tools to grow the website. Furthermore, they have the potential to brand beyond their expectations. Therefore, the potential is there.