LG Uplus Looking to be Korea’s Top VR Content Provider

LG Uplus seems to be going all in on VR to raise their 5G network subscribers.  LG is Korea’s third largest mobile carrier behind SK and KT.  They hope that their focus into VR will be their way of breaking into the top 2.  5G will offer fast network speeds with low latency.  This means there will be little to no buffering for live streaming.  Therefore they will be able to offer the best and immersive VR experience possible.  The VR content from LG Uplus has gotten a lot of critical praise and Korean consumers seem to be loving their demos as well.  The company has opened a promotional booth where thousands have visited and experienced the differences in LG’s VR content compared to SK and KT.  Some of their VR content include K Pop idols performing on stage.  Their aim is to have over 1,500 VR content by the end of 2019.

LG UPlus Partners with Google to Invest in VR Content

LG Uplus will have two unlimited data plans for 5G smartphones.  This was to bring in new subscribers for their VR content.  The prices will range from 85,000 won to 95,000 won for early subscribers (Before July).   This is why it is important to test how well their VR immersive content will do in the 5G era.  Earlier this year LG Uplus set up a fund with Google to invest in VR content.  Therefore for the first half of 2019, LG will strictly invest in VR content.  The content will be viewed through the LG Uplus platforms.  LG Uplus will now focus on the planning and production of VR content in Korea.  Google will have global distribution rights through YouTube.