Korean Gaming Startups and Eye Tracking Technologies

Korean Gaming Startups need to research eye-tracking technologies.  Korea has been a major market for mobile and computer gaming companies.  Therefore, South Korea’s passion for gaming can’t be matched by other countries.  Furthermore, P.C. Rooms all across Korea are filled with active young gamers who spend hours upon hours playing the latest games.

Future Technologies in Gaming

As technology advances, gamepads, keyboards, the mouse, and the controller could become obsolete.  There is a new technology that could revolutionize the gaming industry by 2020.  This is eye-tracking technology.  Now your computer will know what you are looking at and can react in real-time.

Now instead of pushing a button on your controller, you will be able to just look at an item and use it.  Therefore, the computer will identify the item just by analyzing where you are looking.  Eye-tracking could be developed to be used as a gun to target units, have characters go from one place to another, or even change the POV.

So how does eye tracking actually work?  Eye-tracking technology follows the user’s gaze by focusing on the positioning and movement of the eyes (corneal reflections).  A light that is very similar to infrared is used to track the pupil.  This will then create reflections on the cornea and it is these reflections that are tracked by the eye-tracking camera.  Your eyes will not notice the almost-infrared light, therefore it will have no effect on the user in regards to distractions.  This is what will be used in gaming.  There are so many things users will be able to do with eye-tracking technology.  Users will be able to select their weapons or aim their weapons just using their eyes.  Users will also be able to log into their games using their face.

Korean Eye Tracking

The Future of Gaming in Korea

Games in the future will be much more fast-moving in the future thanks to 5G technology.  Since the eye can move at a much greater speed than our hands and our fingers, the future of gaming is going to be very fast-paced.  Think of gaming with an eye tracker as the first step in VR gaming.  The best part is that a vast majority of the games already out there can implement eye-tracking.  As more and more developers adopt this technology the more you will be able to do in regards to gameplay.  The most likely scenario will be that eye-tracking technology will be implemented in VR headsets first and can be seen as more of an upgrade item.  There will be to be a killer application for eye-tracking to really take off.

As gaming starts to shift to virtual reality, you can be sure that most VR games in the future will all have eye-tracking technology.  This is why Korean gaming startups need to focus on the research and development of eye-tracking.  This is the future of gaming control. Eye-tracking will not take off until VR gaming goes mainstream.  So the question is when this will happen.  It will be wise for Korean gaming startups to be ahead of the curve and think ahead in order to be a part of the gaming revolution.