Korean Beauty Startup B2LiNK a New Global Transaction System

Korean beauty startup B2LiNK aims to be an exclusive platform that will revolutionize the circulation and trading industry. The startup is pioneering a new way to trade and looks to be an efficient and innovative IT platform for international business. International IT-based trades are simplified for worldwide beauty brands because they are able to transform unproductive offline issues such as overflows of delivering email messages, phone calls, and personal meetings onto the platform. This will lessen their burden of handling many of their international trades.

B2LiNK’s 3 key features

  1.  A real-time data platform that allows the users to check and follow their order status at any time.
  2.  Access to their 150 global beauty brand partners and 33 online/offline distribution channels in China, Southeast Asia, and the US.
  3. Their massive experience in marketing global beauty products in China and the United States.

Korean Startup B2LiNK

B2LiNK got an investment of over $15 million at the end of 2018 from international and Korean investors. They will focus on expanding into the US, South America, and European markets. Some of the investors include Kolmar Korea, POSCO Capital, and Angel Ventures. Their sales reached over $40 million in 2017 which was their break-even point. They have more than tripled that in 2018. Before securing their new round of funding, B2LiNK secured investments from DSC Investment, KTB Network, and China-based DT Capital Partners.

B2LiNK Founders

Why Korean Beauty Startups Need B2LiNK

Korean beauty startups that want to compete against the big names should work with B2LiNK to form the right marketing strategy and business model. Not only can B2LiNK provide a sales platform but it also helps with consulting for the global market. Their platform will make it easy to manage their prices, follow order statuses, and monitor their competitors’ performance. However, their key strengths will be helping Korean cosmetics/skincare brands enter the US and China markets. These are brands that would like to target the broader global market but don’t have the global network to do so.

Taking K-Beauty Global

In 2019 the company will continue to look to expand globally. Not only will they focus on the US market but the South American market as well. Through their investments from South American VC firms, they will look to tap into the 7th largest beauty market. B2LiNK’s ultimate goal is to create a truly global commerce platform where information can be shared transparently.

Because of the rise of K-Beauty, many are looking into the new and innovative independent K-Beauty brands that offer the same quality as the bigger brands.  B2LiNK has been helping these smaller Korean Beauty startups with the right retail platform and marketing strategy for the global market. Consider them the bridge for Korean skincare and makeup startups in Korea. They help them expand globally by offering them advanced technology and customized consulting service. In addition, they have found success in helping these Korean Beauty startups access distribution channels in China. With the trade war between China and the US continuing, there is a huge market for Korean companies to enter the Chinese market.

Over 150 Korean Brands partnered with B2LiNK

B2LiNK has partnered with over 150 Korean cosmetics brands and has distributed its products to over 40 different retailers in the U.S., China, Europe, and Southeast Asia.  If you look at the team behind B2LiNK they are filled with employees from different cultures and backgrounds. They made news this year for hiring the former executive of Glossy which is a U.S. based beauty website. The goal for the rest of 2020 is to make a global eCommerce platform where information can be shared transparently.