There are many bloggers online making money writing about topics they love. There isn’t a hotter topic to write about than Kpop in 2021. In fact, there are many Kpop blog sites that make tens of thousands of dollars a month. Kpop is the perfect topic to cover for those looking to start a blog because of just how much there is to cover. One blog can’t cover everything. Now that Kpop has become international thanks to music streaming platforms like Spotify, the fan base continues to grow every single month. Kpop groups are recording existing songs or entire albums in Japanese, Chinese, and even English.

There is so much content to cover that if you start a Kpop blog today, in a matter of months you could have a blog that brings in a steady flow of passive income! In this article, I will guide you step-by-step on how to make money blogging about Kpop.

Why Blog About Kpop?

Kpop FansThe simple answer is demand. Kpop fans are known for their passion and obsession with Kpop content. There are even Kpop fan clubs that have waiting lists and the only way to join is to have a certain amount of Kpop merchandise. Therefore many blogs are able to monetize their blog sites quickly if they are able to attract a lot of views. You can have affiliate programs with Kpop merchandise platforms along with Google AdSense and even sell premium VIP content.

Having a Kpop Blog will also allow you to gather a lot of quality content and you can then use that content to create a podcast or even a YouTube channel. Starting a podcast or YouTube channel will cost money therefore this is why it is vital for you to start with a blog first. Use the income you make from your Kpop blog to launch other channels. If your blog is successful, you will also have valuable data on which type of content your readers like. Therefore, you will not have to think much about which type of video content to produce.

Those from non-English speaking countries can write about Kpop in their language as well. This will mean less audience reach but you will have the potential to be the top K-pop blog in your particular region. If a brand wants to enter your market in the future, it will have to go through your blog to reach its target audience.

To make life-changing money ($10,000 a month) from your Kpop blog you actually need to start thinking about your blog as a company. Therefore think of it as a startup and not a hobby.

How to Make Money Blogging About Kpop

Before you do anything else, you need to learn how to start a blog in the first place. Therefore you will first need to find web hosting and a domain name. Make sure the domain name has Kpop in the title. Then I would recommend you make your blog on WordPress which has a lot of features that allow you to do everything that I outline in this step-by-step guide. You can use Bluehost for your hosting/domain which works very well with WordPress.

Since you will be writing about Kpop, think about what aspect of Kpop you want to write about. Do you want to cover the industry as a whole? Do you want to give your opinion on certain topics or rankings? No matter what you pick, Kpop is such a lucrative niche that you WILL get traffic. If you go to any K-pop news sites you will notice all the comments per blog article. K-pop fans are very passionate and are always on the lookout for new content. In addition, the traffic you get will be from fans that will be interested in purchasing products. There is a huge market demand for Kpop not just in Asia but all around the world.

Kpop Fans are Great Consumers

Kpop BlogAs you blog about Kpop, you should keep in mind what your audience likes reading. Start by looking at K-Pop news sites and see which articles get the most views. Remember most K-pop fans are young and have a relatively small budget. However, they are very eager to spend that money on their favorite K-pop group. No matter what you write about in regards to the Kpop industry you will pull in different readers from around the world. In order to monetize your Kpop Blog, you will need to move your readers to a sales funnel.

The sales funnel works like this. You first create blog posts that will attract Kpop fans. Then you set up an email subscription option so your readers can get the latest posts. There are email marketing platforms like ConverKit and OptinMonster that can help you connect with your followers and grow your blog. Then you use affiliate marketing to promote the latest Kpop merchandise. Then finally, you offer your email subscribers a premium content eBook on…for example “The Top 100 Kpop Groups of all time”, for $50. This is the formula that most bloggers use.  How great your premium content is, determines how well your blog will do. You can even target your premium content for businesses interested in using Kpop for their marketing. The guide could be called “How Businesses can Leverage Kpop to Increase their Online Sales”, you can charge $500 and many companies will have the budget to make the purchase.

Becoming A Kpop Expert

The goal is for your brand is to become a Kpop expert that fans and businesses can trust. Therefore it is very important to stay up to date on the latest K-pop news. Make sure you not only visit the top K-pop news sites but also K-pop YouTube channels. You can even offer monthly consultation services. To make money blogging about Kpop, these monthly forms of recurring revenue is very important. Try to close 1-2 high-value clients per month and use your platform to help their marketing. However, your first step in becoming a Kpop Expert is to first build your influence. This will take time. Expect to put in a year to build your authority in the Kpop industry. During this time you will need to leverage your connections and make new connections with people in the industry. Therefore constantly reach out and make new connections with employees at Kpop Entertainment companies, artists, and even other Kpop Blog sites.

Great Kpop Content Will Get Noticed

Kpop ArticleKpop fans are constantly searching on Google for new content related to their favorite Kpop group. Even content they disagree with they will share on their social media! So whether they agree with your article or disagree, there is a high potential for the article to “go viral”. This is why you need to do a lot of research to see what kind of content is popular with Kpop fans. The most popular Kpop posts for us have been list posts and “how-to” posts. Google loves this kind of post and with a little keyword research, it will only take a few months to rank high on Google for that particular keyword. It took us only 2 months to rank #1 on Google for “How to be a Kpop Star“. In addition, it took us 3 months to rank #1 on Google for “Richest Kpop Idols”. Pretty much all our traffic comes from Google. For Google focus on SEO and become an expert on it. For Facebook, Twitter, etc, it is all about going viral. The truth is, we pretty much ignore social media channels at the moment since the volume of traffic we get from there is nowhere close to the volume of traffic we get from Google.

Controversy Sells

The controversy is a great marketing strategy, especially when it comes to K-pop. Remember there are fans for all K-pop groups and they are passionate about their idols. An article or post that explains why one group is better than another will get massive traffic. For example, let’s say you do an article on why EXO is better than BTS. You layout your reasons why you feel this way. There is a high likelihood an EXO fan will share the article with their own community. In addition, BTS fans will share the article in anger with their community. You will get traffic from both sides, positive and negative. This is just one example, there are other countless options you might have. This is why ESPN a sports channel has done so well in America. Not only do they report on sports but you bring in commentators who give their opinion on certain players or teams. Position yourself as the ESPN of Kpop.

Monetize Your Kpop Blog the Right Way

There are many ways to make money by blogging about Kpop. There are affiliate marketing, ads, your own premium content, consulting, sponsored posts, and even selling products right off your blog. However, the easiest way is to do high-end consultation after you gain some authority through your blog. You will need to brand yourself as an industry insider. Many Kpop Entertainment companies and even marketing companies in Korea don’t speak English and have a bad reputation when it comes to responding to emails. Therefore you can be that gateway to help them learn more about the Kpop Industry.

Your goal is for a reader to read your Kpop Blog post that will lead them to your premium content. This premium content should help them better understand how to leverage Kpop to help them with a certain problem. If they like your content, your ideal B2B clients will be interested in your high-end consulting fee. How much would your consulting fee be? That is up to you! My tip would be to start at $2,000 a month and see just how much work you would be doing for that company. You can adjust as you see fit. I know some Kpop experts that charge up to $10,000 a month for their consulting. Remember you are not promoting yourself as a Kpop Blog but rather a Kpop Consulting Business.

Every Post Should Send Traffic to your Consulting Page

Business in KoreaYour Kpop Consulting Service will be what brings in the most money. Therefore with every post you write, your goal will be to drive traffic to your consulting page. Make sure this page has a professional picture of yourself and an easy way for businesses to contact you. This means that your home page, about page, and every blog post should strategically link to your consulting page. Successful Kpop bloggers can make 7-figures/year. However, these are Kpop Bloggers that have been blogging for a few years now. When you are starting off, it will take about a year to be ready to make money blogging about Kpop. But you can make a living blogging if you incorporate consulting into your strategy. This is the key! You can call it consulting, coaching, etc. Our article on “How to be a Kpop Star” brings in over 30,000 views a month. However, we don’t offer an expert guide! Imagine if there was an eBook or Coaching service for the readers!