Finding Jobs in Seoul with Job Recruiting Platform WANTED


Korean startup WANTED is a job recruiting platform that matches job-seekers with their ideal position. Founded in 2015, the company has acquired over 1,700 companies in Korea and Japan. Due to its referral feature, it differs from other recruiting apps and has an increased employment rate. The company states that the chances of getting recruited are 8 times higher for applicants with referrals than for those without. Named as one of the Top 10 Korean Startups in 2018, the business has received $9.4 Billion investment in 2019. The investment came from the Industrial Bank of Korea, Korea Investment, Mirae Asset Venture Investment, Atinum Investment, and CompanyKPartners.

Referral and Rewards

By joining WANTED users can search for new job opportunities, create outstanding resumes, and apply for positions through the platform. In order to maximize their chances, job-seekers can request for referrals from friends or colleagues via Facebook. Writing referrals do not only benefit the applicant but also the person writing as the platform offers rewards for both sides upon successful employment. Therefore users on WANTED can refer a potential candidate for a job and if that candidate gets hired, they will get a reward. WANTED also lets users recommend friends or colleagues for open positions by connecting to social media platforms like Facebook or Kakao. For employers, referrals give the opportunity to find undiscovered talents they wouldn’t have noticed before.

“Leveraging both human relationships and machine learning technology, we aspire to become a social career platform that continues to explore ways to improve the lives and happiness of workers globally,” said CEO of WANTED, Bokkee Lee.

WANTED’s mission to support job-seekers

WANTED has seen a spike in traffic since COVID-19. The Korean government is working hard to mak provide important relief for its citizens. However, no matter how sizeable or generous the relief, supply, and demand in many industries in Korea will shift, and as a consequence, there will be thousands of jobs that will be lost in Korea. Thankfully there are platforms like WANTED where those in need of a job can go to find work.

WANTED serves not only as a recruiting platform, but offers mentoring sessions, guidance for application, and recruiting events as well. The site also provides a neat and universal resume template where users can add their personal information. In addition, WANTED has analyzed the hiring data of companies and job seekers with more than 70% accuracy. This has helped many companies better source talent.

WANTED’s Recruiting Carnival

One of the company’s latest event was the “Recruiting Carnival” at WeWork (Samseong Station) with representatives from LINE Plus, EA, Unity, L’Oreal and many more participating. Employees from those companies could share their work experiences and advice with job-seekers in a casual setting.

Recruiting Carnival WeWorkFor all those Seoul job-seekers out there, stay tuned to WANTED’s facebook page for upcoming recruiting events in the future! The company is looking forward to expanding to other Asian countries like HongKong, Taiwan, and Singapore as well once COVID-19 is no longer a problem.

Resume Search Service – MatchUp

WANTED has its own resume search service. The platform has 5 years’ worth of collected data. They are matching close to 1 million users with over 5,000 companies across Korea, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.