Best Networking Tips for Korean Entrepreneurs to Succeed

Koreans are naturally shy and most are considered introverts. This is one of the reasons why many Koreans refuse to speak English even though they can. The mentally is that if they are not perfect at something they shouldn’t try. Koreans are mostly perfectionists which can hurt their growth. Failing or learning from their mistakes is the fastest track to success. Here are some tips for Korean entrepreneurs to improve their networking skills and grow their network.

Networking in Korea

Change your Mindset

When going to the next networking event or meetup, try to change your mindset. Don’t think of what you are going to say to these people, but rather how you can make these people feel more comfortable. Speak to them as to see if you have common interests. Don’t talk about business right away, rather look to find a conversation you can add to whether it is sports, movies, or similar life experiences. Therefore go to networking events to find 4-5 people who you can be friends with.

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself

Know that networking is a skill that needs to be learned. Some, of course, have natural networking skills but for most, it is something they will get better at with time. The best way to start is to go with a real extrovert and see what he or she does. Learn from them and try to slowly incorporate those techniques in future meetups. Again don’t put too much pressure on yourself…make this a journey where you know you will get better with time.

Korean Entrepreneurs Need to Practice Public Speaking

Koreans top fear is public speaking. To be great at networking you should also be great at public speaking. However, it can be very hard. Therefore do public speaking through manageable bite-sized steps. Start with just one person. Once you feel confident speaking to that one person…move to two. Keep doing this until you lose that fear. For me, it took over 30 times but after a few months I had no issue speaking in front of 30 people…that is about the size of a classroom. The transition from 0 to 1 is harder than the transition from 30 to 300. It gets easier with experience and time. Therefore once you are at a networking event doing small 3-4 people conversations will seem like a walk in the park.

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The best way to act at a networking event is to think of yourself as the host and it is your job to make them feel good and comfortable. Then try to find one or two subjects you can connect with them on. It is that simple. Business can always come later, so don’t think of this at networking but rather making new friends. There are many meetups in Korea for Korean entrepreneurs so it will be easy to grow your experience in a month. Hope to see you are the next event