Today, the ability to collect data, analyze it, apply it, and learn from it is revolutionizing the digital marketing industry. AI/SaaS startup Adriel has developed an AI digital advertising platform that helps startups and SMEs run multiple ad campaigns in one single platform. It is an automated marketing agency for small businesses and startups. AI will be indispensable in future digital products, especially in the digital marketing field. Using AI for digital marketing will help businesses create and run ads in minutes. They do not need to worry about retainers or contracts. Residents and startups in South Korea are charged only 13% of their ad spend. Therefore their focus is to deliver industry-leading advertising solutions at an affordable price.

One of the biggest challenges for business owners is marketing. Many companies know how to produce and create a product or service. However, when it comes to advertising the product or service, it is difficult to find and hire the right marketer. Therefore many companies decide to outsource their marketing to marketing agencies. However, this is very expensive which is why Adriel created an AI digital advertising platform that takes care of marketing/advertising for businesses. AI systems are now becoming more and more advanced, with systems becoming more efficient at a much faster rate than ever before. Many successful brands like Amazon and Spotify have already applied AI to their marketing strategies. Adriel offers companies of all sizes to benefit from these new strategies.

Adriel – An AI Digital Advertising Platform

Adriel AI digital advertising Platform

As the amount of information on potential customers grows, AI will become more important due to its ability to make data-based decisions quickly and accurately. Adriel is designed to be a modern advertiser’s secret weapon. They will automate the entire advertising process. This means that it can deliver impactful campaigns with minimal wastage of valuable budgets, fewer manual interventions, and ultimately deliver a higher ROI. Businesses can enter campaign parameters like KPIs, location, target audience, and desired channels. Therefore, campaigns on Adriel get the job done faster, cheaper, and with a higher chance for campaign success. AI in digital marketing is here not only to stay but it has become absolutely necessary for businesses if they want to compete in the future.

“We utilized AI and machine learning technology to develop systems that design ads and execute them strategically. This helps significantly reduce the manpower and costs required for running ads and analyzing the effectiveness of advertising,” said the CEO of Adriel, Eom Soo-won.

Why Startups and Businesses Should use Adriel


There is no doubt that digital advertising is one of the most successful areas to use AI. It is already being used on platforms like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and etc in order to provide the best possible experience. These platforms analyze user’s data. The data being analyzed include gender, age, demographics and so much more to show them the most relevant advertisements, improving the performance of digital ads. Therefore for businesses, launching marketing and advertising campaigns has changed over the last decade.

Today, customers can be reached easier than ever before. Those that are selling products or services can use social media to gain access to consumers from all around the world. Furthermore, many of these social media platforms have made the process of introducing your product or service easy. The only challenge is to find a way to stand out from the crowd with a unique and compelling message.

Adriel’s AI allows for optimized ads by collecting and analyzing high-quality data through machine learning. In addition, their dashboard allows businesses to visualize multiple quantitative data and advertising strategies. Therefore businesses can manage their Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft, Yelp, & Google Ads in one place. This allows businesses to get cross-platform insights you can’t find anywhere else. Adriel allows businesses to get all-around advertising solutions for maximum performance.

Addition of Microsoft and Yelp to Adriel’s AI Digital Advertising Platform

Adriel has added Microsoft and Yelp onto their platform. Therefore Adriel customers can now run ad campaigns on Bing, AOL, Yahoo syndicated search partner sites. Moreover, ads can be run on Yelp review sites on top of the already connected Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, Good Display network. With the integration of new platforms, Adriel hopes that business owners and entrepreneurs can leverage AI technology to level up their marketing efforts. For businesses that target 35-54-year-olds, Microsoft ads could be a good alternative. Furthermore, Microsoft delivers the same number of clicks at lower CPC (Cost-per-click) than Google, thus saving you money and showing your ads to higher-earning audiences. 

Yelp can be a huge asset for businesses that target their local communities. Yelp ads showcase products in a variety of places. These places include search result pages and competitor business pages. Yelp notes that nearly 82% of customers visit their website with the intent of purchasing a product or service. Furthermore, in the advent of COVID-19, many small businesses have relied on Yelp to increase their delivery leads and keep their operations forward. With this in mind, Adriel has integrated Yelp to allow local businesses in the US to reach their target customers.

3 Key Features of Adriel

  • Auto-optimization runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 
  • Management of multiple media ads under one platform for maximum efficiency.
  • Provide accurate strategies and insights.

Adriel TeamThe Adriel team consists of award-winning machine learning scientists and experts in global media, digital marketing in Korea, and eCommerce industries. In addition, their in-house marketing team of experts will manage your campaigns and proactively suggest better and more effective strategies. They will constantly give better ideas on your ad copy, image, target audience, and more. In addition, a dedicated account manager will be able to support you through their app if you have any questions. 

Adriel’s intuitive UX and exceptional customer service have brought forth significant growth in the past few months. This includes two rounds of investments from Naver, South Korea’s largest online web portal. To date, they have been able to raise $6.5 million to date and have managed over 7,300 ad campaigns. 

It is clear that AI is vital for businesses looking into digital marketing. It has already been proven that AI plays a large role in influencing the choices of customers by providing relevant recommendations and timely customer service. Looking at the ways that you as a business can make use of AI digital marketing platforms like Adriel will better enable you to grow your brand and meet the expectations of your customers.