The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) estimated that a little over 15 million foreigners visit South Korea per year. While many want to be spontaneous, it is recommended you do your research before your trip. This is why we recommend travelers to watch Korean YouTubers before traveling to Korea. These Vloggers in Korea provide great content and let you know more about Korean culture, places to eat, places to visit, working in Korea, and the way of life in Korea. Therefore we at Seoulz decided to create a list of the Top YouTube Channels that will be beneficial to follow before traveling to Korea. Many of these channels not only show you places to visit in Korea but also talk about the culture, and their personal lives and experience in Korea. The list is based on personal liking and who we found to be the most helpful.

8 Vloggers in Korea to Follow before Visiting South Korea

Sweet And Tasty TV

Sweet and TastyFor those traveling to Korea for the delicious food, Sweet And Tasty TV is the YouTube channel for you! The channel uploads new videos every Wednesday. It is hosted by Mina Oh, AKA: Professor Oh. She covers some of the top eating destinations in Korea from Busan to Seoul. However, she doesn’t just cover Korean food, her video on the Trick Eye & Love Museum in Seoul really put her on the map as one of the top Korean travel YouTubers. That single video has gotten over 38 million views since it was uploaded back in late 2016.

For those looking to try some adventurous Korean food, make sure you check out her videos on Korean street foods and Korean food market tours. She also has videos for simple basics on the Korean language including slang words in Korean. Furthermore, she does reviews some of the top hotels in Korea such as the new Lotte Tower Hotel in Jamsil.

Farina Jo

Farina JoFarina Jo is a must-follow for those looking for vloggers in Korea that love K-pop. However, she also has helpful videos on how foreigners might react to Korean food. She is from Germany and she introduces Korean food to some of her friends and family from Germany. This could give you a hint as to whether or Korean food such as Korean chicken, Korean BBQ, or even Korean spicy noodles is right for you. In addition make sure to check out her video on Underground Budget Shopping in Seoul, Gangnam. It is probably the best video for the underground shopping area at Gangnam station for those looking for affordable clothes. As far as locations go, she covers some dating hotspots in Seoul as well as Korean traditional palaces and nature areas. Furthermore, she covers some of the top Cafes in Seoul, including dog cafes.

Jina Kim

Korean YouTuber Jina Kim

Jina Kim’s YouTube channel is all about South Korean culture and lifestyle. She covers almost everything you can think of from interviewing Koreans, travel tours, Korean fashion, and even funny parodies. Some of her most popular videos are on what to do and what not to do in South Korea. No topic is off-limits for Jina Kim. She did a whole video on renting a Korean guy for $70. In addition, she is one of the few Vloggers in Korea that does a lot of videos related to dating in Korea and what things you should know before dating Koreans. This is a great channel to get a better understanding of how Koreans think about foreigners. Make sure you check out her videos on traveling around in Korea on a tight budget.

Cari Cakes

Cari Cakes

Cari does video blogs about her daily life in Seoul. She is one of the top vloggers in Korea that covers everything from what it is like to work in Korea and travel in Korea. Some of the best videos on her channel are her apartment tours which give you a detailed look at what it would be like to live in Korea. Cari has lived in Seoul for many years now and her videos cover pretty much everything. She has tips for getting a PERM in Korea, dating in Korea, and how much it costs to live in Korea. She even interned at YG Entertainment. For those looking to work in Korea for a year or are looking to stay in Korea for the long term, this is the YouTube channel to follow. If you have to watch one video it is important to watch her video on “Moving to Korea: Things I Wish I Knew”.

What separates her from most of the YouTubers on this list is that she really opens up to her audience and lets them in. You will be a little bit less lonely after you follow her channel and watch her experiences living in Korea.

Kring Kim

Korean YouTuber Kring Kim

Kring Kim is a TV and events host who also runs a media company. She is from the Philippines and does a great job covering the K-pop entertainment industry in Korea. For those interested in learning more about K-pop should follow Kring Kim’s channel. She has all the insights into some of the top K-pop shops in Korea as well as videos on how to get to some of the top K-pop entertainment companies like Big Hit Entertainment. She also likes to each and showcases some of Korea’s top street foods. In addition, she does videos on how to shop on a budget in Korea. If you are a fan of K-pop and want to experience as much K-pop as possible, follow Kring Kim and make a list of K-pop cafes, shops, companies, and TV studios.

Sara ViSara Vi Traveling to Korea

Sara Vi has some of the best videos to watch before traveling to Korea. She is a famous vlogger in Korea that takes you on tours of places you will HAVE to enter at some point when traveling to Korea. Sara has done videos on having lunch at a Korean 7-ELEVEN in Seoul, things to do after Midnight in Seoul, and fun walking tours of CoEx mall in Seoul. She knows a lot of interesting hot spots that even Koreans don’t know. Some of her recommendations include EXO’s Kai’s sister’s Cafe in Gangnam, VR rooms in Seoul, and traditional Makeoli tasting in Jeonju. Sara also offers quick tutorials on speaking Korean. Some of her top videos are 10 Tips for Learning Korean and How I learned Korean!

Gina Bear

Gina Bear

Gina Bear does not just cover Korea but all across Asia. However, she has a lot of content on Korea and focuses on places you should visit when traveling to Korea. She has fun and interesting videos on the most Instagram worthy places in Seoul, Korean nightlife, and even the most romantic K-Drama spots in Seoul. A lot of her content also focuses on dating and dating culture in Korea. For girls traveling to Korea, we recommend watching her videos on Korean “F” boys which makes us laugh every time we see it. She also lets you know about Korean culture and some things you should and shouldn’t do in Korea.

Seoul Walker

Traveling to Korea Seoul WalkerThis is a very new channel which started in early 2020. Seoul Walker takes you on a tour of some of the most popular destinations in Korea. There is no talking and it is a first-person view of tourist attractions from all across Korea. Therefore this Youtuber might not be considered a traditional vlogger in Korea. Expect a new location every couple of days. It is a great channel to actually see the locations before traveling to Korea. The videos are shot in 4K as well. Therefore the steady cam camera work is flawless. The videos are under 30 minutes and give you a full look at the location. It feels like you are walking along the streets as you hear the natural sounds of the area. If you decide to visit a certain location in Seoul, make sure you check out Seoul Walker and see if they covered the area.