Will the Giant Mining Company OXBTC Start a Craze in Korea?

China’s giant mining company OXBTC entered the South Korea market.  It is their first stop as they look to expand into the overseas market. Will this set off the cloud mining craze in the South Korea market?

On July 10th, OXBTC Korea station launched the WTC cloud mining contract, which means that OXBTC officially entered the Korean market.

OXBTC Korea Station Launches the WTC Cloud Mining Contact

The contract was jointly produced by experts from OXBTC and the high-quality public chain WTC in the first stop for overseas expansion.

WTC (WaltonChain) is a high-quality underlying commercial ecological public chain, the leader of the blockchain Internet of Things.  It is based on the POW algorithm and has achieved public chain release at the end of May.

Established in 2014, OXBTC is the world’s top-level cloud mining platform, supporting Chinese, Korean, English, Russian, Japanese and German languages ​​and serving 600,000 users worldwide. It is understood that OXBTC will share the mining model, mining technology, global marketing, and other aspects.  Furthermore, WTC will also assist OXBTC to continue to enter the Korean market and deepen science education on cloud mining.

The two sides reached a cooperation on this, and they hope to bring more good mining products to global users.

OXBTC KoreaThe Mining Market in South Korea

The mining market in South Korea has been in a relatively blank stage.  This is mainly due to the high cost of electricity, limited space, and complicated transportation of mining machines.  Therefore resulting in high thresholds for ordinary people participating in mining.  The “mining boom” has never happened in South Korea….yet.

Cloud mining is more concise and convenient than direct mining of mining machines, which is the process of bitcoin mining utilizing a remote datacenter with shared processing power. Therefore, this type of cloud mining enables users to mine bitcoins or alternative cryptocurrencies without managing the hardware. Users only need to purchase the mining power of the corresponding mining machine online through the platform to obtain the mining revenue of the mining machine.

In response to the current situation in the Korean market, OXBTC will leverage its own advantages to provide professional and credible services to all miners, resulting in a quality mining experience.

OXBTC and their Mining Experience

OXBTC KoreaThey have a senior team in the mining industry with professional norms while providing mining construction and operation and maintenance. They began to engage in the mining industry in the year 2014 and accumulated rich mining experience. OXBTC has established 8 large-scale mining farm in China, deploying nearly 100,000 mining machines.  In addition, they made full use of cheap electricity in coal-fired or hydropower-rich areas in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Sichuan, and Yunnan.

OXBTC provides users with a safe and stable mining supply. They are supported by PandaMiner, the world’s largest graphics card brand.  It provides strong supply chain support which can directly contact the major mining machine companies.  In addition, they can get first-hand resources & second-hand resources, a very cost-effective procurement.

Low threshold entry

OXBTC relies on the advantages of the supply chain to create higher cost performance and lower investment threshold for users.  For traditional mining, miners need to purchase high-cost mining machines.  Furthermore, high labor cost for the mining operation and deployment and technical issues such as highly specialized resources and talents are required. Therefore, cloud mining is much easier, has a low threshold, and has a low cost.  Furthermore, they offer 24-hour online operation and maintenance by a professional team.  Therefore it is safer, more stable, and easy to earn.

In addition, OXBTC offers multi-currency mining contracts that are more selective and can reduce mining risks and configure assets in multiple dimensions.

OXBTC is the Longest-Standing Cloud Mining Platform in China

OXBTC has high credibility.  They had 5 years of continuous operation.  Therefore they have a high reputation in the mining industry.  OXBTC is the longest-standing cloud mining platform in China.  In addition, they are the global TOP cloud mining platform. After two rounds of a bull and bear market conversion, it has accumulated nearly 600,000 users. In the development process, OXBTC developed with a rapid product iterative.  Furthermore, they selected the most cost-effective and most efficient mining machine to ensure the user’s stable mining revenue.

It is OXBTC’s vision that all users have the chance to easily participate in mining and know more about mining!