Why Korean Brands Should Use KAWO to Enter China

Korean enterprises and brands that are looking to enter the Chinese market need to hire a strong social media management team for WeChat and Weibo.  This is where KAWO comes in.  KAWO is a social media management platform for China.  Social Media platforms like WeChat and Weibo make it easy for Chinese consumers to understand and connect with your product or service.  Korean companies no longer have to worry about understanding the Chinese culture or even speak Chinese.  KAWO will manage their WeChat and Weibo accounts so you don’t have to.  They are currently the top platform for global brands looking to build a social media presence in China.

Entering the Chinese market is difficult.  Most websites are blocked in China.  Furthermore, global brands need to have a strong understanding of China’s language and culture.  This is why social media platforms like WeChat and Weibo are the only avenue for global brands to break into the Chinese market.

Why are Wechat and Weibo so important?

wechatThe WeChat app in China is like the Kakao app in Korea but does so much more.  They have over 1 billion monthly active users!  While many might think WeChat is primarily a messaging app, you can do everything from getting a cab, making appointments and reservations, and making payments.  Businesses in China can easily set up a sales or marketing channel on WeChat.  There is no need for websites when WeChat offers an e-commerce and customer support platform that accepts payments easily and efficiently.  Most everyday problems are solved through WeChat which makes it so much more than a messaging and communication app.

weiboWeibo means microblog in Chinese.  It is a mix of Twitter and Facebook.  Weibo is more open to the public which is why for Korean brands Weibo has a lot more potential for greater exposure.  Weibo is the platform Chinese consumers use for entertainment purposes.  It is also vital in discovering the latest trends.  They have close to 200 million users every day who comment, follow, and share content.  Many of the top social media influencers (KOLs) are on Weibo.  Therefore Weibo is a great platform for engaging with Chinese customers and increasing brand awareness.

Why Choose KAWO?

When entering the Chinese market, having a company WeChat and Weibo account is crucial to increasing your brand visibility.  However, the process of setting up and managing these accounts is difficult.  Learning all the aspects of these two platforms like payments and location services is near impossible if you don’t read Chinese.  The application process alone requires a registered business entity in China.  KAWO has a great team and platform that will allow businesses to be up and running on WeChat and Weibo quickly.  They help teams to manage multiple accounts, plan and collaborate effectively and easily generate reports.

Teams that use KAWO are more efficient, effective, and transparent.  Korean enterprises will no longer waste time planning Excel spreadsheets or manually collecting data.  They will be able to bring their entire organization together into one scalable solution.

KAWO works with the best agencies to help them build great relationships with their clients and be their secret weapon to win business against their competitors.  They can also introduce appropriate social media agencies for Korean brands needing creative content.

How the NFL Built Their Brand in China

KAWO is trusted by over 500 global brands.  One of those global brands using KAWO is the NFL.  By using KAWO, the NFL has been able to create content and manage their 32 social media accounts in China with just a small team.  The NFL account alone went from 480,027 followers in December 2016 to over 1.2 million followers today.

While the NFL is popular in the United States, they didn’t have a strong presence in China back in 2016.  They partnered with Mailman, a leading sports marketing agency in China.  They were able to create 32 team accounts which 5 employees at Mailman had to create content for.  Unlike western social media platforms which allow users to grant multiple user access to brand channels, Weibo has only 1 username and password which has to be shared between entire teams.  This makes it difficult since there are many times when users are in different locations.  KAWO enables brands to control who has access to which accounts and users can easily switch from one account to another with just a single login.  Now the NFL is active across western and Chinese social media platforms, sharing hundreds of posts to millions of people every day.

Korean enterprises and startups should contact KAWO and learn how to you can get started.  Plans start as low as $350 a month!