UX Designers and developers in Korea Should Join Wacom’s Inkathon

Wacom is having an online Hackathon and they are looking for Korean startups, UX designers and entrepreneurs in Korea that are interested in Edtech.  Therefore, this event is a great way for Korean startups in the Edtech space to get involved in the communities in their industry.  In addition, Hackathons are a great way to bring people together and work on projects with help from the community.  Furthermore, the INKATHON takes place online, therefore, there is no reason NOT to join!

INKATHON:  Revolutionize EdTech with Digital Ink

Wacom is looking for innovative tech startups, professional developer agencies, and motivated entrepreneurs for their online hackathon.  The online hackathon (INKATHON) will last for 6 weeks.  Therefore, during that time, participants will build next-level ink apps for digital pen-enabled devices utilizing Wacom’s WILL SDK.  In addition, at the end of the Inkathon, apps that show the best potential to revolutionize the EdTech community will be selected (5-10).  The top teams will then travel to Tokyo, Japan for the demo day on November 4th, 2019.  Therefore, in Tokyo, they will be able to demonstrate and pitch their idea and applications to a jury formed by thought leaders and key industry influencers.

Prizes for the 5-10 Teams Selected

INKATHON PrizesThe Top 5 to 10 teams will each be awarded a Finalist package which will include:

  • Travel compensation to Tokyo
  • Pass for the EDVS Summit
  • Showcase top Apps on the main stage at EDVS
  • Business Opportunities
  • 1 year of WILL SDK license

The Challenge at INKATHON

Your challenge for the Inkathon will be to leverage Wacom’s Ink Layer Language (WILL) in an existing app (or new app) and unlock the potential of Digital Ink in Education Technology.

What some inspiration?  Watch the video below!

Entrepreneurs from designers to developers need to join this online hackathon and harness the power of digital ink to create the future of Ed-Tech by joining Wacom’s INKATHON.

Registration is open for the INKATHON!  Get invited to join the BeMyApp online platform by registering now.  Then your team will spend 6 weeks developing your project.  They will select the 5-10 apps by Oct. 18th.  Final presentations will take place in Tokyo at the exclusive INKATHON presentation slot at Edvation x Summit 2019 on Nov. 4th.  Furthermore, this will be one of the largest EdTech events in Asia!

Who can register for the INKATHON?

INKATHON prizesYou must have a team of 2-6 people.  Therefore companies like startups and professional developer agencies can enter.  As well as, students, freelancers, groups of motivated innovators.  Those that are interested please register here.