Many Blockchain companies are looking to enter the Korean marketKorea in the past has been a hub for many ICO projects.  Korea even has a week dedicated to Blockchain called Korea Blockchain Week. While the hype has died down quite considerably, there are still many Blockchain/ICO marketing companies in Korea that can help.  Blockchain Marketing Agencies in Korea can help with content marketing, social media marketing, PR services, and more marketing strategies in Korea.  In addition, Korea has been very receptive to innovative Blockchain solutions and new ICO projects. When looking for the right Blockchain marketing agencies in Korea, make sure they have a team that will be able to translate content from English to Korean in an effective manner.

They also should have a strong network of Korean investors and Korean exchanges. Make sure to check out their work on Korean social media channels like Naver blogs and Kakao chat groups. Lastly, go to at least one meetup run by these agencies.

We at Seoulz researched and compiled a comprehensive list of the top Blockchain marketing agencies in Korea to make finding the right agency for your project easier.

Here are the Top 5 Blockchain marketing Agencies in Korea


Blockchain Marketing AsiaThe top Blockchain marketing agency in Korea is Blockchain Marketing Asia. It has the largest media coverage and very broad marketing channels. They are localized not only in South Korea but also in Japan and China. Their expertise is in ICO marketing. Therefore they advise global companies looking to do an ICO. Blockchain Marketing Asia offers end-to-end ICO advisory and marketing services such as PR, media publications, influencer marketing, community marketing, air-drop services, bounty programs, and token listing consultation. In addition, they help companies through the post ICO process through content creation, community management, token price protection consultation, events, and partnership marketing.

Blockchain Marketing Asia is empowered by Creatip, a leading marketing agency based in South Korea. They have a portfolio of reputable corporate giants such as SAMSUNG and LG. In total, they have over 120 clients and have done over 370 campaigns. They have recently worked with TRON and JELURIDA.

2. Chain Partners Digital Assets

Blockchain ConsultingChain Partners Digital Assets work with corporates and individuals with their virtual asset projects in Korea. They advise Blockchain companies that want to develop promising new virtual assets. Chain Partners was the first Korean Blockchain company to report the handling of cryptocurrency to FinCEN, the U.S. Department of Finance. In addition, in Korea, they report the handing of cryptocurrency to banks. Therefore, they offer a very safe professional virtual asset development consulting and transaction service. They can help you with Blockchain services, media reach outs, and education about the regulations of entering the Korean Blockchain market.

3. AD4th Insight (WeBloc)

Blockchain Marketing Agencies AD4th InsightOne of the best Korean Blockchain marketing agencies is AD4th Insight.  AD4th Insight is considered one of the top Korean advertising companies in Korea in general. They have the team and expertise to cover all aspects of digital marketing.  They have embraced blockchain technology and are looking to create a direct point of interaction between the advertiser and the customer.  AD4th Insight runs the WeBloc project who has collaborated with ICON Foundation and is supported by The Loop.  The project aims to create a Tokenized Advertising Alliance Protocol where all players in the advertising ecosystem can benefit from each other.

AD4th Insight was the first company in Korea to host a Blockchain Demo Day. Therefore they are not just a Blockchain marketing company but provide Blockchain education. ICON teamed up with AD4th Insight to set up Deblock a VC firm/accelerator.

“I strongly believe that every transaction on the Blockchain system is transparent so that all the participants are able to earn added-values. I have decided to apply Blockchain technology to weBloc, taking advantage of the strategic partnership with ICON and the experiences I gained in the industry for a long time,” said CEO of AD4th Insight, Joon Hong.


Korean Blockhain Marketing FACTBLOCKKorean Blockchain accelerator and consulting firm FACTBLOCK helps global Blockchain startups enter the Korean market. They specialize in ICO/IEO marketing and advisory consulting. Furthermore, for those looking to partner with Korean media channels, FACTBLOCK has a vast network of some of the biggest names in the industry.  Their content creation team offers a variety of services from interviews to digital marketing to social media channels. They also host KoreaBlockchainWeek and FACTBLOCK VIP nights. Think of them as an all-in-one solution for growth acceleration and business development in Korea.

“Since Korea Blockchain Week there has been no major event dedicated to Blockchain in Korea although Korea is one of the countries whose technology has been developing rapidly,” said CEO of FACTBLOCK, Jeon Seon-ik.

5. DeCentre

Blockchain Agencies in Korea DecentreKorean Blockchain marketing agency DeCentre specializes in crypto marketing strategies from pre-ICO to post ICO.  They help with social networking and global PR. They are the creators of a Blockchain conference called Bit! Forum. DeCentre also publishes its own Blockchain magazine called DeCentre Magazine which focuses on the latest news regarding cryptocurrencies. DeCentre is working on expanding its business towards “Coinpresso” cryptocurrency payment.

“We are going to eventually increase the number of cryptocurrencies to 20 and become the leading company in expanding use of cryptocurrencies in daily life,” said CEO of DeCentre, Lee Dong-hyuk.



KoreaCryptoSocialKoreaCryptoSocial is a Blockchain-based PR, marketing, and events agency based in Seoul, South Korea. Some of their services include communication and relationship management, community building, and supporting meetups/events/conferences. In addition, they also help with translation and copywriting as well as audio/visual production. Therefore, they have experience in introducing blockchain companies to the South Korean market and helping them gain exposure and execute effective strategies to leverage the market.