League of legends is less than a decade old so we don’t have a legend of the game. A kind of Hall of Fame because many of the best like Faker and THESHY are still playing. The solo killing lane is one of the hardest to master. There is a lot of pressure that emanates from the long-isolated lane furthest removed from the center of the lane. Going 1 vs 1 against someone else is a big responsibility therefore picking the right champion is critical. Unlike those forgotten champions we now never play, there are champions that are very good for the current meta. We polled over 100 LOL players in South Korea to come up with this ranking. We will constantly update this article every 3 months as the meta changes. The ranks are based on statistics in the KR server after the 10.18 patch.

Top 10 Top Lane Champions in KR

1. MaokaiMaokai, top lane champion

It has been a while since Maokai became undoubtedly the best top lane champion in League of Legends. There was an era of tanks throughout the history of League of Legends. Many people chose tanks like Malphite, Ornn, or Mundo for top lane champions. This slowly changed as the meta more focused on those who do damage and split push. As you will notice, tier 1 top lane champions are usually those who are great with one on one or split pushing. However, Maokai, as a tank, proudly keeps his place as the #1 top lane champion. He becomes extremely strong during the mid-late game and team fights.

He becomes very hard to kill for enemies, while has all shorts of CCs to help allies kill enemies. It is very easy for Maokai to put CCs on enemy ADC, while tanking all the damage. With this heal in passive, he becomes very hard to kill in both lane and team fights. Maokai, however, is not a great one on one champion early on. When he gets matched up by other champions like Darius or Fiora, it will be difficult for them to kill him, but he also can’t kill them. Yet his abilities allow him to create long fights, which helps ally jungle to easily gank the lane. The best way to play Maokai early game is to control minion waves and respond to allies’ ganks. Once he gets into the mid-late game, use his tankiness to protect and support allies.

Win Rate: 52.84%

Pick Rate: 5.66%

Ban Rate: 2.94%

Best Maokai Item Build:
Maokai item build

2. CamilleCamille, top lane champion

Camille is considered one of the hardest champions to play. Because her skill sets require a lot of knowledge and practice in order to perform well, she becomes better if you know how to play her. Despite her level of difficulty, she is one of the best top champions. Without Maokai’s mid-late game, she is probably the best top champion for now. Camille has an extremely strong early game, especially if you take Grasp of the Undying as your rune and W for level 1. It is important to have successful damage trade at level 1 using your W and rune.

You will most likely win any champions early on. This will allow you to have dominance in the lane. As long as you ward bushes to prevent any early ganks from enemy junglers, the lane itself becomes very easy. After Camille gets a couple of core items, she becomes unstoppable in split-pushing. What makes her so strong right now is her ability to split-push fast and win most one on ones. This allows her allies to win team fights or push lanes while she permanently stays top to push. The game is really dependent on how well you get objectives, including turrets and, most importantly, dragons. Camille is very well suited for taking objectives and dominating the lane. If you know how to play her, it would be easy to boost up your tier right now.

Win Rate: 49.71%

Pick Rate: 9.65%

Ban Rate: 9.79%

Best Camille Item Build:
camille item build

3. FioraFiora, top lane champion

Fiora is the strongest one on one and split-pushing top champion. While Camille is considered a very strong split-pushing champion, she probably can’t surpass Fiora. She is very hard to counter in a one on one fight, which makes her tier 1 champion in the top lane. She is also a very strong bot lane champion. While some champions are used for roaming or tanking, Fiora is most definitely used for split-pushing. Unless enemies come as a group, Fiora would probably win all one on one, or even one on two fights once she gets a lead. However, it is very important to control her very well. Fiora is definitely very strong, however, her combos and plays really depend on how well you control her.

The most important thing when playing her is to hit enemies on the vital spot (passive) and using your parry very wisely. Once you know how to control her Q and pop vital spots quickly, you can carry an entire game by yourself. Beginners have a hard time popping vital spots when using her ultimate, while high ELO players do this within seconds. The champion itself is already one of the best, but it could be the best if you get the controls right. If you lack in controlling her, she is not as useful in team fights as she is in the lane. It is best to take advantage of what she is good for. If you continue to split-push and force out one on one fights, you can climb up to above Platinum any time.

Win Rate: 52.70%

Pick Rate: 7.05%

Ban Rate: 7.63%

Best Fiora Item Build:
Fiora item build

4. DariusDarius, top lane champion

Darius has one of the highest ban rates of all the champions and rightly so. Almost all top-laners fear this champion, which already shows what kind of a top lane champion he is. What makes Darius so great is that when you pull your opponent in, you can hit them with the empowered auto attack W for a huge 90% slow, then Q them with the blade, and then you will have 2 stacks on them right away. This sets you up to win any follow-up all in against any champion in the game. Darius becomes the best once he has full stacks on the enemy. No champion would be able to fight him when he has all his stacks on you.

Since the top lane is a very long lane, he can chase you down with his slow and pull to make stacks. This is why a lot of Darius players prefer Ghost on them instead of Ignite or Teleport. Ghost will help him to chase down enemy, and it’s probably the worst nightmare for most top laners. His only weakness is against mobile or ranged champions who can kite him down, or champions that have CCs. This is probably why Darius is extremely weak against Vayne, Quinn, and Yorick. Regardless, Darius has been remaining as tier 1 top lane champion for a very long time. Even if patches happen and things change around, he never fell below the top 10 champions in the top lane.

Win Rate: 50.23%

Pick Rate: 8.13%

Ban Rate: 41.98%

Best Darius Item Build:
Darius item build

5. RenektonRenekton, top lane champion

Renekton is also one of the top lane champions that constantly placed above tier 2. If you ever played him or played against him, you probably know how strong he is in the early game. With Press the Attack as his runes, he will deal massive burst damage using his W. His W allows AA cancellation, which makes it very fast to land his combos. Renekton is a complete bully early game since he has huge burst damage and can easily engage and fall back using his E. On top of that, he has great sustainability in lane with his heal. However, it is very important to fall back after your full combo. Of course, if you can finish off the enemy, it is best to follow up. However, what many low ELO players do is that they tend to continue fighting after their combo.

Renekton definitely has insane burst damage, however, falling back is important. It is best to avoid long fights, especially when you are against champions like Darius or Maokai. Regardless, Renekton is one of the best top lane champions for now because of its strong early game. A weakness is that you will lose strength once you enter the mid-late game. Thus, it is important to take advantage of his early game and do as much as you can early on. If you fail to take advantage early, the game will probably end without being able to do much.

Win Rate: 48.86%

Pick Rate: 9.91%

Ban Rate: 20.66%

Best Renekton Item Build:
Renekton item build

6. AkaliAkali, top lane champion

Akali is currently considered one of the best champions for both top and mid lanes in League of Legends. Although she is famous for being one of the most difficult champions to play, her win rate is very high for both low and high ELO. This already shows that Akali is a great champion to play right now. The more skilled you are, the better it is. However, even if you are not a great Akali player, you can perform well if you just know the basics. Akali is probably one of the champions that require a lot of understandings in her skills. After her Q, to have to make sure you move out of the marked circle to gain bonus damage on your next auto-attack.

By going back and forth, you should poke down enemies using your Q and auto-attack. Once you’ve done some trades, you can start engaging with your E and ultimate for kills. It is important to play Akali as much as possible because even high ELO players have a hard time calculating her damage. She is comparably easy to engage and fall out safely because of her W. Once you get your hextech gunblade, you will deal a lot of damage to assassin squishy champions. The only weakness for Akali is CC. If you get hard CC like stuns or slows, it will be very difficult to perform your role as an assassin. Also, most beginners have a hard time managing her energy and failing to cast abilities when necessary. As long as you practice these things, you can perform very well in the top lane.

Win Rate: 47.04%

Pick Rate: 5.76%

Ban Rate: 24.27%

Best Akali Item Build:
Akali item build

7. QuinnQuinn, top lane champion

Quinn has always been the most annoying top lane champion for most top lane players. Most top laners are melee champions and lack mobility. Quinn is the direct opposite of these types of top lane champions. She is extremely fast with her ultimate, and she is also ranged. She can easily escape any face to face fights in top lane using her E to keep distance with enemies. Since most top tier champions at the top are champions like Darius, Fiora, and Camille, it makes it very easy for Quinn to kite them around. Also, while champions like Fiora and Camille are great split-pushers, Quinn is the best roamer.

Post level 6, she can roam around the entire map very quickly and help out other lanes. This is very annoying for melee top laners because they lack the mobility to follow up her roams, and they have difficulty fighting her in lane due to her range. However, Quinn can fall off very easily during team fights or late games, especially if you failed to get a huge lead during lane phase. She is not commonly used right now and is under-rated. However, if you put your focus on bullying melee top laners and roaming post level 6, the game could go very easy.

Win Rate: 52.75%

Pick Rate: 2.34%

Ban Rate: 4.19%

Best Quinn Item Build:
Quinn item build

8. JaxJax, top lane champion

Jax is one of the strongest champions when it comes to face to face fights. He’s as strong as Fiora when it comes to one on one in lane. His abilities are very basic so he is often used by a lot of low ELO players. He is considered very strong because of his E skill. This E allows him to dodge auto attacks from enemies, which is great in the top lane. Most top lane champions require a lot of auto-attacks, rather than spell damages. Once you get core items, Jax can deal huge damage and survive in long fights with his dodge and life steal.

This doesn’t mean he’s weak against Ability Power (AP) champions. A lot of AP champions (mages) are squishy. He can easily leap onto them with his Q, stun them, and destroy them within seconds. In order to face Jax, it is probably best to play someone with escape abilities (like Ezreal) to kite around. Despite his strength, he’s located on the lower tier because he can get easily kited and his abilities are too basic for the current meta. Regardless, he is very easy to play with and extremely strong. Jax is loved by many low ELO players to dominate the game.

Win Rate: 49.51%

Pick Rate: 6.12%

Ban Rate: 4.07%

Best Jax Item Build:
Jax item build

9. ShenShen, top lane champion

Shen is one of the best overall champions in the League of Legends. He’s not great in split-pushing, and he’s not strong with one on one fights. Despite these aspects, what makes him one of the best champions is abilities. Shen can be a devastating raid boss which is why he gets banned so often in high ELO. First, his shield can block all incoming auto attacks. Similar to Jax, however, it covers up all allies within the shield. This becomes extremely useful during team fights. He can prevent enemy ADC to deal with damages for seconds during fights. Shen can also make supportive plays using his taunt and shield.

He’s probably the best champion for saving allies and initiating team fights. By simply landing a good taunt, you can carry the game. Of course, Shen can’t carry the game by himself by killing enemies. Shen carries the game by helping allies to get kills and protecting the main dealer in his team. His ultimate allows him to literally save an ally and join team fights from anywhere in the Rift. As previously mentioned, objectives are very important in winning a game. Shen is the best top lane for helping objectives and being a supportive teammate. It is important to give kills to your allies, rather than trying to take them for yourself.

Win Rate: 52.11%

Pick Rate: 5.60%

Ban Rate: 0.98%

Best Shen Item Build:
Shen item build

10. GarenGaren, top lane champion

Garen is always the number one option for low ELO players. His abilities are the most basic among all 150 League of Legends champions. All you have to do is engage using your Q, and spin around with your E for massive damage. He used to deal insane damage with his E, however, after a couple of patches, his damage clearly decreased. However, he still does a lot of damage and it is very important to grab items with attack speed due to his E. After a couple nerfs with his E, some players tend to go all tank items like the old Garen. However, this is a very big mistake. It is true that Garen did get nerfed in terms of damage, but the champion itself is no longer a tank but more of a tanky dealer.

It is easy to counter him with CCs and kites. However, low ELO players are not great at this, and Garen is very easy to play pick up kills. This is probably why Garen has been the number one pick for players in iron to gold and has the highest win rate in the top lane. He gets weaker as the tier goes higher. This is why in overall statistics (mostly focusing on players above platinum), Garen stays in tier 2. Looking at statistics for low ELO players, Garen is placed as tier 1, and as the champion with the highest win rate and pick rate. If you’re a beginner, he is probably the best pick for winning games.

Win Rate: 50.13%

Pick Rate: 7.65%

Ban Rate: 6.32%

Best Garen Item Build:
Garen item build

Honorable Champions


Kled is a very fun champion to play especially when your goal is to tilt enemies. His emotes really get under your opponent’s skin. Other than that, Kled is an excellent champion to climb once you master his abilities. He doesn’t get banned a lot and some people don’t realize how strong he is. Kled can deal a lot of damage and slow you with his abilities. His abilities have both slows, engagements, and damage. Probably the most annoying reason for playing against him is his passive. He rides on his pet named Skaarl, which takes damages for him. This basically means you have to kill Skaarl first before you kill Kled.

The most annoying aspect of this is that when you kill Skaarl, Kled becomes impossible to targettable for a second and allows him to escape the fight. After you fail to kill him, he can stack up using his Q and wait until he rides on his Skaarl. Usually, Keld users start fighting or force enemies to engage in them right before they bring back Skaarl. This causes them to survive a near-death fight and also turn the table around and kill enemies. Although Kled is not played often with a pick rate of only 1.32%, his win rate is 5th among all top lane champions.

Win Rate: 51.29%

Pick Rate: 1.33%

Ban Rate: 0.79%


Ornn is probably the weakest champion early game, yet one of the strongest champions starting the mid-late game. He is not strong in terms of his damage and lane phase, but in tanking and team fights. Once he survives through the horrible early game, he becomes the key player in the team. The best way to play him is to farm up the early game and survive in the lane by making items in lane with your passive. Ornn can have long fights in lane because he doesn’t necessarily have to go back home for additional items. Once he hits level 12, he upgrades his own items, which makes him extremely tanky. Throughout the game, he can upgrade items for allies and basically allow them to be stronger than enemies.

The most important thing about Ornn is that he can initiate or support team fights from almost anywhere. His ultimate, his AoE knock-up, and slows make him the best supportive tank champion in League of Legends. It is important to note that he is an extremely weak early game and he needs to support his team. It is best not to take kills, but give it to your allies. No matter how many items you get, his damage wouldn’t increase much. The only thing that drastically becomes stronger is his defense. He can already be very tanky with a couple of upgraded items, so it is best to give kills to allies for more damage while he does all the tanking.    

Win Rate: 49.60%

Pick Rate: 8.22%

Ban Rate: 2.21%


Mordekaiser has been always a part of top tier top lane champions after his remake. It is extremely important to understand his skills. He does a lot of damage, and have great sustainability. Using his passive, he can take long fights with Conqueror as his runes. The most important thing about Mordekaiser is to survive in long team fights and kill key players in the enemy team. Mordekaiser ultimate can literally take out one champion in team fights, including himself. This makes the team have a 4 v 4 fight.

There are usually two choices for Mordekaiser. He can use his ultimate for one of the enemies that he is confident in killing. This allows Mordekaiser to easily kill one enemy champion and forcing out 4 v 5 fights. Another option is for him to take the most fed or damaging enemy champion. This allows his allies to have team fights without the strongest enemy champion. Mordekaiser may not win one on one with the strongest enemy. However, his ultimate and his ability to sustain long fights will make enough time for his allies to win fights. Mordekaiser during team fight really depends on how well you use your ultimate, and how long he can survive and deal damage using his passive. He is one of the best tank dealers, and his abilities are all AoE. This makes him very useful during team fights.

Win Rate: 48.42%

Pick Rate: 0.81%

Ban Rate: 0.18%