Mid lane could be seen as the most important lane in the Rift. Since they are in the middle of the map they can easily get ganked from all sides, but they can also roam different lanes and back up ally junglers with taking objectives. Therefore the key to playing mid lane is to have strong map awareness and roam a lot. Vision is also important because you don’t want to be over-extended and get killed. Historically, there has been more Ability Power (AP) mid laners due to the fact that top laners in League of Legends were usually tank, jungle and bottom were mostly AD champions. However, the type of mid lane champions changes based on the shifting meta.

There is a correlation between mid lane champions and junglers. Usually, they have an inverse relation with AD and AP, meaning if tier 1 mid lane champions are mostly AD then most tier 1 junglers are AP. You can check this relationship by comparing Top 10 Jungle Champions and this article. This article lists the Top 10 mid lane champions based on statistics after 10.18 patch. We will update this information every 3 months based on changes to meta or new patches.

Top 10 Mid Lane Champions in KR

1. ZedZed, best mid lane champion

While Koreans love to use Zed because of Faker, Zed is the best mid lane champion at the moment. With both the highest pick rate and ban rate, he is used by most mid laners. He is the perfect assassin champion that can be easily played by low elo players. The champion itself is very good, but this doesn’t mean skills don’t matter. The more you master him, the better he becomes. As you already know, high elo players or pro players like Faker use Zed on a different level. He has all the aspects of being the best mid lane champion. Zed is very strong in lane, especially post level 6. He can solo kill very easily once you know his combos.

Zed is also very hard to gank since he has his shadow W and his ultimate. Probably the most important aspects of mid lane champions for the current meta are dominance in lane and power of roaming. Zed dominates the lane, and he has great roaming skills as he can assassin enemy ADC with his ultimate. He is the best mid lane champion because during team fights he can easily cut off enemy key players (usually the ADC) without facing any danger of dying. Zed’s only weakness is CCs, where he gets stunned and fails to assassin anybody. However, his combos and shifting shadows make it so hard for enemies to stun him and kill him. This is why the more you practice him, the better he becomes.

Win Rate: 50.64%

Pick Rate: 11.96%

Ban Rate: 45.31%

Best Zed Item Build:
Zed item build

2. YoneYone, best mid lane champion

Yone grabbed people’s attention the instant it was released. He is currently the best mid champion after Zed. Players always comment about how Riot makes new champions too strong at first, then nerf them on following patches. Yone was exactly this case. The instant he was released, he was considered very OP. Yone’s playstyle is very similar to that of Yasuo, however, a lot more difficult. This is why when Yone was first released in solo queue, the champion was considered strong but overall win rates remained low. Yone stayed at Tier 4 and Tier 5 until players started to understand how to play him.

Yone is extremely strong in lane because of his passive and skillsets. His passive is just like that of Yasuo, he gains a double critical strike, which means two items are enough for 100% crit. What makes Yone a lot better than Yasuo is his E. He creates a shadow that leaps forward, and you can attack enemies with boost damage then eventually come back. It is like a mixture of Zed’s ultimate and Ekko’s ultimate. This allows Yone to deal an insane amount of damage, then safely come back.

Also, his ultimate doesn’t require any knock-ups like Yasuo. His ultimate itself knocks-up enemies. While Yone is not the best for roaming, he is insanely strong in lane and can do a lot of damage during team fights. He requires a lot of practice, especially with his E and ultimate. However, once your hand gets used to his combos and skill sets, he can be the best mid champion for boosting up your tier.

Win Rate: 49.98%

Pick Rate: 11.12%

Ban Rate: 24.63%

Best Yone Item Build:
Yone item build

3. GalioGalio, best mid lane champion

Galio is probably the strongest mid lane champion against any AP mid laners. Although the 10.18 patch nerfed the damage of his Q, Galio remains as tier 1 for mid lane. Galio is definitely not an assassin champion like Zed or Yone where he can cut off enemies in team fights. He is rather a mid lane champion that supports allies, yet does a lot of damage himself. Galio is very strong early on with his strong lane pushing skills. Using his Q on the ranged minions, he can clear waves very easily and pressure the lane.

Pressuring lane is very important to Galio because it allows him to join jungle fights or roam other lanes while keeping the enemy mid laner in lane. Unlike Zed and Yone, Galio is very easy to play. His skill sets and combos are very easy so he is loved by both low elo and high elo players. What makes Galio one of the best mid lane champions is his taunt, shield, and ultimate. Basically all his skills. Many people use Aftershock as his runes, however, Korean players prefer to use Predator.

Predator allows him to roam fast and, most importantly, remain high movement speed while taunting. His taunt slows himself by 15%, however, with predator his movement speed is fast during his skill. His shield also absorbs magic damage, which makes him the best mid lane champion against AP mid laners. Lastly, his ultimate is basically a global ultimate where he can help allies or join team fights. His only weakness is that he is weak against AD champions early game since his shield only absorbs magic damage. Regardless, you can see how great Galio currently is, as he stands as tier 1 in mid among AD assassin champions.

Win Rate: 51.32%

Pick Rate: 5.95%

Ban Rate: 3.46%

Best Galio Item Build:
Galio item build

4. YasuoYasuo, best mid lane champion

Yasuo is one of the most annoying champions to face. He is one of the most banned champs in the game. He constantly has a CS lead and gold lead over many mid laners because he can move them in and there’s very little the opponent can do. They can’t retaliate because of windwall. He is a very squishy champ who peaks at two items. With his passive, two crit items are enough for him to have a 100% critical strike. Yasuo is very strong against mage champions that deal damages mostly by their spells. Since windwall blocks, all projectiles, mage champions have difficulty playing against Yasuo.

Very similar to Zed and Yone, Yasuo is a lane bully. He can kite around by riding minions with his E and does insane damage with his Q. His Q is considered a basic attack, which is why it does critical damage. His stacked Q hurricane is not considered a basic attack. A tip for playing Yasuo is to stack up against your Q and poke enemies with the hurricane Q. If you attack enemies using your normal Q, minions would target you because it is considered an auto-attack. While the hurricane is considered a spell, minions will not target you. This small thing is very important during lane phase because minion damages are a lot stronger than what people imagine.

The main difference between low elo players and high elo players is the importance they put on minions. The weakness of Yasuo is that his ultimate can only be cast when enemies are knocked up. If you are not great at landing stacked Q, then you have to be very dependent on allies that can knock-up. While this may be a very good combination with allies like Orianna or Malphite, it can also be a major weakness if no allies have knock-ups.

Win Rate: 51.09%

Pick Rate: 12.18%

Ban Rate: 33.74%

Best Yasuo Item Build:
Yasuo item build

5. TalonTalon, best mid lane champion

Talon is the best mid lane champion because of his insane roaming ability. He does a lot of burst damage during one on one. Once he targets an enemy and lands his full combo, the enemy is most likely to be dead unless its a tank. Similar to Zed, Talon is great to kill an enemy and escaping without dying. Assassins like them are very good mid laners because they immediately create a 4 v 5 team fight. However, Talon is not considered one of the best mid lane champions in Korea because of its damage. It’s all about his E. His E basically allows him to jump over walls, which makes him very hard to catch and follow. This ability is the best escaping ability, however, it can also be the best offensive ability.

Most Talon users in Korea prefer to spend more time on roams. With fast lane clearing using his W and Tiamet (an item), he pushes out his lane and starts roaming. Using his E, he can go up and down the Rift within seconds and roam lanes very easily. Wards are not enough to prevent Talon from roaming. Low elo players must learn how to control lane waves and know when to start roaming. Roaming will eventually make Talon pick up kills or give the upper hand for allies in other lanes.

Win Rate: 49.10%

Pick Rate: 4.92%

Ban Rate: 4.17%

Best Talon Item Build:
Talon item build

6. KassadinKassadin, best mid lane champion

Kassadin has been remaining as one of the best mid lane champions for years. He is a great mid-late game champion. Once he hits level 16 he is almost unstoppable. His early game is bad so you need to have help from your teammates. Reaching level 16 takes a lot of time and is very hard not to feed. Once you or your teammates start feeding or terribly losing lane it can be very hard for Kassadin to make a comeback. However, as long as the team works together to keep Kassadin safe until mid-game, he can start picking up kills.

With just a catalyst he can out-trade most mid laners. Similar to Galio, Kassadin is very strong against AP mid lane champions due to the magic shield he gets when he uses his Q. Early game Kassadin should focus on farming up and avoiding ganks or solo kills in lane. Once you level up and buy a couple of items, you can start seeing Kassadin’s insane damage. Also, his ultimate is very useful for running away, chasing, and roaming. Only remember that his early game is extremely weak, but once you go through all the early hardships, he will become unstoppable.

Win Rate: 49.61%

Pick Rate: 4.97%

Ban Rate: 4.02%

Best Kassadin Item Build:
Kassadin item build

7. FizzFizz, best mid lane champion

Fizz is popular to use because he is not only fun to play, but very hard for enemies to kill due to his trickster. Fizz’s job is to burst the opponent ADC and ultimately snowball for mid-late game. In addition, Fizz can be very hard to deal with once he gets ahead. However, if he is up against a team with a huge amount of CC, he can’t do much unless you know how to deal with CCs. The issue is that most opponents make a lot of mistakes against him which makes him really annoying. If an ADC or one of the main dealer is caught alone by Fizz, you already know that they’re dead. If enemy gets hit with his full range ultimate, the enemy would disappear within seconds.

However, it is actually quite hard to land his full range ultimate especially when you are located in the higher elo. This is because players can easily react to his ultimate as it comes. In low elo, players focus very hard on throwing full range ultimate or just straight up face to face ultimate, then dash in for finish up. In high elo, players know that enemies can easily dodge Fizz’s ultimate. So they dash in with Q and use ultimate at the same time. This ultimate would definitely deal less damage, however, it would have a 100% rate of getting the ultimate on the enemy. Fizz’s other skills and protobelt would be enough to finish off enemies. Playstyles differ between low elo and high elo players, however, overall Fizz is one of the best and easiest mid lane champions to play.

Win Rate: 51.58%

Pick Rate: 6.31%

Ban Rate: 8.64%

Best Fizz Item Build:
Fizz item build

8. CassiopeiaCassiopeia, best mid lane champion

Cassiopeia is not very often seen in many games with only a 3.20% pick rate.  However, once you know how to play her well, she is very good. In fact, she counters many champions. She is not necessarily strong against tier 1 mid lane champions like Zed, Yone, or Yasuo. However, in team fights, she is very useful and counters a lot of top lane champions, and ADC. Cassiopeia is one of the most difficult champions to play because she needs a lot of footwork while landing her poisons. It is very important to land her poisons, then spam E to heal herself and deal with an insane amount of damage.

Since she has no mobility, it all depends on how well you control her. If you’re not very good at mouse control in League of Legends, you may not be able to perform Cassiopeia’s full strength. Also, because she doesn’t need boots, she has one additional slot for an item. She gives up her mobility but deals an insane amount of damage. Her ultimate is also very useful during team fight because it is an AoE ability that stuns enemies. If you haven’t practiced her a lot, she will be extremely weak against assassin champions like Zed or Talon.

Win Rate: 51.45%

Pick Rate: 3.09%

Ban Rate: 2.08%

Best Cassiopeia Item Build:
Cassiopeia item build

9. PantheonPantheon, best mid lane champion

Pantheon is probably the best early game mid lane champion in League of Legends. He is very well known to have one for the strongest early game. Pantheon’s skill sets are very simple, yet he does insane damage early on. Using his Q and charged Q in lane, he can easily poke the enemy and push lane. With targeted stun, his combo can be very simple and it is easy for Pantheon to activate conqueror or electrocute. Most mid lane champions are squishy and this makes it easy for Pantheon to kill them early game.

His early game is undoubtedly very strong, however, he falls off hard during the late game. If he doesn’t play well enough early game and help allies get kills, the game can be miserably hard for Pantheon as it gets longer. A lot of low elo players fail to make use of his early game and eventually fall hard during the mid-late game. Once you fail to take advantage early on, you won’t be able to do much during the late game and ultimately lose the game. Pantheon’s ultimate is very good for backing up team and roaming, which is why you should try to roam if you have a chance. Roaming is very important as mid laner for the current meta.

Win Rate: 48.00%

Pick Rate: 1.88%

Ban Rate: 31.54%

Best Pantheon Item Build:
Pantheon item build

10. KatarinaKatarina, best mid lane champion

Once you know how to play Katarina well, she is probably the most annoying yet great mid lane champion. She is not really played often in high elo, however, she can be very dominating in low elo. Her early burst is almost as strong as a Talon, however, people don’t respect it as much and end up getting killed. Her passive gives her free cooldown resets when she scores a kill or an assist. Unless the enemy chooses champions with targeted skills or CCs, Katarina can be uncatchable with her Shunpo. She has no CC and is very vulnerable to CC, however, without it she is almost unstoppable. Katarina is very quick in engaging and escaping. If you make a mistake, she would immediately take kills and run away.

Once she gets her Hextech Gunblade, she deals massive damage. In team fights her ultimate will do insane damage and she would teleport around enemies using her Shunpo, which makes it very hard to kill her without any CC. Katarina is very strong, yet she can get easily countered. Anybody with CC would be able to stop her from her combos or escaping. Also, as long as you are aware of where her daggers are located, it is easy to prevent her from dealing with massive damage to you. This is why Katarina is not very often played at high elo. Regardless, she has always been one of the top 10 best mid lane champions since the 10.12 patch.

Win Rate: 51.41%

Pick Rate: 3.96%

Ban Rate: 2.26%

Best Katarina Item Build:
Katarina item build

Honorable Champions


Diana is not a complex champion and there is not much of a learning curve to use her. She is very strong in lane and winning important team fights. After her rework she has more tools now and is able to use conqueror in a more effective way. She is able to cast her E twice once without even having to hit the target with any abilities. Diana is considered somewhat tanky as a mid lane champion, yet does a lot of burst damage once she lands her combos. With say engaging abilities, she can pick up easy kills in lane. Also, her ultimate is very useful during team fights and can lead to follow up spells from allies. Her ultimate is considered one of the most effective ultimate in team fights in League of Legends.

Win Rate: 50.21%

Pick Rate: 3.50%

Ban Rate: 1.31%

Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate is very popular in South Korea. He is a very safe pick in the mid lane, with not many hard counters. Twisted Fate’s ultimate is a great tool to apply pressure to other lanes in-game. He has the ability to instantly teleport to any location putting a lot of pressure on your opponents. This is one of the most important aspects of Twisted Fate. He is great at roaming and escaping off the mini-map. Add this with his guaranteed stun and you can understand why he has become so popular and so fun to play.

Twisted Fate is very underrated among low elo players because his skill sets are very boring and seem weak. However, a lot of high elo players play him when they make a secondary account or when they try to carry in a low elo. Twisted Fate’s guaranteed stun and global vision & teleport ultimate allows him to carry the game. He requires quite a lot of thinking and map awareness, which is why many players at lower tiers have a hard time using his full strength.

Win Rate: 47.46%

Pick Rate: 6.19%

Ban Rate: 1.52%


Vladimir is a hyper scaling champion, however, he has many flaws in his kit such as mobility and range. He is a very weak early game, probably weaker than Kassadin. Very similar to Kassadin, once he survives through the early game, he becomes unstoppable. He does insane damage and heals himself. This allows him to survive through long fights and be able to deal with multiple enemies alone. In Korea, many players say Vladimir is literally nothing until mid-game (around 20 ~ 25 minutes in-game). Of course, unless Vladimir luckily picks up early kills, his teammates would have to take care of him. It is very important to focus on taking CS early on and look for any opportunities to take kills or assists. Vladimir used to be played more often, however, as games became shorter, players preferred to play champions that don’t hyper-scale.

Win Rate: 51.39%

Pick Rate: 2.51%

Ban Rate: 2.54%

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