The 10-Step Skincare Routine is well known to the Korean Beauty Community. But if you’re new to K-Beauty, terms like ‘serum’, ‘exfoliator’ or ‘hyaluronic acid’ can be very overwhelming. That is why we have prepared a guide about the essentials of K-Beauty in our series about the TOP10 K-Beauty products of 2020. Fifth, in the series, are K-Beauty Toners.

K-Beauty Toners are a must to have in any K-beauty skincare routine. Toners have gotten a bad reputation for burning and having that alcohol smell. However Korean Beauty brands have been working hard to bring K-Beauty toners that focus a lot on moisturizing and hydrating the skin. These new breed of toners are a far cry from the alcohol-laden formulas of the 80s and 90s that removes all the oil from your skin while leaving it burning. K-Beauty toners do not have that stinging feel but rather leave your skin feeling hydrated and smooth. K-beauty toners don’t have alcohol, alcohol is used by to rid of bacteria on your face. However, K-Beauty toners want to avoid the toner from leaving your skin dry and stripping the moisture from your skin. That balance is crucial in a great toner.

K-Beauty toners can be put into two different categories. One category focuses on exfoliation while the other focuses on hydration. However, the goal of toners should always be to leave your face feeling soft and prepped. K-beauty toners are usually rich in natural ingredients that help hydrate the skin rather than get rid of moisture. They use plant and fruit extracts, mineral waters, and hyaluronic acid as a replacement for alcohol. So which K-beauty toner is the best?

Here are the top 10 K-Beauty Toners of 2020

1. WHAMISA – Organic Flowers Toner

K-Beauty Toners Whamisa

Out of all the K-Beauty Toners, I have tried the Whamisa Organic Flowers Toner is the best. It is my choice for the #1 K-Beauty toner for 2020. This is the most expensive toner on this list. However, you get what you pay for and more. Whamisa is known for using 100% organic ingredients and focuses a lot on fermentation. The fermentation process helps bring out amino acids and peptides from the ingredients used. The Organic Flowers Toner uses aloe and chrysanthemums to provide moisture and help reduce inflammation. A little of this toner goes a long way and has a very delicate floral fragrance.  

Price:  47,000 won ($39)

2. Innisfree – Green Tea Seed Intensive Hydrating Toner

K-Beauty TonerThis is one of the best hydrating K-beauty toners out there on the market. Those that love green tea will love this. It offers a blend of green tea and green tea seed oil. It has a lightweight formula that is filled with panthenol. Panthenol is key to helping with the strengthening of the skin’s moisture barrier. The green tea used by Innisfree is sourced from organic farms on Jeju Island. Jeju Island is located south of the Korean peninsula. It is known for its natural organic plants and fruits. Best of all you can’t beat the price.

Price: 21,000 won ($19)

3.  MISSHA – Time Revolution Clear Toner 

missha clear tonerThe MISSHA Time Revolution Clear Toner comes in 2nd. This toner uses fermented yeast extract which helps the skin stay clean and clear. The fermented yeast helps exfoliate the skin while also increasing the skin cell turnover rate. Don’t worry it does not have any strange smell. It is also rich in AHA and BHA which help get rid of dead skin cells. It is not heavily scented and does not leave your skin tight and dry. I recommend adding this with the Time Revolution First Treatment Essence.  

Price:  33,000 won ($28)

4.  Klairs – Supple Preparation Facial Toner

Klairs Toner K-BeautyKlairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner is very gentle on the skin. Furthermore, this is a refreshing vegan toner that does a great job of removing dirt and sebum from your skin. It also helps restore pH balance and adds deep hydration. This toner will help with acne and help hydrate your large pores. You can use it every day but works best by adding vitamin C to it. It will leave your skin smooth and ready for serums, ampoules, and moisturizers. The toner itself is thick but gets the job done. A nice tip is to use it while your face is wet so I highly recommend using it after you have a nice shower. 

Price:  20,000 won ($17)

5.  Acwell – Licorice pH Balancing Cleansing Toner

Acwell TonerThis is one of those toners that you will love or hate. The Acwell Licorice pH Balancing Cleansing Toner is one of my favorites. Those that love licorice will love this product. It is a 10% licorice extract and water. It does a great job of brightening your skin and is also great for removing makeup. Therefore it is not only a toner but also works as a makeup remover and cleansing water. It has a pH level of 5.5 which really helps with pigmentation. It is highly recommended by Grace Atwood from The Stripe! However, those that dislike the smell of Licorice should try another K-beauty toner instead. 

Price:  33,000 won ($28)

6.  Dr. Oracle – A-Thera Toner 

K-Beauty Toners Dr OracleThose that have ache problems know the brand Dr. Oracle. They have their own toner called A-Thera Toner. This toner uses bamboo extract which adds a lot of moisture to your skin. It also contains green tea extract which protects your skin from bad pollution. Like I mentioned above, I am a huge fan of green tea. The toner is great for getting rid of excess sebum and clearing up skin faster. It is also great at removing makeup residue and great for those that have acne problems. It is light, has a fresh scent, and really balances out the skin.  

Price:  38,000 won ($32)

7.  BANILA CO – Dear Hydration Toner

Banila Co TonerBANILA CO Dear Hydration Toner does a great job of moisturizing your skin. This is one of the top K-beauty toners when it comes to hydration. It is a lightweight toner that soaks into the skin quickly. This toner uses mint and basil extracts which are great for skin exposed to bad pollution. Those that live in South Korea understand just how much damage bad air pollution can do to your skin. It also has bamboo and lotus flower extract to further help with hydration. I would recommend layer this with other toners with the scent you like. It is a bargain for the price which might be why it has a very watery consistency and very light.  

Price:  19,000 won ($16)

8.  Etude House – Moistfull Collagen Facial Toner 

K-Beauty Toners CollagenCollagen is big in Korea and Etude House came out with the Mositfull Collagen Facial Toner. This toner is very moist and rich in texture. It has both collagen and Baobob water to help improve the complexion of your skin overall while at the same time providing moisture. It is heavier than other traditional toner and could be classified as an essence. However, it does get absorbed to the sick quickly and doesn’t affect your makeup or other serums. Why applying this toner, tap it on your face rather than rubbing it. It might feel sticky at first but that will quickly go away.  

Price:  18,000 won ($15)

9.  Benton – Aloe BHA Skin Toner 

Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner is the perfect toner for those that are fans of aloe vera. Those that like aloe, this toner is the one for you. It has aloe and salicylic acid which help hydrate the skin. Those that have oily skin would like this toner. One pump of this product will cover your entire face and even your neck. This is also great for men as well as the packaging is unisex. It is great for everyday use. It is not as effective as the other toners when it comes to fighting and preventing breakouts. The reason why it is not higher on this list is that I am not a huge fan of Aloe Vera. Those that like using Aloe Vera products should definitely give the Benton Aloe a try. 

Price:  22,000 won ($19)

10.  BOTANIC FARM – Avocado Honey Rich Toner

botanic_farmBOTANIC FARM Avocado Honey Rich Toner is the right toner for those that like thicker toners. Many might not be fans of avocado, but avocado extract gives the skin omegas and moisture. It also contains honey extract which works as a skin-soothing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory to heal damaged skin. It has a very fruity/tropical scent. The product itself is very thick which some might not like. However, it absorbs quickly and does not leave any sticky residue. Those that have oily skin might want to try another toner. However, it is perfect for those that have dry skin and great for winter months. 

Price:  22,000 won ($19)


Isntree – Green Tea Fresh Toner 

K-Beauty IsntreeRounding out the list of the top K-Beauty toners is the Isntree Green Tea Fresh Toner. This is one of the best K-Beauty toners for oily skin. It uses natural EWG green grade ingredients to help nourish the skin. It has Anit Sebum P(HD) to help control excess oil and 80% green tea extract which comes from Jeju Island to bring a natural balance to the skin. You can use this product every day and should notice a difference in your oily skin in 2 weeks. It has no fragrance and is light and absorbs quickly.  

Price:  23,000 won ($20)