The 10-Step Skincare Routine is well known to the Korean Beauty Community. But if you’re new to K-Beauty, terms like ‘serum’, ‘exfoliator’, or ‘hyaluronic acid’ can be very overwhelming. That is why we have prepared a guide about the essentials of K-Beauty in our series about the TOP10 K-Beauty products of 2020. Second, in the series are K-Beauty Makeup Removers (Water Cleansers).

Many K-Beauty products expect their customers to use the double cleanse method which calls for both oil-based cleansers and water-based cleansers. However, there are so many different types of water-based cleansers to select from. For those that do not know the K-Beauty 10-step routine. Water cleansers are used after you have used an oil cleanser. However, there are some that use water-based cleansers to remove their makeup. These water-based cleansers come in three forms:  cleansing waters, foam cleansers, and gel cleansers. Many will do a great job of removing light makeup from your face but is also great for getting rid of dirt and impurities. For those looking to remove makeup check out our article on the top K-Beauty Makeup Removers – oil cleansers.

Here are the Top 10 K-Beauty Makeup Removers – Water Cleansers

1. Innisfree – Sea Salt Cleansing Water 

Innisfree Sea Salt Cleansing WaterThe Innisfree Sea Salt Cleansing water is my choice as the top K-Beauty water-based makeup remover. Many might have very oily skin. This usually will lead to excess sebum or enlarged pores. This is why most use a makeup remover that uses sea salt or rice water which leaves the skin clean and fresh. The product contains 40% sea salt extract that helps with removing dead skin cells and dirt. It has grains of salt that act as a scrub which makes your skin feel refreshed. Remember since it has salts in it, it will take some time to dissolve, but it will feel great afterward. The salt comes from Jeju Island which is known for its mineral-rich salts. It has a very natural/fresh smell. The price might be on the high side but it will be well worth it. 

Price:  27,000 won ($24)

2. MISSHA – Green Tea Makeup Remover 

K-Beauty makeup Removers MisshaThere are many K-beauty cleaners that use tea extracts but pure green tea extracts work best for removing makeup. MISSHA’s Green Tea Makeup Remover is very gentle and great for removing eye makeup and lip colors. The reason why green tea works so well is that it has polyphenols that have been proven to slow down the aging process. The product includes Portulaca oleracea extract which has anti-inflammatory properties. Remember to let it soak on your face for at least a minute before you wipe it off. For those that use waterproof mascara, this remover will not work as well. For those that are huge fans of Green Tea, this might be a better option than the Innisfree Sea Salt cleanser. 

Price:  12,000 won ($10)

3. Mediheal – Intensive Pore Clean Cleansing Foam

K-Beauty Makeup RemoverThis water-based cleanser changes from cream to foam when applied with water. Remember to just use a quarter size amount, you won’t need much as the more you lather the more you will have to apply to the skin. It is great at cleaning deep pores and removing blackheads. Its main base is charcoal which helps extract the dirt and oil while at the same time leaving the skin as moisturized and smooth as possible. The charcoal acts as a kind of magnet and does a great job of soaking up the oils in the skin. Therefore it is also recommended for those who have acene issues. In addition to charcoal, it also contains zinc and mushroom extract for soothing and detoxing the skin.

Price: 12,000 won ($10)

4.  The SAEM – Healing Tea Garden Green Tea Cleansing Water 

The Saem Healing Green teaThe SAEM Healing Tea Garden Green Tea Cleansing Water comes in third. This cleansing water contains Boseong green tea water and is great for removing makeup and taking out the waste deep inside pores. It leaves skin refreshed and moisturized. The product contains white tea extract from Mt. Jirisan and is loaded with AHA elements to help remove dead skin cells for that glowing and bright look. It does not cause skin irritation so it is great for sensitive skin. Other ingredients include Portulaca extract and Rosemary leaf extract to help moisturize the skin and Lavender extract to give your skin that healthy look. MISSHA’s green tea cleanser might be more effective but this offers a better overall fragrance. 

Price:  13,000 won ($11)

5.  Sulwhasoo – Snowise EX Cleansing Foam

Sulwhasoo K-Beauty Makeup RemoverThe most expensive cleanser on this list is the Sulwhasoo Snowrise EX Cleansing Foam. This cleanser is infused with white clay components to help clean your skin.  The texture is silky, creamy, and smooth. When you apply it on it will turn bubbly and will be easy to rinse off. Sulwhasoo is fairly expensive compared to the others on this list and the brand itself is considered one of the more luxury brands in Korea. This cleanser helps to make your skin more translucent and help fade any scars. Thanks to its low-pH, it is able to help keep acne at bay. It has an earthy pine forest smell. 

Price:  40,000 won ($34) 

6.  COSRX – Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser 

COSRXFor those looking for a K-Beauty cleanser with a low pH like Sulwhasoo but at a cheaper price, go with COSRX – Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser. It smells a lot like tea tree oil but the scent is not strong and overpowering. As a gel cleanser, it is great for removing makeup from the face except around the eyes. Those that are having trouble with normal foaming cleansers, a gel cleanser like this can help with irritation. I personally like both foam and gel so go with what is right for your skin.

Price: 14,000 won ($12)

7.  Etude House – Monster Micellar Cleansing Water

K-Beauty Makeup Remover MonsterThis cleansing water effectively cleans away face and eye makeup by selectively absorbing only makeup impurities upon contact. The Monster Micelle Particles in the base water effectively removes away dirt and makeup while at the same time leaving your skin feeling balanced. Micellar is a group of micelle particles formulated by lipophile and hydrophilic regions. These lipophile regions absorb makeup impurities and the hydrophilic regions remove dirt from your skin. This product is free of oil, animal-derived ingredients, and synthetic fragrances. It has a balance of natural ingredients such as aloe, green tea, and bamboo extracts. These work together to soothe and moisturize your skin. I was not a huge fan of the smell which is why it is not ranked higher.

Price:  15,000 won ($13)

8.  Benton – Tea Tree Cleansing Water 

Benton Tea Tree Cleansing WaterFor those that like Tea Tree products, the Benton Tea Tree Cleansing Water would be great for you. This product is great for cleaning your skin but also is great for treating acne. Its main ingredient is Tea Tree and only has 9 other ingredients. Those that do not like using hard acids or chemicals on your skin can use this product every single day. Think of this product as the more natural way of clearing and cleaning your skin. Make sure you are not allergic to tea tree oil as many Koreans are allergic to tea tree oil. 

Price:  20,000 won ($17)

9.  Nature Republic – Jeju Sparkling Cleansing Water 

K-Beauty Makeup Remover Nature RepublicNature Republic does not get the respect they deserve. The Jeju Sparkling Cleansing Water is a facial water cleanser and K-beauty makeup remover that uses sparkling water for instant hydration and deep cleansing. Therefore, this product cleans and moisturizes at the same time. It has a very pleasant smell (floral) and leaves your skin feeling soft. The sparkling water comes from the Sanbang Springs from Jeju Mountain. The water contains Centella, Asiatica which helps plump up the skin and ceramide which protects the skin’s barrier. 

Price:  26,000 won ($22 

10.  The Face Shop – Rice Water Bright Rice Cleansing Water 

The Face ShopThe Face Shop offers a Rice Water-based cleansing water. This is one of the few K-Beauty makeup removers that use rice water, which helps with brightening and calming irritated skin. In addition to rice water, it contains moringa oil and soapwort which further helps with hydration purification, and helps detox your skin. For those that have very oily skin, rice water or sea salt usually works best at removing makeup. It has a very pleasant smell and will last a long time. I recommend using only one pump of the product per cleanse. It is not as effective as the other cleansers because it is rice water-based but those that do not apply heavy makeup should not have any issues. 

Price:  22,000 won ($19)


Dr. Jart+ – Dermaclear Micro Water 

dr. jart K-Beauty Makeup RemoversOut of the K-Beauty Makeup Removers on this list, this product is slightly acidic to complement the skin’s pH levels to avoid skin irritation. Therefore make sure you know your pH level or else this product might sting. It acts as an all-in-one cleansing water that is formulated with 85% active hydrogen mineral water. In addition, it contains a derma toning complex for toning and brightening benefits. You can use this as a toner and even a face wash. Dr.Jart+ has gotten a lot of traction in 2019 and should have a huge 2020 for K-Beauty products. 

Price:  22,000 won ($19)