Top 10 Coffee Shops for Entrepreneurs in Seoul to Use as Workspaces

Entrepreneurs in Seoul are spoiled for choice when it comes to impromptu workspaces. It’s no secret that there’s nothing freelancers love more than comfy seats, abundant plug sockets, strong WiFi and even stronger coffee. And, luckily, cafes in Seoul have all of those things by the bucketload.

So, if you’re a Entrepreneurs in Seoul looking for a new office of the day, check out our 10 top picks!

Top 10 Coffee Shops for Entrepreneurs in Seoul

Hollys Coffee

Hollys Coffee is a popular Korean coffee chain with locations all around Seoul. There are more than 100 Hollys Coffee shops in Korea, and even international branches in The Philippines, Peru, Thailand, Vietnam, and China, too.

Entrepreneurs in Seoul love Hollys Coffee because many of their shops are open for 24 hours.

Perfect for freelancers burning the candle at both ends.

Tom N Toms

Much like Hollys Coffee, Tom n Toms is a popular Korean coffee chain with a huge international presence. Many of its branches are open for 24 hours, including those in Gangnam, Sinsa, Yongsan, and Itaewon.

BeansBins Coffee

If you’re passionate about great tasting coffee, just as much as you are about fast WiFi, you’ll love BeansBins Coffee. The store is famed for only using 100% Arabica coffee beans in all of their drinks.

They have locations in Sincheon, Myeongdong, Yongsan, and Sinsa.


We’re sure this world famous coffee chain needs no introduction!

Sometimes, you just need somewhere familiar to set up your laptop and Starbucks never fails. The WiFi is always fast, the seats are always comfy, and you’re not going to feel guilty about camping out for a while. That’s why so many digital nomads in Seoul name this as their work-friendly cafe of choice.

Plus, those who shy away from lactose will love the number of non-dairy milk options they have to choose from!

Coffee Smith

Although Coffee Smith is a franchise cafe, it’s the Hongdae branch that’s the most well known. This landmark cafe in Seoul’s most lively neighborhood is loved for its sunny patio area which is perfect for people watching.

It also has branches in Garosu-gil, Gyeongnidan-gil, Itaewon and Jong-ro.

Cafe Alver

Tucked away on a backstreet near Gangnam Station, you’ll find Cafe Alver: a haven for entrepreneurs in Seoul. This bright and breezy cafe has multiple floors and huge tables that are perfect for getting your work done on. Whether you’re coworking with multiple people, or on your own, this is a great spot.

Marley’s Coffee

Marley Coffee is a coffee and wine shop based on the concept of “One Love.” All the coffee that they sell is sustainably sourced and ethically farmed from the Marley Coffee Foundation, meaning you can get your caffeine kick without the guilt…. or, go for a glass of wine if your work’s getting too stressful! You can find Marley’s Cofee in Samseong and Itaewon.

Paul Bassett Coffee

Paul BassetIf you’re looking for a coffee shop with great ergonomics and great coffee, then Paul Bassett Coffee has you covered. This digital nomad friendly cafe in Seoul was founded by Australian, Paul Bassett: a former winner of the world barista championship. Plus, since all of the staff is professionally trained baristas, you can be sure of a good cup every time.

Coffee Namu

Coffee Namu is a Korean dessert cafe with a variety of different sweet drinks and desserts to choose from. If you need a sugar kick to help get you through your never-ending to-do list, this could be the perfect digital nomad cafe for you. There are several different branches across the city, but the Seoul National University branch is a firm favorite!

Cafe Blog

Set in the busy student area of Sinchon, this cafe is packed full of students studying for their exams, so you won’t feel out of place with your laptop! They also sell a variety of different sandwiches and snack food if you get a case of the work munchies, too.

So, there you have it. We hope this list of the best cafes for digital nomads in Seoul will help you find your new favorite office for the day.

If you have your own secret digital nomad cafe that you’re ready to spill the beans on, leave us a comment and let us know all about it!