Bot lane is so important that they have a dedicated support champion to protect them in lane. The phrase “Bot lane” and AD Carry (ADC) are often used interchangeably, therefore most bot laners are marksmen champions. Bot lane is a 2 vs 2 lane so it is important to keep track of auto-attack ranges for two enemy champions. Therefore it can be very hard to keep track of both auto-attacks and spells for two enemies. You must be aware of four spells at all times instead of only two. This is why they have support with them. Teamwork is very important because if you are able to coordinate with your support to attack and use low cooldown spells on waves, you will get a much faster push.

ADC is the most important player during a team fight and late game. It is the main dealer for the team and if the ADC is fed or plays well, the team usually plays by protecting the ADC. Other lanes are very important, however, ADC can control the late game more than any other people. It is important to know and use the best bot lane ADC champions. Bot laners should also be aware of what other champions are often used in other lanes. You should take a look at best top champions, junglers, and mid champions for the current meta. This article ranks the top 10 bot lane ADC champions based on data gathered from the Korean server after the 10.18 patch. The rankings will be updated every 3 months with new patchers and changes in meta.

Top 10 ADC Champions in KR

1. CaitlynCaitlyn, best ADC champion

Caitlyn is undoubtedly the best ADC you can pick for now. If you can master Caitlyn, you will be one of the strongest in the game. While her kit is very one dimensional, her E and traps are very useful during lane phase and team fights. She relies on her trap for a lot of her combos. However, if you are not great at placing traps or the enemy is good at dodging traps, Caitlyn may become very dependent on the support. This is why supports with stuns and CCs are great matches with Caitlyn. She is a nightmare of a marksman to play against. Caitlyn has the longest auto-attack range among all champions in League of Legends, which makes her very easy to poke and kite. Especially with her passive (headshot), she can deal massive amounts of damage at a very far range.

Recently, Caitlyn had a buff with increased basic movement speed and attack damage. Although the movement speed has been nerfed in 10.17 patch, she still remains the top in bot lane. Her only weakness is that she lacks mobility, and is very weak against ganks or assassins. The only way to prevent this is to use her traps and E very well at the right time or get help from allies. If you know how to play Caitlyn, it is very easy to dominate bot lane.

A lot of Korean players make jokes that if you are able to pick Caitlyn and ban other top tier ADC champions (Senna and Ashe), you already know you won the game. However, it is very hard to pick Caitlyn because everybody knows that she is the best ADC right now. Her current ban rate is 63.22%, which is first out of all 150 champions in League of Legends.

Best Caitlyn Item Build:
Caitlyn item build

2. SennaSenna, best ADC champion

There is a lot of debate about whether Senna is tier 1 or tier 2 as an ADC. Currently, Senna is considered tier 1 along with Caitlyn, however, she can drop down to tier 2 or 3 if you don’t know how to play her. Although she was released as a support, she found her place as a very good ADC. She has great sustainability in lane with her auto-attack Q, and she also has a very good stun. What is clear is that she becomes very strong when given a lot of gold and time to scale. Her lane win percentage starts off with 18.6%, and slowly increases and reaches 51.8% at level 10. This would, of course, get higher as the game goes longer with more items.

However, current games are very fast-paced. They don’t go to that late stage. Infinite scaling is strong but that doesn’t matter if the game ends before it becomes relevant. Yet, Senna still places as one of the best ADC champions because of the amount of damage and sustainability she performs. Also, she is one of the best counter champions for Caitlyn, which is why a lot of players pick Senna against Caitlyn. Being the counter of the best ADC champion is already a good reason to start playing Senna.

Win Rate: 49.53%

Pick Rate: 14.78%

Ban Rate: 7.85%

Best Senna Item Build:
Senna item build

3. AsheAshe, best ADC champion

Ashe was the best ADC champion before Caitlyn took her place. Although she doesn’t remain as the #1 ADC, she continues to remain as one of the top tier champions. She rarely loses lane if you play her the right way. Her slows can be insanely annoying and allow her to take easy kills against ADC with no mobilities. Also, she’s the only ADC that can engage and open a team fight using her ultimate. Her ultimate is a global AoE stun, which is very effective during lane fights and team fights. This is why most players take cleanse when they go against Ashe. If they don’t take cleanse, Ashe can easily kill the enemy ADC if she lands her ultimate.

She’s not only strong and useful during fights, but her vision control is the key to her success. With her E, she shows vision to a wide range of areas in the Rift. This is great for tracking enemy junglers and preventing any objectives loss (like a dragon) or ganks. The best aspect about her is that she is a great kite master. She is better than Ezreal because you have more utility because of her R and insane slows and attack speed with her Q and W. Like Caitlyn, her only weakness is that she has no mobility. This makes her extremely vulnerable to ganks and assassins.

Win Rate: 50.80%

Pick Rate: 21.51%

Ban Rate: 7.40%

Best Ashe Item Build:
Ashe item build

4. EzrealEzreal, best ADC champion

Ezreal is the most loved ADC champion for Korean players. He has the highest pick rate of 36.64% among all champions in League of Legends. His Q is considered as an auto-attack, which allows him to deal with damage from 1000+ range. Other ADC champions like Caitlyn or Ashe heavily focuses on their auto-attacks, while Ezreal is all about his skill shots. He is one of the few ADC champions that can deal from a safe range. Many people have a dilemma for his second core item. They choose between Trinity Force or Iceborn Gauntlet. It is very simple. If the enemy team has a lot of AD assassins or engaging champions, Iceborn Gauntlet is a better choice.

You can also have insane kiting skills with it, which makes it impossible for enemies with no mobility to run away or chase you. If you prefer to focus on dealing more damage than surviving and kiting, Trinity Force is the item. Beginners often buy both of them, however, this is extremely bad. Currently, players prefer to use Iceborn Gauntlet. Ezreal is also very fun to play because you can change up his build and play in various styles. You can go all AD with lethality & armor penetration, you can build hybrid with mixing AD and AP items, or you can build full AP (but probably not a good idea as an ADC). He is loved because of his kiting skills and mobility he has with his E. If you play him well, he is definitely as strong or even stronger than Caitlyn.

Best Ezreal Item Build:
Ezreal item build

5. JhinJhin, best ADC champion

Jhin seems to have very few weaknesses, which makes him one of the best ADC champions. He bullies lanes and scales pretty well while at the same time providing great utility. He has the highest damage, highest mobility, highest CC, highest damaging skill range of all ADC champions. If you prefer playing ADC champions with high attack speed, Jhin is probably not the best champion you can play. Jhin converts his attack speed into the damage, which makes him have extremely slow attacks and needs charges for his auto-attack. This is somewhat similar to Graves. However, his damage is insane.

While other ADCs have high attack speed like machine guns, Jhin’s auto attack is like a canon. Every single auto-attack deals a massive amount of damage, not to mention the damage of his fourth shot. Jhin can easily kite around using his bonus movement speed with every auto-attack. Although he lacks attack speed, he moves around very quickly and deals massive damage with each hit. He’s very good at destroying squishy champions and cutting down tanks.

Win Rate: 51.31%

Pick Rate: 27.74%

Ban Rate: 7.29%

Best Jhin Item Build:
Jhin item build

6. Miss FortuneMiss Fortune, best ADC champion

Miss Fortune was one of the loved ADC champions in Korea. She was used very often when her 5 Doran’s Blade build became a hit. Currently, she is not often seen in bot lane, however, she still remains as tier 2 ADC champion. She works well with engaging supports due to her Q zoning and possible E setup. Miss Fortune also has one of the strongest passives in her W and great movement speed. Therefore she is very difficult to lockdown in lane. What makes her easy to play is that she can be flexible with her builds and has a deceptively long range.

She becomes extremely handy in lane because her bounce damage of her Q is insane. Many laners tend to stay behind minions to avoid skill shots (like Ezreal Q), however, that position is beneficial to Miss Fortune. This is why when you play against Miss Fortune, you have to be aware of the positions of minions and sometimes move in front of the minion instead of behind. She is often used in low elo because she can deal with massive damage by merely staying behind in the team fight and using her ultimate. She is one of the ADC champions that has huge potential depending on how you use her.

Win Rate: 50.82%

Pick Rate: 12.84%

Ban Rate: 1.51%

Best Miss Fortune Item Build:
Miss Fortune item build

7. LucianLucian, best ADC champion

Lucian is the best early game ADC champion in bot lane. Currently, he is majorly used in the top or mid. However, he is still placing himself in tier 2 as an ADC, with a decent pick rate of 15.46%. Lucian can be seen as the champion that is very well suited for all three lanes. He’s not necessarily the very best for a specific lane but stays in the higher tier for all three lanes. He has very simple skill sets, which makes it very easy for players to play his full combos. His basic combos are mixing auto attacks in-between every skill he uses. This will do a massive amount of damage within seconds, especially with Press the Attack as his runes.

Lucian is best played by being aggressive and taking the advantage of having a strong early game. Once he takes a lead in the lane, the ally jungler can easily take dragon objectives. It is important to have lane dominance at a bot in order to win dragon fights. Also, Lucian is one of the ADC champions with mobility. Unlike Caitlyn or Ashe, he is able to dodge ganks, which makes it easy for him to survive during the lane phase. In order to play him very well, you must learn how to manage his mana and make use of his passive when fighting.

Win Rate: 49.26%

Pick Rate: 8.94%

Ban Rate: 19.84%

Best Lucian Item Build:
Lucian item build

8. VayneVayne, best ADC champion

Vayne is the strongest ADC champion to cut down all champions. Due to her W, she not only can destroy squishy champions but also easily melt tanks. Vayne is one of the champions that doesn’t necessarily need armor penetration to take down tanks. However, it is extremely hard to play her during team fights. Lane phase might not be the easiest, but also it is not hard. During team fights, Vayne needs to do a lot of damage and make sure she cuts down tanks or kill enemy ADC within seconds.

Once she gets a couple of core items, she will have a massive amount of damage and healing. With her ultimate, it’s very easy to kite around with Vayne. The only weakness is that she is very squishy and once she gets caught by an assassin or CCs, she is most likely dead. In the current meta, the best mid lane champions are mostly assassins. This makes it really hard for Vayne to survive in the game and do proper damage. Yet, those who are good at controlling her will most definitely dominate the game.

Win Rate: 51.07%

Pick Rate: 1.99%

Ban Rate: 3.71%

Best Vayne Item Build:
Vayne item build

9. DravenDraven, best ADC champion

Draven is the best ADC champion to gather money faster than most ADCs using his passive. He does a lot of damage and can do it earlier than other ADCs. Lucian and Vayne have strong early games due to their combos or W stacks for the case of Vayne. Draven also has a strong early game, but this is by pure damage. He can constantly use his Q by catching his ax. This will make him deal massive damage early on. If you ever played against a good Draven, you would already know how insanely strong he can be. He is a complete beast in early game and snowballs really well.

It is easy for Draven to take lane control and retain it as it’s significantly more difficult for his opponents to put him in danger. Draven also doesn’t fall off the mid-late game. Once he has his lead from the beginning, he will constantly get kills with unimaginable damage. With Bloodthirster, he can also sustain his health during long flights. The only problem with Draven is that he requires a lot of skills. He is one of the most difficult ADC champions you can play because of his Q. You would have to constantly catch his ax while kiting around and avoiding enemy skills. This becomes a lot harder during team fights, which is why many players tend not to use him.

While tier 1 ADC champions have pick rates above 20%, and Ezreal with 36% pick rate, Draven is merely 2.56%. The champion itself is very good if you play him well, however, due to the level of difficulty he is not often seen in games.

Win Rate: 50.07%

Pick Rate: 1.26%

Ban Rate: 0.40%

Currently, Draven has two major builds depending on the runes you take.

Best Draven Item Build (Press the Attack):
Draven item build

Best Draven Item Build (Hail of Blades):
Draven item build

10. Kai’sa

Kai’sa is one of the strongest late game ADC champions. It is important to have good support in your early game. Her passive does damage with stacks and your allies can add stacks with CCs. However, the key to Kai’sa is how well you play her in the late game. She does burst damage using her passive and has great mobility. Most importantly, she can survive using her upgraded E and her ultimate. She is one of the more popular ADC champions in Korea because of her invisibility and strong one on one fight.

Her stacks are very good in bursting down squishy champions and slowly cutting down tanks. Her best aspect is that she can destroy enemies easily during one on one fights. She can kite around using her invisibility and stacks to do damage. The only thing you have to be careful is not to fight while there are minions around you. Her Q would spread out and target minions around you, instead of the enemy champion. This will greatly reduce the amount of damage you can deal, and end up losing the trade.

Kai’sa’s build is very flexible and different depending on other champions and preference. The last two items could be replaced with Runaan’s Hurricane, Infinity Edge, Essence Reaver, Guardian Angel, or anything else depending on your preference.

Best Kai’sa Item Build:
Kai'sa item build

Honorable Champions


While he lacks mobility and can get killed easily, Aphelios has a crown control weapon and great scaling. He has great utility with gravity and making use of his different weapons will deal a lot of damage. He has severum and calibrum early which makes his laning strong. Use severum to grab CS and stack your shield and also punish with calibrum. Since he has five weapons, it is very difficult to play him.

There are so many combinations and plays you can make depending on which weapons you decide to use. Due to his difficulty, many people had a hard time playing him. Aphelios is definitely not an ADC that suits the current meta. He is not seen often in games and is ranked as tier 5. However, he really depends on how well you play and control him. Once you know how his combos work, he could be a great ADC, especially in low elo.

Win Rate: 47.35%

Pick Rate: 4.38%

Ban Rate: 1.57%


Twitch is one of the most underrated marksman in the game. Many people use him as a jungler nowadays. However, he has a better laning phase than what many people think. He uses both lethal temp and presses the attack for runes in the laning phase. His damage is also decent level 1 with your E. People often don’t realize how easy he can pick up kills early on. The key to playing Twitch is wave clearing and saving your mana.

Many people prefer to use Twitch in the jungle because of his great ganking ability with invisibility. However, his plays in bot lane are as strong as other ADC champions and he scales greatly. Unless you fall off early in the game, you can do immense damage during team fights using your ultimate. You can also easily assassin enemy ADC or squishy champions using your invisibility and bonus attack speed. Once you know how to manage in lane, Twitch can be one of the strongest late game ADC champions.

Win Rate: 50.36%

Pick Rate: 1.66%

Ban Rate: 0.54%