The Top 25 YouTubers in South Korea – Best of 2020

While Instagram influencers are getting a lot of attention these days, Youtube influencers are the ones that started it all. There are very powerful Youtubers in South Korea that brands can collaborate with. The list is of YouTubers that are in South Korea. Therefore not all of them are actually Korean. Our rankings are based solely on the number of Youtube subscribers these Korean YouTubers have. Therefore some of these channels might not be suitable to be influencers for your brand. Furthermore, we have taken out official company channels such as Kpop entertainment company channels.

Here are the Top 25 YouTubers in South Korea for 2020

25.  Shukii

South Korean Youtuber Sugi

Youtubers in South Korea love to make mukbang videos. Shukii will not be the lone mukbang Youtuber on this list. Meokbangs are huge in Korea but what separates Shukii from the rest is that she is cute and eats…A LOT. Furthermore, she loves spicy food. Therefore you will often see large amounts of spicy rice cake fill-up the youtube screen. Her full name is Choi Seulgi and she also does food reviews and spicy food challenges. Her vlogs are interesting as well and you get to know her cute and fun personality through those. One of her laugh challenge videos got over 11.8 million views to date.

1,675,002 subscribers

24.  The World of Dave

Korean Youtuber The World of Dave

Dave is known by his Korean name Deok Young-bae. He moved to Korea in 2008 and has since amassed a massive following on Youtube. His channel is called The World of Dave. It covers all things regarding Korean culture, language, and daily life. He is fluent in Korean and is hilarious. Therefore, most of his content is in Korean but there are some in which he speaks both English and Korean. Some of his best videos are with his friend Erina, their chemistry is great and some of the fun quizzes and games they play are a must-watch. Some of his most popular videos are his pronunciation differences videos. His third video on English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese pronunciation differences have gotten over 13.4 million views so far.

“When I was in the United States, I had no passion in whatever I did. After I came to Korea, however, I came to have my first plan and dream, which was speaking fluent Korean. Since then, I have been establishing goals continuously,” said Deok Young-bae.

1,945,457 subscribers

23. CarrieAndToys

Carrie and Toys Korean Youtuber

Another fun Korean toy review Youtuber is Carrie.  The channel produces a lot of video content for children. The star being Carrie herself. She became famous for not only reviewing the toys but showing how to play with them. She also travels around Korea and visits fun places like the Hanwha aqua planet which got over 55 million views to date. The channel barely makes this list because technically it is a company. They got a $5 million investment. Furthermore, they were able to expand into the Chinese market with their channel Youku Yudou. Recently Carrie was replaced but the channel is still going strong. It is run by CarrieSoft, the company behind Carrie and Toys. In just five years the company went from a YouTube Channel to a kid contents provider.

“Even if you’re a very powerful content provider, you can only make limited profits from videos you create. That’s why we introduced various products (around 400 now) using our characters such as shower bubble or toothpaste which also can help children develop good habits,” said CEO of CarrieSoft, Park Chang-shin.

2,021,959 subscribers

22.  MariAndFriends

Korean Youtuber Maria and Friends

The channel is run by Kook Dong Woon and his family.  MariAndFriends do videos on their daily lives such as going to the local aquarium or going to an indoor playground for children. They are known for being one of the top Youtubers in South Korea for doing great toy review videos and product review videos. Their best is “how-to” or educational videos that feature the couple’s nieces and nephews. Furthermore, the content on the channel is always fun and entertaining and most revolve around children. Their biggest hits are their challenge videos such as their famous fire ramen noodle challenge. However, the most viewed video is of them going to the Lego City Hospital which has gotten over 54.2 million views so far.

2,157,280 subscribers

21.  공대생 변승주 DS

Korean youtuber DS

Want to know more about a day in the life of a University Engineering student in Korea? Look no further than this fun and entertaining channel. This mid-20s student does daily vlogs about his life. Therefore most of the content is different every time. However, most of the videos are in Gyeongju. The best videos are those done with his girlfriend. In addition, he does food challenges, reviews, and visits many interesting places such as amusement parks, festivals, and beaches. His 100 chicken legs eating contest video has gotten him 6.6 million views by itself.

2,165,350 subscribers

20. Wassup Man

Korean youtuber Wassup Man

Wassup Man’s real name is Joon Park. He is a member of a K Pop boy group called G.O.D. He always had a very outgoing personality. His videos are mostly daily vlogs where he goes to a lot of hip areas around Seoul. Therefore you will find many videos of Hongdae, Han River, Itaewon, and Gangnam on his channel. He visits some of the trendiest restaurants, lounges, and stores. His top video was of him going to the Big 3 K-pop Entertainment companies which have gotten him over 8.1 million views. He does a variety of content so not one video is the same. One might have him doing a mukbang and another might have him surfing. What makes him one of the best Youtubers in South Korea is Park’s personality.  He named the channel Wassup Man because he usually yells “What’s Up” to strangers on the street. He recently introduced Korean food to the cast of Dark Phoenix. In addition, the editing on the show is outsourced to a group called Studio Lulu Lala and they do a fantastic job!

“I like people and I like talking. People always try to get good information and useful things from television programs, but sometimes you need the useless stuff, too. If someone has the courage to do it for them, then you feel a sense of satisfaction. I’ve always tried to get away from the seriousness and be happy because I’ve had such a tough time during my childhood in the United States. And so I want to share that with other people,” said Joon Park.

2,247,531 subscribers

19.  Banzz

Mukbang Korean Youtuber

Banzz is one of the top mukbang Youtubers in South Korea. He is slim but he can eat a lot. He is almost a professional eater. Therefore, to maintain his weight he says he exercises 6 a day! Therefore he is by far the top Korean eater on Youtube and is seen as the original starter of mukbang. He can eat 10 instant ramens in one sitting. His Monster Jjajang Challenge video has gotten over 12.5 million views and is his most popular video to date. He is currently the senior partner creator at CJ ENM’s DIA TV, a networking agency for content creators. Furthermore, he has 14 employees that work on his channel and his dietary supplement business. He makes close to $1 million dollars a year.

“I started with two viewers. But I was confident about eating. It is in my family to eat a lot, too. As I did more live shows, more viewers joined my channel. There were people who were waiting for me. Thinking of those waiting for me, I was excited for the next show as well,” said Banzz.

2,393,358 subscribers

18.  FRAN

Korean Youtuber Fran

Here is another fun mukbang Youtuber in South Korea. Same as Shukii, Fran eats a lot and she loves spicy foods. Most of all she loves noodles and instant ramen.  Her mukbang challenge video with 5 spicy seafood noodle soups (Jjamppong) in 20 minutes is her most viewed video with over 16.6 million views. In addition, she always has her Kakao bear Ryan around her as she eats everything on her table. We are talking about massive quantities of food. She is very petite but has a massive appetite. She also makes fun videos were she creates big foods such as a giant hotdog, giant sushi, and giant sandwich.

2,840,893 subscribers

17. CreamHeroes 

Korean Pet YouTuberKoreans love their pets. There have been many pet startups coming up in Korea. It is estimated that Korean pet owners spent over $2.5 billion a year on their pets in 2019. This figure should be even greater in 2020 and it could hit $5 billion by 2027. There are many Youtubers in South Korea that showcase their pets. CreamHeroes is by far the top Korean pet YouTuber in Korea. Claire makes great videos with her 7 cats (DD, TT, LULU, LALA, CHUCHU, COCO, and MOMO). Some of her best videos are her kitties interacting with toy cars, a big tiger/shark dolls, and fun mazes. Her videos easily reach 1 million views and her top video has already gotten over 16 million views. Each cat has their own personality and you can tell by watching the videos that she loves and cares for them very much. For those looking to enter the pet market in Korea, CreamHeroes is a must get as her channel is one of the top influencers in the pet industry in Korea.

3,611,145 subscribers 

16.  Heopop

Korean Youtuber Heopop

HEOPOP is a Korean Youtuber that has two channels. He uploads fun and unusual experiments on his Heopop channel and does a vlog on this Heopop life Channel. He makes $10,000 a month on his Youtube channel. An example of one of his experiments is when he filled a swimming pool using slime. His experiments are fun and interesting and usually has a scientific element to them. Some of his best videos are the ones where the experiments fail. Most of his viewers are children and his creative content has really taken off in Korea. Furthermore, 80% of his subscribers are Koreans. He was able to get over 111 million views for his Dame Tu Cosita Dance Challenge video!

“I hope my videos instill hope and joy in people,” said Heo Jae-won.

3,710,030 subscribers

15.  waveya2011

Korean Youtuber Waveya

K Pop is huge not only in Korea but all around the world. With the success of BTS in America and the UK, more and more people are getting interested in K Pop. A famous K Pop cover group Waveya is Korea’s top dance team duo run by sisters Ari and MiU. The channel teaches the choreography of some of the top K Pop groups as well as global singers such as Beyonce. Their Gangnam Style dance video has gotten over 174 million views doubling their second-highest viewed video which is Gentleman also from PSY.  They are sisters named Jang Eun-young and Jang You-sun. They do a lot of cover dances and are now full-time YouTubers.

“We both really like dancing and ever since we were little, we would always dance together at home. Because there were people who wanted to learn how to dance from us after seeing our online videos, we held auditions for a chance team. I personally trained the team and together we started doing activities,” said Ari.

3,726,646 subscribers

14. Workman

WorkmanWorkman stars freelance TV personality Jang Sung-kyu but is run by cable channel JTBC’s Studio LuluLala. Therefore it is debatable if Workman should be on this list. However, because it is not run by a major entertainment label, we will give Workman a pass. On Workman, Jang goes out and experiences a variety of occupations in Korea such as being a construction worker and a gas station attendant. He is known for his humor and he constantly gets over 1 million views per video. It is estimated that he earns over $1 million a month starring in these videos.

3,835,623 subscribers

13.  Korean Englishman

Korean Youtubers Korean Englishmen

Youtubers in South Korea are not all Korean. Josh and Ollie run this very popular channel. Korean Englishman now has over 3 million subscribers just through introducing various Korean foods such as jokbal, Korean fried chicken, and samgyeopsal. Their main focus in introducing Korean food to foreigners. Therefore most of their content is in English but there are Korean subtitles. Their most popular video is of English people trying Korean BBQ for the first time, which has gotten over 17 million views so far.

Only Josh is fluent in Korean but Ollie does a great job filming the show. They recently received the Korean Image Stepping Stone Bridge Award at the Korea Image Awards. They are now interviewing some of the biggest stars in Hollywood. His recent interview was with Chris Hemsworth where he got him to try some interesting Korean snacks.

“I would like to continue on making contents that connect Korea with England. We first started with mainly Korean viewers, but now we are going global. To make videos that everyone can enjoy, food is the right subject,” said Josh Carrott.

3,906,528 subscribers

12.  ddeong-gae

Korean Youtuber Ddeong Gae

This Youtube channel is managed by two brothers. The younger brother is Ddeong-gae is known for his mukbang videos where he eats large amounts of food very quickly. He is a speed eater and does not talk when he eats. Therefore, all you will hear are the sounds of food getting chewed and swallowed (great for ASMR).  Sometimes he adds strange combinations such as a mixture of shrimp, corn, and cheese in ramen. He eats a lot of exotic foods, snacks, and candies so enjoy!  His ASMR video of him eating seasoned and unseasoned fried chicken drumsticks has gotten him over 30 million views.

4,010,509 subscribers


bokyemBOKEM is a famous Korean YouTuber and BJ who made headlines back in 2019 for his parcel-unpacking series. Bokyem produces a series of entertainment videos in which he unpacks cash-on-delivery parcels sent by viewers. A boy allegedly sent BOKEM 250 prank parcels. In a video created by BOKEM reveals a part of the teenager’s address and his voice. BOKEM reportedly said he had suffered from the prank parcels, adding he would leave the matter to be settled by the authorities. In addition to his unpacking videos, he also does a lot of Mukbang and a variety of fun video vlogs.

4,011,342 subscribers

10. Hongyu ASMR

Hongyu ASMRASMR is huge in South Korea. While many have people whispering in a melodic voice and making random hand movement sounds, Hongyu does not say a word. She creates videos of herself eating a wide variety of candies and snacks. Her videos can easily be in the category of a Mukbang but the sounds she creates through these videos are intense. Her “Rainbow Party” video which combines Jelly Boba and popping candies alone got over 70 million views to date. In addition, she also creates many of her candies and does a quick tutorial on how to make them in the video. The sounds her ASMR video makes are great but the visuals are also amazing. She makes great effort in putting as much color into her videos as possible.

4,356,352 subscribers

9.  Awesome Haeun

awesome haeun

Haeun is a kids model and singer who loves to dance! Her Youtube channel recently passed 3.9 million subscribers. Haeun collaborates with K Pop groups like Momoland. Most of her content is dance videos and her daily vlogs. She is very cute and is a very good singer. In addition, her dance videos are not just K Pop groups, she has also done dance videos for Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, and many more. She has a huge fan club and for Global brands looking to get into the K pop space. Haeun is a great influencer to work with. Her music video “So Special” has gotten over 37 million views to date.

“In the past, I wanted to become a singer or a celebrity, but now I want to become a famous choreographer,” said Na Ha Eun.

4,587,933 subscribers

8.  SeoeunStory

Korean Youtuber Seoeun Story

SeoeunStory is a beautiful Korean Youtube channel that shows a mom and her daughter having the time of their lives. It is a daily vlog that showcases Seoeun and her mom doing many different activities. Some of these include toy reviews, food reviews, and fun contests. It is great to see their loving relationship. Furthermore, they cover mostly toys and products designed for kids so if you are a global toy company make sure you contact this family. Their most popular video is Seoeun eating Pororo & Friends Chocolate candy in her Tayo Tent. It got over 154 million views so far!

5,619,482 subscribers

7.  PONY Syndrome

Korean Youtuber Pony

Pony is one of South Korea’s most famous beauty influencers and Youtubers in South Korea. Her real name is Park Hye-Min and she has been vlogging about Korean beauty products for years. She has some of the best makeup tutorials online. Some of her most famous videos are when she makes herself up to resemble famous K-Pop stars and even western stars like Taylor Swift. Her Taylor Swift transformation makeup tutorial got over 21 million views to date. She has over 5 million subscribers and has loyal fans in both Korea and China. Therefore, many Korean beauty brands want to collaborate with Pony. She even has her own brand called Pony Effect cosmetics and those have done very well in international stores. Furthermore, Lens Town which is one of Korea’s top color contact companies has launched Pony Edition color contact lenses. Those that are interested in entering the Korean beauty market need to know who Pony is.

“Mostly, people enjoy watching tutorials showing strong makeup, but then my viewers said they want to see more practical makeup styles. I try to present a variety of looks,” said Park Hye-Min.

5,727,861 subscribers

6.  With Kids

With Kids

If you love toys you will love this toy review channel! The star of the channel is Ye Jun. His father runs the channel but Ye Jun’s passion for toys is what really drives the channel. He is very passionate about cars, trucks, and pretty much anything on wheels. Therefore, they cover many toys such as excavators, power wheels, superbikes, and more. Their videos are always fun and really makes you want to buy the toy featured. Their video about Ghostbusters, Slimer, and a haunted house has gotten over 51.4 million views to date! Global brands looking to break out in Korea need to team up with With Kids!

6,124,042 subscribers

5. Sungha Jung


Sungha Jung is a South Korean musician who is very popular on YouTube for his acoustic fingerstyle guitar technique. He is one of the most successful fingerstyle guitarists in the world and has over 5.5 million subscribers. He does a lot of renditions of pop, contemporary, jazz, classical, and even movie themes.  In fact, his famous Pirates of the Caribbean cover has over 60 million views. This was one of his first videos back in 2009 which really allowed him to go viral. Other than the acoustic guitar, he has also uploaded renditions on ukulele and electric guitar. In addition, Jung has come out with albums of his own.

6,332,861 subscribers

4. Jane ASMR

Jane ASMRJane is the top Korean ASMR star on social media. Her ASMR relaxation vlogs have gotten her over 8.4 million subscribers. She started back in 2012 and similar to Hongyu, she does not speak and does not show her face. A vast majority of her content revolves around candies and snacks. Her rainbow crepe cake video has over 110 million views to date. The reason why these ASMR videos are so popular is that a huge subsection of the human population experiences the same kind of highly-relaxing ‘brain tingles’. Many use these videos to help them relax or fall asleep.

8,412,2819 subscribers

3.  Twin ROOZI

Korean Youtuber Twinroozi

Twin ROOZI are identical twins and 11 years old. They upload daily vlogs and food reviews. What makes the channel great are the twin’s reactions to such things as live octopus, Turkish Ice Cream shows, and strange international candies. Their most viewed video of them eating strawberry and tangerine tanghulu got them over 292 million views so far. Their commentary is fun and very cute. They don’t eat a lot but they do eat very interesting food and travel to many different locations. They are the perfect Youtubers in South Korea for children looking for fun and entertaining videos.

8,577,968 subscribers

2.  JFlaMusic

Korean Youtuber JFlaMusic

Kim Jung-hwa is known for her Youtube channel JFlaMusic. There are many Youtubers in South Korea that cover songs but JFlaMusic is the best. She became super famous in Korea for doing covers of popular songs both in Korean and English. She started in 2011 and has gained in popularity every year. Some of her best covers are for Luis Fonsi’s Despacito (Over 156 Million views), Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You (Over 246 Million views), and Justin Bieber’s Let Me Love You (Over 109 Million views). She released her cover album “Believer” and it featured covers of Ariana Grande and Imagine Dragons. Therefore if you are an artist looking to get your music a lot more exposure, have JFla cover it!

15,745,639 subscribers

1. Boram Tube Vlog

Boram Tube

The TOP Youtuber in South Korea is Boram Tube! Boram is not much different from your average Korean pre-teen. She just really loves toys! The way her Youtube channel is doing, she will be able to play with any toy she wants. Her daily vlogs showcase Boram and her family doing fun and silly childlike activities like going to children’s cafes and indoor playgrounds. In addition, she also has a toy channel that has over 12 million subscribers. Furthermore, most of her audience is elementary school-age children in Korea. Therefore, this makes Boram the perfect target for Global toy brands looking to expand into the Korean market. What makes her channel so fun is the interaction with her family as well as the pure joy they are having making the videos. Their challenges are fun and their videos are very well edited. Their fun video on cooking Pororo Black Noodle got an incredible 448 Million views to date! Seeing one episode and you will understand why children in Korea can’t take their eyes off it. Her family recently bought a five-story building worth $8 million in Cheongdam-dong, one of the richest areas in Seoul. 

25,296,433 subscribers


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