It is called Hallyu (The Korean Wave) and it is taking over the globe at a furious pace. It is shocking to think that Korean pop culture has grown so big that it is a major player in global culture now. Some of the best Korean dramas are now on Netflix, BTS was on Saturday Night Live, Parasite won multiple Oscars including Best Picture, and the skincare industry is now dominated by K-Beauty. However at the core of Hallyu is, of course, K-Pop which stands for Korean pop music. K-Pop has become a truly global obsession with fans from all across the world that can’t get enough of it. BTS proved to the world that K-pop can go global and there is a high demand from fans of K-Pop all around the world that are eager to get the latest news in the K-pop industry.

K-Pop really took off in 2010 and has hit an all-time high in 2019 thanks to the global success of BTS and Blackpink. With their success came a legion of fans who can’t get enough of the latest K-Pop content. Scandals, suicides, and dramas were big news in 2019-2020 and news articles have seen record-high views on many K-pop sites. Therefore, it is important to know where to find the latest news in K-Pop and Korean Pop culture. Here are our top 10 picks for the best English-based K-Pop news sites.

The Top 10 K-Pop News Sites of 2020

1. allkpop

Top K-Pop News Site allkpopThe top English-based K-Pop news site is allkpop which was launched in 2007 in New York. It is the most trafficked K-pop news site in the world. Think of allkpop as the Reddit of K-pop news. The posts are organized based on reader upvotes. The feeds are constantly updated to give the latest and top trending K-pop news. Readers can rank their favorite stories and join in on the comment section to fully interact with the K-pop community. In addition, you can even filter the content to find the latest news, the best news, top trending (rising) news, and even controversial news.

Furthermore, the site is very easy to use and does a great job of pushing the best content to the top. The site also sells K-pop merchandise from apparel to smartphone accessories. It is estimated that the site gets over 150 million visitors a month. The site is constantly being updated minute by minute to bring the latest news regarding the K-pop industry.

Facebook followers:  6,056,302

Twitter followers:  5.5 million

Instagram followers: 513,000

2.  Soompi

Soompi Kpop NewsSoompi was able to establish the first K-pop community and is currently the longest-running K-Pop site. The K-Pop News site started in 1998 and they cover K-Pop news, music, videos, fashion, and K-dramas. Basically anything and everything related to Korean pop culture. The site has a strong blog feel and the site offers many interviews with K-pop stars. One of our favorite sections is their Quiz section where they quiz reader on K-Pop and K-Dramas. It has one of the largest international online communities for K-Pop and is even available in Spanish. Furthermore, they work closely with major Korean K-pop entertainment companies and agencies to bring the most exclusive content.

They have readers from over 180 different countries and their editorial team has editors and contributors from all across the world. In 2015, Soompi was acquired by Viki, Inc. which is a streaming video service for global TV. 

The Soompi Awards

The Soompi Awards started in 2005 by ranking the most popular songs in Korea. Then they started to do voting from fans around the world. This did not just apply to K-pop but also for K-dramas. These votes from fans were taken into account to make nominations for the Soompi Awards. Now the Soompi Awards has a long history attracting the attention of fans from around the world. They have teamed up with a U.S. network that has more than 80 million household viewers. As for the production side, Soompi cooperated with Zanybros a music video production company.

Facebook followers:  8,709,484 

Twitter followers:  2.8 million

Instagram followers: 275,000

3.  Koreaboo

KoreabooKoreaboo was created by the creators of KCON which is an annual Korean wave convention held in different locations around the world. They work closely with CJ E&M to bring the latest breaking K-Pop news, Korean viral videos, and exclusive content from K-Pop idols. The Feed, News, and Stories section is pretty much the same. However, they do a great job of constantly uploading the latest news regarding K-Pop. They do have a list section that has great topics such as “Top 10 Girl Group Album Sales of all Time” or “16 of BTS Jin’s Most Outrageous But True Quotes”.

The list section is our favorite part about Koreaboo. In addition, the site even has a forum where you can have discussions about the latest celebrity gossip or the latest in K-Pop news. It will be interesting to see where Koreaboo takes this site as it has been around a while and soon will need to differentiate their site from the others.   

Facebook followers:  7,353,079

Twitter followers:  1.8 million

Instagram followers: 277,000

4.  KpopStarz

K-Pop News Sites KpopStarzKpopStarz was launched in New York City in 2011 and is one of the top sources for K-Pop news in the United States. It is considered an unbiased news site that gives excellent quality expert reviews. They have over 20 writers on their staff who review the latest K-Pop events and album releases. Furthermore, the site also has a section dedicated to Korean fashion with articles such as “10 Must-Have Items for your Autumn Wardrobe”. They also have a section dedicated to K-Dramas. KpopStarz is available in Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish. In addition, their social media presence continues to grow month after month. 

Facebook followers:  2,606,958 

Twitter followers:  149,400

5.  Officially Kmusic

officially kmusicOfficially Kmusic has a massive team that provides fans with the latest things regarding K-Pop. They offer fans interactives like games and quizzes. The site has a staff of over 150 people which means they have one of the best customer services here. They first started out on social media. After gaining a strong loyal following, they launched their official website. Then they began covering concerts and events around the world. Therefore, their media teams reach out across Asia to Australia, the United States, and Europe. The site is a great place to find news regarding K-Pop events and a great place to buy tickets online.  

Facebook followers:  2,587,765

Twitter followers:  144,900


HelloKpopHELLOKPOP does a great job of spreading Korean entertainment news not just K-Pop news to readers all around the world. The site was founded in 2010 and has a large selection of engaging and entertaining articles about Korean entertainment.  They do concert recaps and exclusive interviews with K-Pop groups. Their list section offers interesting topics such as “8 K-Pop Male Idols and their Iconic High Notes that Slayed Our Entire Existence.” Their quiz section is just as good. For those interested in K-Dramas and Korean films, the site also provides in-depth reviews and analysis. Therefore, we recommend their K-drama recaps to catch up on missed episodes.  

Facebook followers:  210,832

Twitter followers:  22,400

7.  Kpopmap

kpopmap K-Pop News SitesKpopmap is based in Seoul which allows them to get up to the minute news regarding K-Pop. It is very similar to Soompi in its site layout and they also cover K-Dramas and Korean films. You will be able to find the latest trending K-Pop music videos on their main page as well. Think of Kpopmap as a Korean pop blog where you can find a wide range of information. Furthermore, they aim to be one of the leading websites of global culture.  

Facebook followers:  1,286,014

Twitter followers:  7,700

8. Daily K-Pop News

daily_kpop_newsDaily K Pop News is one of the most viewed English K-Pop sites in the world.  It was founded in 2009 and has been uploading a content stream of K-Pop news ever since. They are really engaged with their audience and have close relationships with K-Pop bloggers and fans from around the world. Fans can guest post articles regarding their favorite groups and the reasons behind their love for them and some shared experiences attending concerts. In addition, they even have a section on how to start a K-Pop blog and make money from it.  

Facebook followers:  1,238,401

Twitter followers:  N/A

9.  KPOPCHANNEL.TV Korean K-Pop news is a government licensed global news site. It also has a 24/7 TV channel that airs internationally through digital cable, mobile, and satellite. They focus mainly on K-Pop, celebrities, films, and Korean culture. They have correspondents from over 20 countries. The site offers K-pop giveaways and contests where you can win such prizes as concert tickets and signed albums. Furthermore, they are very active on social media and even have their own YouTube Channel

Facebook followers:  92,944

Twitter followers:  8,501


KpopLove is affiliated with The Korea Daily which is the #1 most read Korean-American newspaper. The focus on fast yet accurate K-pop news. They do have an opinion section on their site. They also offer a voting section where K-pop fans can vote on topics such as “Which of these four male K-pop idols is the most savage.” Furthermore, since they have the support of The Korea Daily, it will be interesting to see how much support they put behind this niche site. 

Facebook followers:  3,239

Twitter followers:  437