The Latest Fashion & Lifestyle Trends from Hong Kong

Korean fashion startups can learn a lot from the super-large international exhibitions in Hong Kong which gather top suppliers from the Asia-Pacific region. The Global Sources Fashion Trade Fair and Global Sources Lifestyle (Gifts & Home) Trade Fairs at the AsiaWorld-Expo took place on October 27th.  In these two exhibitions, you can find gifts, premiums, home products, clothing, apparel, fashion, and lifestyle trends. These products can satisfy your demands for fashionable clothing, innovative home products, and daily necessities.

Lifestyle Trends

The Global Sources Lifestyle Trade Fair

The Global Sources Lifestyle (Gifts & Home) Trade Fair is the one and only one sourcing show in Hong Kong which is specialized in creative, curated and innovative gifts, premiums and home products. It focuses on the attitude and concept of quality of life. Most of the products concentrate on sports, health and environmental protection. Apart from major exhibitors, there was also the WOW Sparkle Hong Kong Smart Design exhibition. Those products are on the market now and some of them are creative with a great sense of localness. There are cutting-edge environmentally-friendly products as well, it is great to see there are more and more people contributing to the protection of our planet.

Fashion and Lifestyle in Hong Kong

Color and Lifestyle Trends with Pantone

It is important to be prescient when running a business. Therefore, a Colour Trends Area was set up in collaboration with Pantone. Visitors were able to check out the future market trends.

Global Sources Lifestyle (Gifts & Home) Trade Fair is very down to earth, showcasing the most useful items in daily lives.  Everyone can have a good time here. There were a few booths with attractive and impressive products. The brand below specializes in the production of water bottles and food boxes. Their products have diversified designs that suit people of different ages and have good quality as well. The marble cutlery set in the bottom right of the photo can catch up with the current trends.

Water BottlesThe three-dimensional printed children’s water bottles are cute and have a good texture. Furthermore, the graphics were designed by their company.

customized bottlesThey also provide customized service, you can appoint them to print specific wordings on the bottles. This service is useful for companies when they have to make a premium bottle.

These bottles with simple and stylish designs are eye-catching too. The use of colors and the wooden texture of the cover are adding points. Therefore, bringing these bottles out to use would turn you into a stylish person.

Cute Hot Water Bags

Cute Hot Water Bags – Lifestyle Trends

These cute animals are actually hot water bags. In addition to their lovely appearances, they are practical too. Using them as hot water bags is already adorable, they can also be put in the microwave to heat and be used to support your wrist while using the computer. In addition, this product is now available in some places like Shanghai. It is undeniable that this item is going to be very popular in the coming winter.

Lifestyle brandsAmong the household items, I love to look at tableware, especially the beautiful ones. Furthermore, I discovered a brand producing eco-friendly bamboo fiber tableware. Different from the ordinary bamboo fiber, their tablewares look like ceramic products even when we take photos. The design and pattern are trendy. Their products are lightweight too.

Home TrendsAt the same time, Global Sources Fashion Trade Fair ran at the opposite pavilion. This exhibition was diversified and focuses on products like fashion bags, luggage, sports fashion and activewear, accessories, footwear, apparel, and fabrics, etc. Therefore, it gives you a sense of visiting a department store.  It is easy to be dazzled and overwhelmed by all the different products. In addition to Mainland China exhibitors, there were suppliers from all over the world to facilitate buyers to purchase at once.

To promote local creations and works, the Rising Designers Corner had been set up. This corner was for students from local universities to showcase their own designs. The Pantone Trends Spotlight is also a zone that wasn’t to be missed. In addition, it was surprising to see what colors will be popular next year.