The 2020 Lezhin Comic Challenge – $39,000 in Prizes

Lezhin Entertainment has launched the 2020 Lezhin Comic Challenge. It is a comic contest that is open to all genres including all-ages and mature titles. This contest is not just open to webtoon artists in Korea. It is open to creators from around the world. They can submit their comics for a chance to cash prizes. This year’s contest will accept submissions until August 31st. Then, after an internal judging process, the winners will be announced on September 30th.

Webtoons have come a long way thanks to webtoons platforms like Lezhin Entertainment. In addition, the market value of webtoons has increased along with public interest not only in Korea but around the world. Webtoon platforms like Lezhin Entertainment are deemed as the most efficient way for any up and coming artists to successfully become webtoon artists. The 2020 Lezhin Comic Challenge will be a great way to not only win money but to be recognized by an established webtoon platform.

The Next Great Webtoon Artist

2020 Lezhin Comic ChallengeFor those that are unfamiliar with webtoons, they are digital comics that are comprised of text, images, and sometimes multimedia (sound, etc). It is usually comprised of 50-60 cuts and new episodes are typically released on a weekly basis. Most feature a cliffhanger ending that keeps the readers hooked. Webtoon was a new form of content developed to suit Korea’s digital environment. However, webtoons have become popular all around the world with many artists looking to get into the industry.

Through the comic challenge, Lezhin aims to find the next great webtoon artist. Lezhin Entertainment has successfully gathered a strong audience by procuring both amateur and professional webtoon artists. What is great about webtoons is that there are really no set rules. There is no standard way of creating a webtoon as each artist brings something new to the table. There is a lot of diversity in drawing styles, presentations, and storytelling. Therefore there is no “typical” way of creating a webtoon. Furthermore, these contests bring together innovative artists that don’t have the opportunity to showcase their work. Thanks to the 2020 Lezhin Comic Challenge, artists from all around the world can submit their comics for a chance to win one of the following prizes:

  • –   Grand Prize (1): $15,000
  • –   First Prize (3): $5,000
  • –   Second Prize (3): $2,000
  • –   Third Prize (3): $1,000

The Rise of Webtoons Globally

Around the world, videos are the most popular form of content. It is estimated that YouTube, Netflix, and Twitch alone make up 33% of the total web traffic. However, what is not commonly known is that webtoons are on the rise not only in Korea but around the world. This is because webtoons are easier to make and distribute compared to paper comics. Add this to webtoons having a low barrier to entry and high scalability of source IPs and you can see the true potential of webtoons.

Webtoons are huge when it comes to mobile. If you ever take a subway in South Korea, you will see at least a few riders reading a webtoon via their mobile phone. Webtoons are formatted perfectly for the mobile platform. They are shown in long/vertical strips that are easy to scroll through. Now, the United States ranks #2 when it comes to the webtoon market. Romance is the most popular genre in the US, but fantasy and drama are on the rise. Therefore Lezhin Comics launched a US branch and have in 2018, reported close to $10 million in revenue in the US market.

Interested in becoming a Webtoon Artist?

10 Tips for Becoming a Great Webtoon Artist

Webtoon Artist

  1. Format your comic for mobile – This means your comic will be displayed vertically. The reader reads from top to bottom and not left to right.
  2. Use space for dramatic effect – You can play around with the space to create suspense or to build up tension.
  3. Use Clip Studio Paint  – Software for drawing and painting.
  4. Make sure to use color sets for each character – For consistency. Save each character’s color set.
  5. Upload regularly and consistently (once a week). Your fans will expect the new episode to come out in a timely manner.
  6. The featured image is key. This is what will draw most readers to take a look at your work. Make sure it is inviting and clean.
  7. Listen to feedback from your readers. Many times readers will give you the inspiration to take a story in a better direction.
  8. Have romance in your webtoon. Genre is important and Romance is the most popular genre. So having a love story won’t hurt.
  9. Don’t forget the cliff hangers. This will be key to keep your audience coming back.
  10. Work with other webtoon artists and do crossover promotions. This is the best way to gain more readers.

Lezhin Comic ChallengeWinners of the 2020 Lezhin Comic Challenge may also be offered the chance to serialize their title on Lezhin Comics and have their comic read by fans around the world. Lezhin Comics’ most recent contest was held in 2018/2019 and featured 8 winning comics including Man Up, Girl!, Save Me Roommate!, and Arcana Fantasy.

Previous winners of Lezhin comic contests include Freak-Quency, Sign, as well as the monumentally popular Killing Stalking.

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