The 2020 GBLS Global Blockchain Leaders Forum Coming to Seoul

The 2020 GBLS Global Blockchain Leaders Forum was hosted by ZG.COM and Gravitera.  Coinin, Coinsk, Coinotaku, and Coin Telegraph were the sponsors of this forum.  In addition, the event was held at the Parnas Hotel in Seoul on December 17, 2019.

2020 GBLS

The GBLS was an event attended by about 1,000 global leaders in blockchain industries, 2,000 media outlets, and 3,000 major companies. They gathered to discuss the value of the blockchain industry’s near future and future practicality. Therefore GBLS gathered top experts and scholars in the global blockchain industries from countries such as China, South Korea, and the United States, just to name a few. They gave deep insight into future trends and markets in the blockchain space.

GBLS Conference
Last year held the 1st Global Blockchain Leaders Forum and The Blockchain Products and Facilities Exhibition (GBLS). It was the world’s largest blockchain industry forum, with more than 1,000 industry leaders participating. Furthermore, the forum brought in over 22,000 visitors and comprises a total of 383 blockchain projects. Therefore, a number of global media and portal sites visited and competed for coverage. The former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will be delivering the opening speech.

ZG, the organizer of this year’s 2020 GBLS Global Blockchain Leaders Forum.COM forms and participates in the world’s largest forum. has emerged as one of the world’s leading global virtual currency exchanges.  It is well-known within the blockchain industry. Therefore, make sure to reserve your tickets here.

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About Gravitera

Gravitera is a company that conducts such services as platform development, investment, accelerator, and marketing. Gravity is a global partnership, media network, and funding product.  They offer unique marketing tools and investment channels. Gravitera’s media, Joint Republic, is a web magazine that conveys a variety of recent trends in essay and column formats.