Taiwan Startup Stadium Coming to Korea for a Bootcamp Roadshow

Taiwan Startup Stadium will be coming to Korea in the 3rd quarter of 2019 for a Bootcamp Roadshow. It will be a unique fundraising program that aims to build stronger connections among players in the regional startup ecosystem, to bridge investors and startups, as well as to educate startups on term sheets, due diligence, and negotiations across the APAC region.

Why Korean Startups Should Join

Korean Startup Workshop

This 3-day boot camp will expand your presence in the Asian startup scene. Furthermore, you will have access to top international speakers and investors. Therefore, Korean startups will be able to network and connect with other Asian startups to form partnerships and create synergies.

Korean entrepreneurs interested in trying to understand the concepts and principles in a term sheet, negotiation tactics, and ways to improve the chance of funding will benefit greatly from this boot camp. In addition, there will be professionals, corporates, and VCs looking to work with or invest in startups.

What Korean Startups Can Learn

What Startups can learn

Taiwan Startup Stadium has support from diverse congregations and community partners. Therefore, their goal is to empower startups with the knowledge and skills to successfully fundraise in 2019. Some of the things they will look to cover will be…

  • Key terms in the investment process
  • Financial planning and negotiations
  • Business and legal due diligence
  • Angel/VC/CVC models
  • Exit strategies
  • Fireside chats on Founders finding funds and what VCs are looking for in startups

Korean startups interested in joining the boot camp you can reach out to yukai@startupstadium.tw for more information.

Taiwan Startup Stadium