Taiwan Startup Stadium Brings Market Entry Bootcamp to Korea

Taiwan Startup Stadium will be coming to Seoul for NextRise Seoul 2019! Taiwan Startup Stadium helps bridge Taiwanese and international startup ecosystems.  They do this by taking Taiwanese startups to international conferences, hosting overseas events, and matching them with international investors, global mentors, overseas accelerators, and media.  In addition, following the Next Rise Seoul conference, they will be organizing a Market Entry Bootcamp on Thursday, July 25th at Startup Branch COEX, with support from organizations like KITA.  KITA is one of Korea’s largest umbrella economic organizations.  They have more than 70,000 member firms, representing almost the entirety of Korea’s international trade community.

Taiwan Startup Bootcamp

Why Korean Startups Should Come to the Bootcamp

Seoulz will be there to participate in the Media Literacy Fireside Chat.  The title of the topic will be “How to Approach Korean/International Media“?

Taiwan Startup Stadium will be inviting regional and local players to educate startups on how to navigate and scaleup in the Korean market.  At the Bootcamp, entrepreneurs will get to meet market-ready startups.  In addition, this will be a great opportunity to meet other like-minded community influencers.  Therefore, their goal will be to connect some of the best international startups to Korea.  Furthermore, they plan to learn as much as they can about the Korean startup ecosystem.

Bootcamp in Seoul

The Bootcamp will bring top-tier Korean VCs, media, accelerators, and government agencies.  In addition, there will be a wide range of topics that will be discussed.  Some of these topics include government funding and subsidies, market penetration strategies, and growth hack techniques in Korea.

Taiwan Startup Stadium’s First Bootcamp in Korea

Taiwan Startup Stadium has done many flagship Bootcamps in Taiwan, Thailand, and Japan since 2015.  This will be their first one in Seoul.  Therefore, both Korean and international startups and entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their connections/network within/outside of Korea need to come to this Bootcamp.   Furthermore, Taiwan Startup Stadium has worldwide connections to over 500 VCs, 100 mentors, 15 accelerators, and 30 corporates.

TSS was Invited by KITA to represent Taiwan at NextRise Seoul 2019.  Furthermore, the global conference is expected to have 5000 attendees.  As well as big-name speakers representing companies like 500 Startups, BMW, Go-Jek, and Plug & Play.  In addition, TSS is proud to have their very own CEO, Leroy Yau, give insights regarding the state and trends of the Taiwan startup ecosystem.

Furthermore, Taiwan Startup Stadium will be bringing 4 of their startup members to exhibit and showcase some cool Taiwan tech at NextRise. These startups are a part of TSS’ ongoing #TaiwanRocks Tour.  The tour is an overseas roadshow exhibiting Taiwan’s top startups at the hottest global tech conferences (previous trips this year include Collision in Toronto, Techsauce Global Summit in Bangkok, and RISE in Hong Kong).

Taiwan’s Top Startups

  • CellWine is a technology company that develops wine management software and provides wine storage and C2C marketplace services.
  • GliaCloud is an AI video solution provider for the media and advertising industry to generate quality videos at scale with automation technology.
  • MatchNow redefines the collaboration process between influencers and brands, making online marketing campaigns more efficient and transparent.
  • VAGO is the smallest, most portable, and light-weight vacuum compressor that helps travelers save up to 50% of their luggage space.

Immediately following the conference, TSS is organizing a free Bootcamp on Thursday, July 25th at COEX for international startups.  The focus will be on entering the Korean market – Market Entry Bootcamp: Thriving in Korea’s Ecosystem. Therefore, with KITA and Orange Fab Asia as their main sponsors, the Bootcamp offers a deep-dive into the Korean startup ecosystem.  In addition, attendees will have access to learn from local Korean VCs, Accelerators, and Government Agencies as well as opportunities to network and meet other key players and Media. Furthermore, some confirmed speakers and supporting organizations include:

  • 43 Ventures
  • Across Asia Alliance
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Bigbang Angels
  • CollzDynamics
  • G3 Partners
  • Korea International Trade Association (KITA)
  • Orange Fab Asia
  • Seoulz
  • Sigong Law
  • SparkLabs
  • The Investor

TSS is on a mission to empower and propel the most innovative startups onto the global stage.  Furthermore, they have hosted flagship Bootcamps and events in Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, HK, and the US. Therefore with their network of ecosystem players, leading stakeholders and customized programs throughout the globe, they are now coming to connect and rock the Korean startup ecosystem to demonstrate how #AsiaRocks!

How to get to the Startup Bootcamp at COEX

  1. Come out of Exit 7 of Bongeunsa Station (Line No.9) or Exit 6 of Samsung Station (Line No.2) to enter the East Entrance of COEX.
  2. Please come all the way into the second escalator.
  3. Take the escalator going upwards.
  4. Go to the 2nd floor.
  5. There will be signage of Startup Branch.

About Taiwan Startup Stadium:

Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS) is a leading startup ecosystem builder in Taiwan. With their comprehensive global resources, they aim to build a “one alliance, one platform, and one academy” mindset to serve startups, investors, and corporations throughout Asia. Furthermore, aside from leveraging a broad network of ecosystem players, they also provide solid coaching programs through extensive bootcamps and workshops designed to empower entrepreneurs to grow and succeed in their startup journey.

Check them out at Taiwan Startup Stadium, Like them on Facebook, and Follow them on Twitter.