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Adriel - AI Digital Advertising Platform

Adriel – An AI Digital Advertising Platform that Helps Businesses Scale

AI/SaaS startup Adriel has developed an AI digital advertising platform that helps startups and SMEs run multiple ad campaigns in one…

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Sustainability Startups in Korea

How Korean startups want to create a more sustainable future

Korea is a country that is committed to growing a sustainable environment. Former president Lee Myung Bak was the first to address the…

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Eye Tracking Technology in Korea

Korean Gaming Startups and Eye Tracking Technologies

Korean Gaming Startups need to research eye-tracking technologies. Korea has been a major market for mobile and computer gaming companies.…

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Real Estate Investing in Korea

XAI Land Incorporates AI for Real Estate Investing in Korea

Most of the wealthiest people in South Korea own real estate. Real estate investing in Korea is considered one of the top long-term…

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Pet Startups in Korea

Pet Startups in Korea Providing Innovative Solutions – Best of 2021

Pet startups in Korea are on the rise because it is estimated that South Koreans spend $2.5 billion a year on their pets in 2019. The Korea…

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ICON Korean Blockchain Startup

Korean Blockchain Startup ICON Foundation Hyperconnects the World

ICON Foundation is Korea's #1 most successful Korean ICO project of all time. Their ICX token has been in the top 50 since its launch. They…

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Top 7 Independent Korean Beauty Brands to Watch for in 2021

Are you looking to update your beauty shelf with some independent Korean beauty startups that'll rival the big guys? Luckily, we're here…

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KAESA – Sustainable Luxury Handbags & Accessories with a Modern Twist

Consumers are focusing more and more on brands that are looking to make a change towards a sustainable future. Factors that contribute to…

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