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Korean Food Waste Startup Domago

DamoGO has come up with a smart way of reducing food waste in Korea

A social impact startup in Korea is using creativity and technology to reduce food waste in Korea while providing consumers with discounted…

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Hospitals in Korea for Foreigners

Finding the Right Hospitals in Korea for Foreigners – CloudHospital

Foreigners in Korea might find it difficult to find the right hospital in Korea for their needs. This is because Korea has many different…

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Translation Services in Korea

Best Business Translation Services in Korea – Santiago International

Some of the most requested services corporates are looking for in South Korea are notary, interpretations, and translation services.…

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Sustainability Startups in Korea

How Korean startups want to create a more sustainable future

Korea is a country that is committed to growing a sustainable environment. Former president Lee Myung Bak was the first to address the…

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How Hirediversity is Connecting Foreigners to Korean Companies

With a rapidly aging population and young professionals choosing to walk through life with fewer personal commitments, South Korea is…

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Podium Star helps Korean Startups master their Pitching skills

If the thought of public speaking gives you sweaty hands and wobbly legs, you're not alone. Stage fright is not an uncommon thing amongst…

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Finding a job in Seoul WANTED

Finding Jobs in Seoul with Job Recruiting Platform WANTED

Korean startup WANTED is a job recruiting platform that matches job-seekers with their ideal position. Founded in 2015, the company has…

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FInding Jobs in Korea

Korean Tech Startups that Help with Finding Jobs in Korea

Finding jobs in Korea can be difficult in Korea. South Korea's unemployment rate (4.5%) hasn't been this high since 2010. President Moon…

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