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Picture of Dongdaemun Design Plaza

Korean E-Commerce Startup Linkshops puts Dongdaemun Online

Dongdaemun is now online thanks to a Korean e-commerce startup called Linkshops, an online Korean apparel shopping mall. Linkshops has over…

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Pet Startups in Korea

Pet Startups in Korea Providing Innovative Solutions – Best of 2022

Pet startups in Korea are on the rise because it is estimated that South Koreans spend $3 billion a year on their pets in 2020. The Korea…

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Top 7 Independent Korean Beauty Brands to Watch for in 2022

Are you looking to update your beauty shelf with some independent Korean beauty startups that'll rival the big guys? Luckily, we're here…

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Hospitals in Korea for Foreigners

Finding the Right Hospitals in Korea for Foreigners – CloudHospital

Foreigners in Korea might find it difficult to find the right hospital in Korea for their needs. This is because Korea has many different…

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How Hirediversity is Connecting Foreigners to Korean Companies

With a rapidly aging population and young professionals choosing to walk through life with fewer personal commitments, South Korea is…

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Real Estate Investing in Korea

XAI Land Incorporates AI for Real Estate Investing in Korea

Most of the wealthiest people in South Korea own real estate. Real estate investing in Korea is considered one of the top long-term…

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Refugees in Korea

HireChance empowers refugees in Korea by selling coffee

Thousands of refugees and asylum-seekers are stranded in Korea awaiting refugee status to survive. In 2019, there were only 3 successful…

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Amuse Travel Taps into the Power of User-Generated Content

Traveling the world isn’t a walk in the park. Even for the most seasoned adventurers traveling abroad can be littered with potential…

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