SG Entertainment - The First International Incubator of Creators in Korea

SG Entertainment is a Seoul-based company that trains and manages the next generation of international creators. Therefore, they are not just a music label but also an academy and production studio. Their aim is to train and manage the next generation of international creators.

Currently, most influencers are alone to create content and attract an audience. Most end up getting inspiration from the latest trends as well as their peers. Therefore they often end up lacking in originality. SG Entertainment, on the other hand, helps creators to draw inspiration from their own personalities to come up with artistic concepts, create new trends, and therefore achieve originality. Therefore, to achieve this, the company draws on the French pedagogical approach.

The French pedagogical approach

SG Entertainment uses the French pedagogical approach. It focuses on creativity, autonomy, personality development, and freedom of speech. Furthermore, by professionalizing the creators around stable communities sharing common values, the company can quickly and accurately leverage their influence to introduce and promote its advertising partners’ products and services to large audiences.

SG Entertainment is the first music and video label in Korea that combines an academy and a production studio. It was founded in 2018 by two French entrepreneurs. It envisions artistic creation through the lens of individual emotions to bring the best out of everyone’s unique creative potential.

SG Entertainment Academy and Agency

SG EntertainmentSG Entertainment operates through two entities. Its Hongdae academy trains talent to develop their creativity and enrich their content. At the same time, it reinforces their self-esteem and teaches them how to face an audience as well as manage their fans. Its agency, in addition to traditional production work, handles the management of fanbase communities to help creators focus exclusively on their artistic work and their content creation. The proceeds from the academy serve to finance and stabilize the development of the agency’s efforts.

Currently, anyone can join SG Entertainment’s academy in Hongdae. They have integrated educational tracks that allow students to get comprehensive artistic training in the fields of dancing, acting, singing, video production, and music production. Creators will be selected through internal auditions after an initial training period.

Founded by French Entrepreneurs

SG Entertainment
Joon-Hae Woo (left) and Thomas Sommer (right)

Joon-Hae Woo and Thomas Sommer (two French entrepreneurs) co-founded SG Entertainment. Woo, a music producer, has 20 years’ experience in the European entertainment industry. Sommer, a specialist in international trade, has 8 years’ experience working in startups and ad-tech.

“Today, successful online influencers are shooting stars whose communities tend to wither over time,” says Joon-Hae Woo, SG Entertainment’s CEO. “This is due to two reasons. First, there is the human side: individual influencers don’t know how to professionally manage a large audience. Second, there is a problem with idea development; they struggle to come up with content-rich enough to keep their communities engaged in the long run. By fostering the next generation of creators, SG Entertainment tackles both of these issues.”

Korean Entertainment StudioSpreading Korean Culture Abroad

With their initiative, SG Entertainment’s founders aim at promoting Korean’s culture abroad and increase its influence internationally. At the same time, they are also bringing a fresh, creative approach to give Korean creators and artists the means of achieving more autonomy on the global stage. The company plans on replicating its concept in several other countries to create a network of creator agencies, enabling both Korean and foreign advertisers to reach various international audiences. Furthermore, the launch of a European office is planned for the fourth quarter of 2020.

“In an international context of increased trade tensions, it is important to enable the creation of new bridges between countries and stimulate connections across borders,” says Thomas Sommer, COO. “Through our network, we want to connect populations through the diffusion and exchange of creative cultural content as well as the transmission of unifying values. This, in turn, will facilitate the adoption of innovative products for the benefit of advertisers.”

The company expects to enroll 200 students after one year of operation.


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