Seoul Startups Mentor Program To Feature Startup Ecosystem Experts

Seoul Startups, a community-based group comprising startup enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs, will be launching their flagship mentor program ‘Mentor Mixer’ on Wednesday, July 3, 2019, at the main hall of Google Campus for Startups.

The all English event will kick off from 6:30 PM till 9:30 PM.

Korean Startup Ecosystem Growing

The Korean startup ecosystem has seen great leaps in the last 5 years with Seoul spearheading the growth agenda. The pilgrimage of more foreigners and international startup entrepreneurs has got more to do with the existence of opportunities now available for them to kickstart their ideas in Seoul.

Foreign-startup entrepreneurs can now benefit from many programs.  Some of these programs include the Seoul Global Startup Center Incubation Program, the Seoul Global Center Incubation, the OASIS Program, K-Startup Grand Challenge, and other accelerators program.

Despite all these existing programs, there still seem to be a gap in how future founders can navigate the tough startup turf in Korea.  In addition, early-stage startups, in the same vein, lose steam in their take-off.  The reason being is that they are not well connected to some of the right resources in the system.

Why The Seoul Startups Mentor Mixer is Good For The Startup Ecosystem

The Seoul Startups community was established in 2016 to provide a safe space for entrepreneurs.  There they can share ideas, learn from each other, support themselves and grow together. Therefore, the Mentor Mixer hopes to be a holistic answer to the many hurdles young entrepreneurs have to overcome in order to be successful.  This applies to those that choose to grow in Korea or launch overseas.

It is worth mentioning that, it currently has over 700 members who are mainly English-speaking foreigners and Koreans. The organizers have set bold aspirations for the community.  Furthermore, this program serves as a path-breaker for more to come.  Therefore, patrons will gain rich insights from some of the best experts from the ecosystem – through guided practice, coaching, and consultation.

Mentors For The Seoul Startups Mentor Mixer

Attendants will be introduced to mentors with diverse backgrounds. Therefore, whether you are just kickstarting your ideas or scaling up your business, this event will be of immense help to you.

The Mixer will feature Guillaume Parvaix of G3 Partners who will be helping mentees learn how to manage investor relations and build solid pitch decks.  In addition, Lars Sjosund of NAVER will be mentoring attendees in AI and Computer Vision.

Other sessions will include:

  • JK Song, a Digital Marketing Tools (SEO, PPC) expert
  • Pavels Amosovs (UI/UX Design)
  • Aly Afanasieva (Content Marketing & Brand Awareness) 

Kyla Mitsunaga will be taking up Communication Skills for Strong Teams.  In addition, Isabelle Morin shares more knowledge bomb about how to enter new and emerging markets.

The mentor mixer launch by Seoul Startups looks to be very educative, informative, practical and insightful for anyone who intends to take their entrepreneurship hustle to the next level.

Moreso, interested participants can register at Seoul Startups Mentor Program. Take advantage of this great opportunity.

The event starts at 6:30 PM at the Google Campus for Startups.

Note, however, that the main mentorship workshops, coaching sessions and 1:1 consultation begins the following week.

Directions To The Venue
Google for Startups Campus, 417 Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, B2 of Otowei Tower – 오토웨이타워
7 min walk from SamSeong Station exit 3 (Map :

About Seoul Startups

Seoul Startups is an English-speaking startup community for expats and Koreans in Seoul. Furthermore, the group is made up of designers, developers, marketers, and entrepreneurs in Korea. In addition to sharing and discussing ideas, work, culture, language, and integration to the market and life in Korea, they also regularly hold community events and activities to create a stronger entrepreneurial ecosystem. Therefore, join the Community on Slack to learn more.