Lezhin Comics and Delitoon Announce Global Partnership

Korean webtoon startup Lezhin Entertainment (Lezhen Comics) has signed a partnership agreement with Delitoon.  Delitoon is a French webtoon service that was established by Didier Borg. They are known for offering a variety of both Korean and French webtoons. Moving forward, the two companies will share knowledge of webtoon development, production, and circulation.

Lezhen Comics
Sung Eob Lee, CEO of Lezhin Entertainment (left) and Didier Borg, CEO and founder of Delitoon SAS (right). Image: Lezhin Entertainment

On November 19th, Lezhin Entertainment and Delitoon SAS announced a strategic partnership between the two webtoon platforms. In a move that will allow both companies to share content, this partnership will make Lezhin Comics’ content available to French audiences on Delitoon as well as Delitoon’s French content available to English and Korean audiences on Lezhin Comics.

Delitoon, France’s premier webtoon platform, started publishing translated Korean webtoon content in 2016 in addition to French content. In addition, there has been an increasingly larger French webtoon audience in Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, and, of course, France.

Korean Webtoons a Big Hit in France

Delitoons has been able to create their platform using Korea’s online cartoon industry as its benchmark. They have taken Korean webtoons and translated them into French. Now the online cartoon sector in France is on the rise.  More and more people in France are watching and reading webtoons on their smartphones.

The #1 Premium Webtoon Platform in Korea

As the first premium webtoon platform, Lezhin Comics now offers a wide variety of Korean webtoons for English and Japanese audiences. Last year, only 3 years after launch, Lezhin Comics saw sales of over 10 billion won (approx. $8.5 million) from the US alone. Furthermore, Lezhin has seen an increase of fans in non-English speaking countries which include France, Italy, and Spain.

Through this new partnership, Lezhin Entertainment and Delitoon SAS will not only share webtoon content, but active cooperate in the discovery of new webtoons and share information on production and circulation for the mutual benefit of both companies.

Lezhen Comics“We’re pleased to be working with Lezhin Comics and their wide variety of genres and quality content, said Didier Borg, founder and CEO of Delitoon. “With this partnership, we can do more to showcase Delitoon’s great titles to Korean and English-speaking audiences.”

Lezhen Comics

Sung Eob Lee, CEO of Lezhin Entertainment, said, “Delitoon has used webtoons to bridge the gap between Asia and Europe and it’s great to be working with them. This partnership gives Lezhin Comics a stage in Europe and even more potential opportunities to work towards.”