LD2 Silver Token Airdrop Event at Gyeongbokgung Palace WeCook

LD2 will be in Seoul for their airdrop event and it will take place at Gyeongbokgung Palace WeCook.  Extra Von Nothaus, the son of Liberty Dollar Founder, who inspired Satoshi Nakamoto (founder of Bitcoin), will be in South Korea this week.  He is the founder of LD2 Silver Token which is a project that deals with precious metal assets such as gold and silver.

LD2 is an asset-backed cryptocurrency that facilitates vaulted, physical ownership of redeemable precious metals and real-time trading of those assets.  Extra Von Nothaus’s family’s mint which was founded in 1974 is still in operation today.  When LD2 launched its silver coins, it was valued at $35 apiece.  It was later sold in the collector’s coins market for around $90.  Now they are building and launching the LD2 Silver version on the EOS Blockchain.

Get the Silver you Own

LD2Here is how it works. Have a wallet where your LD2 tokens will be stored.  You must own LD2 digital tokens to request redemption of the physical silver coins.  Make sure you know the compatible wallet address in which those tokens are held and have it ready.

Go to their site and use the online form to redeem your LD2 Tokens.  Once providing the wallet address and physical shipping address you will pay the shipping & handling charges through, the redemption form, before proceeding to the checkout process.

Then transfer tokens from your wallet to their wallet.  The LD2 Tokens must be transferred from the wallet address you provided to the depository’s redemption wallet address.  You will receive that wallet address after completing the checkout process.

Finally, your silver coins will be sent directly to your door.

Where is the Silver stored?

Their vaulting partner, Sunshine Minting, has a large facility in Las Vegas that is the primary vaulting location for LD2.  In addition, they operate a mining and vaulting facility in Shanghai, which is also an option for vaulting as well.