Korean Companies Should Use AI Video Creation Platform GLIASTUDIO

Taiwanese SAAS Startup GliaCloud showcased their AI video creation platform GLIASTUDIO at NextRise Seoul 2019.  It is a certainty that AI is contributing to the evolution of video content. More than 500 million people watch online videos every day.  Video is the top source of content on the internet. Therefore Korean marketers, media publishers, eCommerce sites, and others need to start thinking about their video content marketing. The reason for this is that online videos will account for over 80% of internet traffic by 2020.

Producing videos on your own is not easy. This requires a lot of time, skills, and money. Content creators constantly need to come up with engaging content. Thanks to AI video creation platforms like GliaCloud, marketing teams in Korea can streamline and accelerate video production faster than ever. In addition, Korean media industries that pump out 5-10 daily articles can easily grow their video content with GLIASTUDIO.

Here are a few reasons why Korean companies should use GLIASTUDIO

SAAS Startup GLIASTUDIOHelps improve Google SEO.

Websites that have video content are over 50 times more likely to be on the first page of Google search results. Furthermore, videos help with engagement and allow readers to stay on your website page longer.  This also goes a long way in improving Google SEO.

Make videos in minutes.

GliastudioGLIASTUDIO offers companies to produce a single video in minutes. All they need is the article URL. The more articles you have, the more videos you can make. The best part about GLIASTUDIO is that the articles can be in multiple languages (Chinese, English, Japanese, or Korean). They offer a variety of themes for each video.

The ability to create videos in minutes allows for Korean companies to generate instant breaking news videos or teasers on their social media channels.

Save time finding images and videos.

For video creators, most of the time spent is on finding the right footage for their videos instead of content development. GliaCloud’s AI can help find the right image or video for your content through their media database. They can take an article, summarize it and add relevant images/videos based on keywords. Or you can manually add the images and video you want.

Makes Post-Production easier.

Gliastudio themeVideo post-production allows AI to manually optimize content for different social media platforms, mobile, tablet, and other devices. You will be able to preview the video before it is published.

Easily integrate video and audio.

The hardest part of creating videos is syncing the video with the audio. The process can be very time-consuming and resource-heavy. Gliastudio easily integrates the image or video with the text as well as the audio.

Save time and money.

Creating videos takes a lot of time and money. Not only do you have to buy video production equipment but also hire video editors and designers to produce that video. GLIASTUDIO will allow companies to produce up to 50 videos a month for $300.