Korean Blockchain Games that Need Your Attention for 2020

Korean gaming companies have started to get into Blockchain gaming in 2019 and it looks like that will continue in 2020. Korean Blockchain games are being released globally every week. Blockchain technologies in Korea have been growing ever since the Korean government starting supporting the new technology. Will Blockchain games be a gateway to Blockchain adoption for the mass market? This seems the most logical as it is the best way to teach people about Blockchain by giving them a hands-on experience of the benefits of Blockchain in real-time.

For this article, we will not include casino/betting games. Most Blockchain games are played by gamers who are looking to make money. This is not the future of Blockchain gaming in Korea. Therefore, for the Blockchain gaming industry to grow in Korea, we need to have games that accommodate the casual gamer in Korea.

Korean Blockchain Games Cannot be Distributed in Korea

For now, not a single Korean Blockchain Game has gotten a rating from the GRAC (Game Rating and Administration Committee). This South Korean administration is in charge of policing Korea’s gaming industry. Therefore if a game does not get a rating from GRAC, it can’t be distributed in South Korea. However, GRAC has no power to stop gamers in Korea to play Blockchain games released by overseas developers.

Here are the Top Korean Blockchain Games for 2020

Infinity Star

Infinity Star Korean Blockchain GamesThis Korean Blockchain game is an RPG on the Ethereum Blockchain. Gamers will be able to earn items and characters in various stages. In addition, they can get weapons, armors, accessories, and in-game characters even if you are a non-paying user. Furthermore, gamers can earn rewards even without logging into the game.

Developed by NodeBrick

Crypto Legends

Crypto LegendsThis Korean Blockchain game lets mobile gamers battle against each other using playing cards. There are 8 classes that have various units and spell cards. Furthermore, 2-D cards are in full 3-D during the battle to give more color and realistic graphics. It was launched through the EOS Blockchain. Furthermore, it is praised for its graphics and quickly went to first place on the EOS game ranking site Dapp.com.
Developed by Weneepl 

Knight Story

Knight StoryKorean Blockchain game Knight Story is an RPG game that has wizards, knights, and archers. Gamers build their army, defeat the enemy, and save villages. In addition, players can make over 200 items. These items include bows, swords, armor, and etc. Furthermore, players can exchange items with other players. Therefore, what makes this Blockchain game special is that it quickly made profits. In addition, it recorded the 5th highest revenue among all Blockchain games.
Developed by Biscuit