How Musicians in Korea can Build a Large and Loyal Following

If you walk the streets of Hongdae you will see street performers gathering large crowds. There you will find a wide range of talented young Koreans looking to make a name for themselves. More and more musicians in Korea today are looking to become YouTube stars or break into the entertainment industry in Korea. Most of you might be shocked to know that some don’t even have a YouTube channel. In this day and age, if you are not on top of your social media game, you will find it very difficult to grow a large fan base. Setting up a YouTube of other social media channel needs to be your first step. Here are some tips on how musicians in Korea can build a large and loyal following through social media. 

Musicians in Hongdae

Musicians in Korea Should Do K-Pop Cover Songs

Try to pick some of the more popular K-Pop bands and bring your own style into it. K-Pop is now bigger than ever with BTS performing on SNL as the very first Korean musical guest. This will be the easiest way to build your following very quickly. This way you will be able to spread your original content as your viewership grows. Check on what is trending on the K-pop charts and try to bring your own favor to the song. This will be the best chance for your cover song to go viral. 

Musicians in Korea Need to Share Behind the Scenes Videos

Posting regularly is the key to getting more followers, however making content can be very hard and time-consuming. However if you create some behind the scenes videos, one cover K-Pop song can create 3-4 videos instead of one. This way you will be able to provide consistent content throughout the week. These behind the scenes videos should not be longer than 10-15 minutes. This will give your fans a glimpse into your process and draw them in on a personal level. 

Partner with other YouTubers

Korean Youtubers

Korean YouTubers are a small community compared to the world. I would recommend you get together with other talented Korean musicians on YouTube and do collaborations. This will expose you to an even larger audience. You won’t be able to partner with the big names but you can always start small and reach out to YouTubers on your level and grow from there. After a few collaborations, you will be amazed at how much cross over followers you gain. The more you gain, the more YouTubers you can reach out to. 

Respond to Every Message

Early on try to respond to every message whether it is in the comments section or through direct messaging. This is because that one-to-one interaction is key to building your fan base who will continue to come back and listen to your music. This will separate you from the other bigger YouTubers who just don’t have the time to respond to their followers. This might sound like a lot of work but this is what it takes to build a base following early. I would recommend spending one hour a day reaching out to your existing fans. 

K-Pop is in high demand so there is a huge opportunity for musicians in Korea to use the popularity of K-Pop to really grow their followers. Companies in Korea are constantly looking for influencers. Most influencers in Korea are too expensive to hire. Therefore, there will be many platforms coming out in 2020 and beyond that will need low to medium-sized YouTubers to promote for them or to come to their platform.