Hong Kong Mobile Apps Industry Survey 2019

Korean startups looking to work with Hong Kong mobile startups will find this report by WTIA and HKPC very insightful.  It is clear from the report that Hong Kong mobile apps are looking to branch out of Hong Kong and into markets like South Korea and Southeast Asia.  It is hard to stay profitable in the long term if startups only focus on the Hong Kong market.  Therefore Hong Kong mobile apps need to think about how to expand the market.

The report also dives into the outlook for women in the Hong Kong mobile app industry.  It is a very optimistic outlook with more female developers coming into the male-dominated industry.  The trend could continue in 2019 as the growing tech industry in Hong Kong pushes to hire more female coders, engineers, and developers.

Hong Kong Mobile Survey

Hong Kong Mobile App RevenueMobile apps in sectors such as gaming, entertainment, and e-commerce have all gone down over the last two years.  However, business applications and social media apps are on the rise.    Also, IOS and Android app development are dead even in 2019 at 49%.

Hong Kong Apps

The Need for Talent for the Hong Kong App Industry

The Hong Kong mobile app industry is struggling to hire qualified staff as salaries of technical staff continue to rise.  There has been a movement for more women to join the tech industry.  Current the ratio of men to women is 2 to 1 in the mobile sector.  Another issue for mobile apps in Hong Kong is that most projects go over their budget.  Therefore it is important for projects to understand time management to cut costs.

Monthly Salary Range for Technical Staff in Hong Kong

The Importance of the Overseas Market

It is becoming more and more difficult for Hong Kong apps to find new clients which is why many are looking to expand out of Hong Kong and into places like South Korea or Southeast Asia.  Therefore more and more industry practitioners are focusing on the overseas market from the start.  They realize that they cannot stay in the local market for the long term.  Therefore Korean startups looking to work with Hong Kong mobile startups should have an easy time building a partnership.