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Startup Communities in Seoul

Top 5 Startup Communities in Seoul – Best of 2020

Starting a startup in Seoul can be a tough journey for many entrepreneurs in Korea. Startups in Seoul need to find helpful information in regards to funding, marketing, growth, legal support, and hiring. The good news is that there are still many startup communities in Seoul that offer answers to…

Kakao Ground X

Ground X, the Blockchain Subsidiary of Internet Giant Kakao

Ground X is the blockchain subsidiary of the leading South Korean Internet company, Kakao. Ground X aims to tap new and innovative blockchain technologies that can be adopted by the mainstream market. They created a scalable Blockchain platform called Klaytn and are looking to create more DApps to…

South Korean e-commerce

Targeting South Korean Consumers – Everything you Need to Know

South Korea has powerful industries in mobile, automotive, beauty, fashion, entertainment, and technology. They got to this level because of their massive workforce that has usually put career over family. The average Korean worker works about 70 hours a week. It got so bad that the Korean…