GST Hosts Blockchain for Social Impact at WeWork Yeoksam

GlobalSouthTech (GST) is a community that links, bridges, connects, and cross-pollinates the tech communities of the Global South (Latin America, Africa, Middle East, India, South-East Asia, and China). The Seoul GST community will be organizing an event at WeWork Yeoksam on May 7th (Tuesday Night). In addition, the event will be a panel talk on the conversation about global expansion into South East Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Furthermore, they will also speak about utilizing Blockchain technology for social impact.

Yeoksam WEWORK

The Goal of the Event

This will be the first GST event in Seoul. They are looking to build a community in Seoul so help Korean entrepreneurs tap into GST’s vast network. Therefore, those that are interested in joining GST should come to the event. They are always looking for amazing people who are building tech communities all across the world with their chapter leader network program. GST is also eager to learn about the challenges, opportunities, and resources for tech startups/ companies in Korea. In addition to those that are looking to enter the Southeast Asian, Latin American, Middle Eastern, European and other emerging markets.

Blockchain for Social Impact

Blockchain for Social Impact

Those coming to the event can also gain some insight into utilizing Blockchain for social impact in South East Asia and how it can be relevant for Korean companies. There many around the world that don’t just see Blockchain as a means to get rich quick. They see Blockchain itself as a tool that could do some good in the world.

Some Key Takeaways:

  1. What are some interesting things happening in Korea and other ecosystems in SEA, MENA, Europe?
  2. Who are the key ecosystem players to know if you want to enter one of these markets?
  3. The latest vertical trends in each startup scene.
  4. What are some red flags in terms of doing business and receiving investments?
  5. What are some secrets about each ecosystem that only locals understand

The goal of GlobalSouthTech (GST) is to foster and create cross-border partnerships in the area of:

  • investments
  • AI
  • Fintech
  • Technology-Media-Telecom
  • Ed-tech
  • E-commerce
  • Product market expansion between the emerging markets of the Global South.

GlobalSouthTech originally got started in New York City. They are now in more than 43 different cities worldwide. In addition, they’ve organized over 60 meetups connecting tech people around the world.


6:30pm – 7:00pm – Networking Drinks

7:00pm-8:00pm -Presentations/Panel Discussion

8:00pm – 9:30pm – Networking Drinks


HKelly Hyunjung Shin – Global Partnership Director Root Impact

HKelly Hyunjung Shin

Jay Kim – Director of Ignite Impact Institute

Jay Kim

Eugene Kim – Sparklabs Korea

Eugene Kim

Jerry Lee – Linux Foundation

Jerry Lee


Alejandra Merit

Alejandra Merit

GST Partners:



MOX is the Mobile-Only Accelerator of SOSV, the 3rd most active lead investor globally and 5th most active seed investor in female-founded startups (Crunchbase 2018). Furthermore, they are also the first accelerator group in Asia and one of four in the world to have a unicorn go through the program (BitMEX). MOX enables mobile apps, platforms, and services from around the world to reach hundreds of millions of mobile-first, mobile-only smartphone users in SE Asia and India. Therefore, through strategic partnerships in the mobile industry, MOX enables its investees to rapidly penetration new markets. In addition, they aim to bring the best in breed solutions to the next 4 billion smartphone users who most need them.

China Accelerator


Chinaccelerator, a leading startup accelerator in China, is a mentorship-driven program helping internet startups from around the world cross borders – from the world into China and from China to the world. Furthermore, it is operated by the venture fund startups from around the world cross borders – from the world into China and from China to the world. In addition, it is operated by the venture fund SOSV with $300M AUM operating eight global accelerators. Chinaccelerator offers three months of rigorous guidance, training, and resources from mentors, partners, and investors. The robust and supportive alumni network continues into the startups’ post-Chinaccelerator lifespan.