Co-Founder of Cardano Kenji Sasaki in Seoul to Giveaway Bitcoin

Kenji Sasaki the co-founder of Cardano has been doing a worldwide “Hide and Seek” event to promote cryptocurrency. Kenji Sasaki has been giving away between $5,000-$20,000 worth of Bitcoin since August 1st.  More than 10 people have already won the prize.  There were winners in Korea as well!  A Korean man in Myeong-dong, Seoul spotted Kenji and was presented with 5 million won worth of Bitcoin.

Kenji Sasaki is currently involved in more than 10 international projects and is busy traveling to other countries every few days.  The reason why he started this “hide and seek” event was to see more of the world.  Sasaki, who speaks only Japanese stated…

 “I would like to live a life that is more interested even if I speak only my native language.”

In particular, he said that he wanted to break down the invisible walls between countries through the Blockchain. He said he was able to see some of that hope through the ongoing ‘Hide and Seek’ event.

In line with that, Sasaki’s event is gaining traction. His Instagram followers exceeded 30,000.

According to the Cardano Foundation, his Instagram which was launched by Sasaki in August and has already reached 31,800 followers in just two and a half months. The Korean page for Instagram is also open.  Korea has more than 1400 followers.

Sasaki Cardano, said, “At first, we started simply because we wanted to subsidize overseas travelers.” “It means adding to people without being ashamed of their hearts, their dreams, and their goals.