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Seoul Blockchain Support Center

Seoul Blockchain Support Center Program – Apply Now

The Korean government has been focused on exploring ways to use Blockchain technology to address some public sector challenges. Blockchain technologies can offer the Korean government a quick,…

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Online Shopping in Korea

AI and IoT Will Revolutionize the Consumer Shopping Experience in Korea

As the world adjusts to shopping online since COVID-19, South Koreans are already used to it. South Korea already ranked inside the top 3 for online shopping even before COVID-19. Now, South Korea…

Enter the global tech market

How Korean Startups Can Enter the Global Market

For South Korea to become a strong startup hub globally, they obviously have to be able to enter the global market. The Korean government has strongly pushed to bring in as much foreign talent as…

The Space Program in South Korea

The Space Program in South Korea Continues to Grow

What SpaceX has shown us is that there is value in exploring space. South Korea also agrees which is why they will spend over $550 million in 2021 on space activities such as producing satellites…

Clubhouse in Korea

How Clubhouse in Korea will Change the Way Koreans Network

Entrepreneurs living in Korea have started to hop on to Clubhouse to not only expand their network but also grow their business. It is interesting to see how quickly Clubhouse in Korea has taken off.…