Corporate Solutions in South Korea

Some of the most requested services corporates are looking for in South Korea are notary, interpretations, and translation services. Therefore, translation services in Korea are in high demand as more and more global companies are interested in entering the Korean market. Finding a good translation company in Korea is not easy. Even if you find a translation company, most global companies don’t know if the translation was done well after they receive the translation. Therefore there needs to be a level of trust along with accuracy and reliability. In addition, the translation company in Korea needs to be English-friendly and be able to communicate effectively with their clients. We recommend using Santiago International for your translation, interpretation, and notary needs in Korea.

Santiago International – Best Translation Company in Korea

Many global companies that have used translation companies in Korea will tell you that it is difficult to find one you can trust. When we checked out Santiago International’s website, we were amazed at how clear their process worked. In addition, they offered free consultation and had their prices listed for each category. However, the best aspect of Santiago International was their customer service feature. There you can easily get in contact with someone to speak to directly and all contact request forms are answered within 24 hours. Furthermore, Santiago International offers samples of their work for review before you have your final decision.

Santiago International offers some of the lowest translation prices in Korea. The average for Korean translation services ranges anywhere from $.06 to $.20 per word. The prices will depend on the level of the document and this can be clearly defined through their website. Therefore Santiago International will be able to offer a bottom-line quote for their services.

Services Provided – Translation, Interpretation, and Notarization

Translation Services in Korea - Jane SantiagoIn addition to translation services in Korea, Santiago International offers notarization and interpretation services in Korea. They notarize documents, offer interpreters for meetings, and even help manage corporate events.

“We love seeing the ease in our client’s faces when we can take care of their issues in South Korea. It always feels good to help people accomplish their goals. Despite offering our various services, what we do all fall under the one category, we are a cultural and logistical bridge to South Korea,” said the Founder of Santiago International, Jane Santiago.

Notary in Korea

If you are a global business in Korea or a foreigner living in Korea, it can be very difficult to find the right notary. For example, I am American and to get a document notarized I would need to visit the US Embassy in Korea. In addition, these locations require an appointment which could take many weeks. In most cases, Santiago International are able to notarize documents within 24 hours. They provide notarized translation stamps for official documents. Their notary stamps are $15 per stamp compared to the American Embassy which charges $50 per stamp.

Currently, the U.S. Embassy in Seoul has suspended all notarial services due to public health concerns regarding the current COVID-19 situation.

Translation Services in Korea

Don’t make the mistake of using a translator app or service to translate your documents from English o Korean. The technology is not fully there because English and Korean can’t be connected in a linear way. Korean and English are structurally different. To translate an English document into Korean, the translation of the complete thought must be done at the sentence level. Therefore it is crucial to use a human to do these translations. Santiago International offers translations for not only documents but also presentations and even emails.

They offer translations for English, Korean, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese), Arabic, Farsi, Vietnamese, and Filipino. Here is a breakdown of their price. For full details make sure to check out their site or shoot them an email. Or contact Jane directly at


Translation for understanding a text or for personal use. Not suitable for publication purposes.

Price: $.0.05 per word


For industry level translation. Translated once, edited twice by two other translators. Final quality control by a dedicated project manager. Translation memory is available.

Price: $0.09 per word


Translation for publication purposes. Translation carried out by a native, certified translator. The full revision will be done by a second translator. Final quality control by a dedicated project manager. Furthermore, translation memory and glossary are available.

Price: $0.14 per word

Interpretation Services in Korea

For those looking for interpreters in Korea, Santiago International has a collection of some of the top interpreters in Korea. Furthermore, their interpretation services are broken down clearly into three sections.

Call-in Interpretation

An off-site interpreter means the interpreter is phoned in for an interpretation. Therefore this service is great for appointments or conference calls.

Price: $1.00/minute and $60/hour

On-Site Interpretation

For an on-site interpreter, meaning the interpreter is in person and next to you. Therefore this service will be ideal for meetings and negotiations.

Price: $1.50/minute. $90/hour

Public Interpretation

Interpretations for public appearances; speeches and interviews.

Price: $2.50/minute and $150/hour

*All of their language experts are exam certified for their language specialty. 

Santiago International

Finding the Right International Corporate Solutions Company in Korea

International companies looking to enter the Korean market will need a lot of help. Santiago International project managers and vendors are seasoned, localized professionals. Furthermore, they understand how important it is for projects to launch smoothly. Therefore, in addition to the services listed above, Santiago International can offer consultation on which vendors to use for events, projects, and more. In addition, they work with clients to integrate and manage the execution of innovative design with local talent in Korea. Companies can get a free consultation through their site.