An Interview with Percy Chan the CEO of Brainbridge Japan

Investors in China and Hong Kong are turning their attention to Korea and Japan’s real estate market. China’s big-time foreign real estate investment targets are changing to Asia from Australia and the United States.  Some of their hot targets include Jeju Island, Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya.  Osaka is the most interesting place for Chinese and Hong Kong residents. Osaka is also the favorite place for foreign tourists, but hotel shortages are becoming a problem. In addition, the IR(Integrated Resorts) Act was passed in 2018 and the construction of complex casino resorts started to explode.  Therefore the enthusiasm for investment in Osaka resorts is getting even hotter.  Seoulz got a chance to speak to Percy Chan, the CEO of Brainbridge Japan to better understand Osaka’s real estate market.

Who is Percy Chan?

Percy Chan is the CEO of Brainbridge Japan.  He has accumulated financial investment experience for over 20 years. In addition, he was engaged in fund managers, general manager, vice president, and asset management in major financial institutions in Hong Kong and China.  Including HSBC Investment Bank Asia, Citibank (Hong Kong), Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong and China), and Pioneer Investment (Hong Kong). Furthermore, Percy is an invited speaker of major financial forums and financial channels in mainland China and Hong Kong.  He also appears as a panel analyzing macroeconomic and financial market conditions and events in economic media.

Percy ChanSeoulz:  What were some of your reasons for choosing Osaka rather than Tokyo?

Percy:  Osaka was elected as the main venue for the World Expo in 2025. The Osaka Expo is expected to receive about 28 million visitors.  That will bring about two trillion yen in economic benefits to Osaka. During the Expo, the number of Kansai visitors will increase by 30% and will benefit throughout Japan. Also, the Osaka Casino House became the second-largest casino in Asia after Macau.  This was due to the passage of the “Integrated Resort (IR)” construction bill, commonly known as the Casino Act.

Osaka is the second largest political, economic and cultural and transportation hub in Japan after Tokyo.  While the price of Osaka’s real estate is now low, demand for leases is expected to increase. In addition, Osaka’s homestay share and rental yield are higher than in other developed countries.  Therefore Osaka’s hotel industry investment is more valuable and quite noteworthy than Tokyo.

Brainbridge Japan

Brainbridge Japan, a subsidiary of Brainbridge International Consultant, an international consulting company in Hong Kong, focused on Osaka’s hotel investment industry and jumped in early. The investment company mainly develops Japanese real estate business, operates hotels and homestays, and includes project supervision and all services and management. Brainbridge Japan’s management team is composed of experts with abundant real estate investment experience.  In addition, they provide investors with professional and effective services for Japanese real estate investment. Hong Kong and Mainland China have been engaged in financial business for more than 20 years and have been successful.

Seoulz:  Why did you decide to work with Brainbridge?

Percy:  Brainbridge Japan aims to establish a team of skilled real estate investment experts to provide professional and high-quality Japanese real estate investment services to Hong Kong and Chinese investors. The Japanese economy is steadily rising, and is expected to grow steeply in 2019; especially the rise in Japan’s tourism industry and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are raising Japan’s investment value.

Seoulz:  Since you have had much success in the financial sector, what are some of the prospects for investment in Osaka by Brainbridge Japan?

Percy:  Our company primarily renovates or rebuilds old homes into hostels or hotels. Investors can participate from the beginning of development, hold real estate for rent or future trading, or sell property rights throughout hostels, hotels, or buildings to an individual or institutional investors during development. The project has a short development cycle.  It can generally sell the entire project within 4–8 months.  Therefore this way, the investor fund can invest quickly in the secondary project. Investors can buy and hold carefully selected real estate in the name of individuals or companies.

The best time to invest in Japan is now and Brainbridge Japan has proven it with their future plans. Osaka, with its future opportunities, will bring great success for Brainbridge Japan. Percy Chan, with all his years of experience, will also make sure that the plans are proven successful.