Across Asia Alliance Connects Asian Startups and Investors

Startup Organization Alliance for Cross-Border Innovation

Across Asia Alliance (AAA) is a community of organizations that connect startups in Asia and investors.  They are based in Korea and was started by Michael Hwang, one of the co-founders of a Korean early-stage VC firm called Big Bang Angels.  They currently have over 35 members and over 1,000 startups on board. Therefore those interested in expanding into Asia should join AAA.

Benefits for AAA Members

Every member in AAA can exchange investor proposals and business reports written by the startup members on their online platform. Therefore there is no need to go to conferences in Asia to see the next great project. In addition, each member can join online and offline activities. These activities include introduction calls and webinars to help international networking among regional investors, enterprises, mentors, and startups.

Furthermore, for investors they will have the piece of mind of looking through startups that are backed by reputable VCs and startups will have access to VCs from all across Asia. In addition, AAA has been traveling the world and growing their network outside of Asia.

Why Should Investors Join Across Asia Alliance?

  • Find proven startups easily by purchasing investor reports of startups other members have already invested.
  • Join real-time online IR to become informed, educated, and interact with startups proven by hosting organizations.
  • Preview and Participate in funding schedules of interested companies, attending online and offline private IR roadshows.
  • Invite global startups through joint programs and mutual referrals.
  • Global investors and regional accelerators can co-invest with matching funds.
  • Furthermore, create business opportunities directly with startups to develop products and services identified in member cities.
  • Cooperate with global startups recommended by members from other countries.
  • In addition, meet global startups across Asia online through webinars and conference calls.

Current members below.

Across Asia Alliance Porfolio

Across Asia Alliance plans various activities, including a joint investment fund and an ICO roadshow. Therefore check out AAA and find out where their next roadshow will take place.